[speculative] Social Media Integration

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Concerto screen owners and users have requested social media integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

Why? Adding social media integrations will sell more screens, increase the pool of available content, and reduce the friction associated with content creation on Concerto, especially to departments who want to leverage social media more (Alumni House, Student/First-Year Experience, Rensselaer Union, Residence Life, Hospitality Services are potential use cases).

User-generated content from social media can be approved on a per-feed basis by the group administering that feed (Example: First-Year Experience will have different approval criteria and authority than RPI TV, a student-run recognized media organization).

Groups can whitelist social media accounts that should be automatically approved on a per-feed basis (Automatically allow posts from official accounts).

Possible Integrations

  • Facebook canvas application - a way to discover and share Concerto content without leaving the Facebook website. Users can also create pieces of Concerto content promoting their Facebook events. However, the permissions required for this feature requires additional review and approval from Facebook
  • In-App Facebook and Twitter experience - share Concerto content on social networks from the Concerto web application (share button). Provide a tool to promote Facebook events on Concerto after linking a Facebook login to the user.
  • Twitter and Instgram streaming support - display content from Twitter and Instagram. See issue 1017 for the gory implementation details.