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can't add content from behind proxy #807

reod1g opened this Issue Jan 7, 2014 · 8 comments


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reod1g commented Jan 7, 2014

Does it require to config something "special" when concerto v2 server is behind a proxy?
APT and Wget works ok. but first login to concerto takes several minutes and in production log appears:
Downloading latest Concerto version information for the first time.

Could not determine version number at remote location Network is unreachable - connect(2)
Could not determine version number at github location execution expired
Current version is .

When tried to add "online" (video, RSS or Weather) content it never finish loading page. In log:

Processing by ContentsController#create as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"â", "authenticity_token"=>"joscZIKTc6/28wX8swhSHK/qGjiT/BbieUJXg4Er7Tg=", "type"=>"RemoteVideo", "remote_video"=>{"config"=>{"video_vendor"=>"YouTube", "video_id"=>"CSvFpBOe8eY", "allow_flash"=>"0"}, "duration"=>"8", "name"=>"testVideo", "start_time"=>{"date"=>"01/03/2014", "time"=>"12:00am"}, "end_time"=>{"date"=>"01/10/2014", "time"=>"11:59pm"}}, "feed_id"=>{"1"=>"1"}, "commit"=>"Submit Content"}
Updating SimpleRss.
Updating Weather.
Updating Calendar.
Dynamic content updates finished.

But you cannot find it in app, although Ticker and graphics works great.



mfrederickson commented Jan 8, 2014

The other place that this may need to address is the client side lookups for WOEIDs in the weather plugin and video details in the remote-video plugin. I guess we will have to make these server side instead of client side?


augustf commented Jan 8, 2014

Well I'd presume that a client computer accessing the frontend would have a properly configured proxy - otherwise Web access wouldn't work. So I don't think that step would be necessary.

reod1g commented Jan 8, 2014

Yes, clients are behind the same proxy. But i'got full navigation. In fact, when i tried to add some video from youtube, i can see the preview in concerto frontend.

reod1g commented Jan 8, 2014

I've installed manually the build available from github and got extended controller exception log. This is part of it:

app/controllers/contents_controller.rb:94:in `new'
app/controllers/contents_controller.rb:94:in `create'
app/controllers/application_controller.rb:101:in `user_time_zone'



 "commit"=>"Submit Content"}

Show session dump

_csrf_token: "FbVGfMLYkDvjfZqyEpOyzzBOe8qPFMOSXke7VaV4EEU="
locale: nil
warden.user.user.key: [[1], "$2a$10$Dpsc/yUelCIWDfIlbD0zAu"]

Show env dump

HTTP_ACCEPT: "text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8"
HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING: "gzip, deflate"
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE: "es-ES,es;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.5,en;q=0.3"
REMOTE_HOST: "pxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx.com"

augustf commented Jan 8, 2014

Did you receive the warning about being unable to get the version number as well?

reod1g commented Jan 8, 2014

Yes. Every time I load the dashboard.


El 08/01/2014, a las 21:38, August notifications@github.com escribió:

Did you receive the warning about being unable to get the version number as well?

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

reod1g commented Jan 12, 2014

Confirmation: Installed from OVA at home at works 100%.
Another test: Connected through VPN to work and tried (Client is directly connected to internet) to add content with the same results. Client keeps loading but the content never adds.


augustf commented Jan 13, 2014

I noticed that all of the plugins involved in this issue have in common a call to Net::Http.new. At first, I thought that maybe we needed to grab the proper ConcertoConfig and supply the last two arguments to the new() function, but according to http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.1.0/libdoc/net/http/rdoc/Net/HTTP.html#class-Net::HTTP-label-Proxies , the arguments are supplied automagically when ENV['HTTP_PROXY'] is specified, which is what we do in the initializer. So I'm still stumped, but the issue is almost certainly to do with those raw HTTP calls.

zr2d2 added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 14, 2014

Merge branch 'refs/heads/master' into rails-4
* refs/heads/master:
  Only allow users to select unused keys for #752.
  Small drop down form to pick the FieldConfig you want to create per #752.
  Build a form based on the key type per #752.
  Check permissions on specific user, not user model.
  CRUD interface for FieldConfigs per #752.
  fixed typo
  fixed comment
  adjust content font size after injection
  add SizeToFit for inplace adjustment of font size
  pass autosize_font attribute to field's inject method
  add autosize_font attribute to content
  set is_hidden based on checkbox during import
  fix default hidden status when importing templates without it
  Per #807, adding config setting for HTTP proxies

@augustf augustf added this to the 0.9.0 KiloBalrog milestone Feb 25, 2014

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