Importing from V1

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Concerto 2 includes a collection of rake tasks to load and convert data from a Concerto 1 installation. To import data from a V1 setup, edit config/database.yml and add a legacy section, like the one shown in config/database.yml.mysql. Fill in the relevant connection information so your installation can talk to the V1 database. After setting up the database connection, run the following rake tasks in order to start importing data.

Import Users & Groups

Note: Currently user passwords are set to their email addresses.

  1. rake import:users
  2. rake import:groups
  3. rake import:memberships

Import Feeds

  1. rake import:feeds

Import Content

Note: Importing graphical content may take a while and place moderate load on your database server.

  1. rake import:content CONTENT_DIR=/path/to/v1/content/images
  2. rake import:submissions

Import Screens

  1. rake import:templates TEMPLATE_DIR=/path/to/v1/content/templates
  2. rake import:screens
  3. rake import:subscriptions
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