[speculative] Near Screen Interaction

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Problem: Getting more information about content currently being displayed on a Concerto screen is hard. You have to visit the Concerto installation website and then find your content either by searching feeds (or perhaps screens) and visually comparing the updates.

Solution: Put a physical QR code paired with an NFC tag in close proximity to the screen providing URLs directly to a screen's current and recently shown content view. A digital display could be substituted for a printed QR code to provide dynamic linking information.

/brz: I've thought for a while that this is an interesting case for a plugin that adds functionality to screen hardware and the Concerto front end (screen.js territory). While I don't personally see this as core functionality, I think the use cases are compelling.

--BAM: I agree, it's certainly not a piece of core functionality; but I think it's something we can certainly handle with a well designed screen.js / plugin system.

A few use cases that come to mind -

  1. Screen hanging in dining location showing a portion of the menu. Sidebar / Ticker / etc shows "For the full menu, including nutrtitional information, scan the QR code below". Upon scanning the code you're taken to a page external to Concerto, like menu.html#pasta if the slide was currently highlighting the pasta options.
  2. Walking by a screen you see an interesting slide uploaded by a student but didn't quite catch all the important details. Scanning the code provides the content recently shown on the screen, the most recent of which includes the slide you're looking for. We could direct the user to a mobile-friendly version of a content show view if they discover the content through a QR/NFC interaction. Then they could also choose to bookmark the permalink page within the browser or (as a future feature consideration) bookmark it for their Concerto account so that they can easily return to it.
  3. A calendar in the sidebar is highlighting an event you're interested in with a brief description (so there is just one event showing in the sidebar). Scanning the QR code prompts you to create a calendar entry for that event.

Misc - We've (and by we I really mean Will Gill) has been interested in interacting with screens via tablets / physical remotes mounted near the screens much like BrZ + Andrew's buttons. The barrier of entry for installing / securing additional hardware seems a bit high, and people would probably enjoy a much more personal interaction if their actions weren't taking place on the big screen (e.g. hitting "Prev <" on a menu in a dining hall might not be as comfortable as loading it up on your phone). I still think there's value in having the ability to control a screen like this, but I don't know if it's as thrilling.