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Do you have topics to discuss at the next meeting? Leave them here.

Look for a hangout from Brian Michalski on Google+, email him if you don't see it or join #concerto-dev on freenode (if the hangout doesn't work).


Secret meetings were discussed at length.

August - Mostly watching issues on the mailing list and thinking about the 2.3 release coming up. Released 2.2.2 a few weeks ago which includes a small set of features and bug reports. The goal for 2.3 is to improve the frontend, Gabe has found the existing frontend doesn't deploy at all but the new web component based ones seems to be working well. The debian <-> rmagick <-> imagemagick war seems to have died down so these problems should be going away soon. Every once in a while a crazy Concerto 1 user writes in with something.

Kenley - Nothing exciting to report, has a new phone.

Mike - Nothing to report this week either, does not have a new phone but has a new screen protector.

Zach - Went to MA and his phone battery life improved. Rails 4.2 RC came out on Friday, he has updated a branch (in theory) with this change. Looking into some datetime formatting issues. Will look into upgrading to lollipop.

Brian - Need to migrate additional content type to the new frontend.


August - Mostly working on release management and the asset bug (2.2.1). Taking a closer look at the debian image, which breaks imagemagick badly and rmagick is broken. For now we'll hold off on debian updates.

Gabe - The memory leaks are still a thing. Needs to investigate an issue with on/off time. Search and resubmission are a work in progress.

Kenley - No updates. Has another ADT-1, which is clearly a sign that he should write an Android app. Suggests an RCOS project to improve the mobile apps or chromecast support.

Zach - A few small tweaks lately.

Brian - 1) Frontend 2) Content API 3) Bug fixes + Tests.


Haris - Totally has only 1 update. Made progress on the website, needs some time with @brzaik to improve the responsiveness. Then we have to go back and pull in all the old pages, etc.

Kenley - Got an ADT-1 last week, confirmed that the Concerto app is broken when it loads. Looks similiar to a known issue that we've seen before on certain Kindle Fire devices.

Mike - Rolled out some Concerto bandshell updates a few weeks ago, working on the hardware and bandshell wiki so, in the near future, we have a standard vanilla player image which can handle the vast majority of deployment cases. The tricky part here is how to track differences between the vanilla image we distribute and what admin's deploy (e.g. passwords). You should check out the wiki's.

Zach - As of the last half hour, he has been working on Unit Tests for the rails-4 branch. We discuss some of the rails-4 testing issues here, including the content subclass / superclass default scope thing.

Brian - Making a bunch of progress on the new frontend, joining the rails-4 fight, and a few backend tweaks to improve the frontend.

We review the agenda items:

  • Haris will fix the Concerto Android App.
  • Pull request will be delayed pending new frontend.
  • Frontend 2.0 is making progress, need to be on the lookout for memory usage.
  • Rails 4 is making progress as well thanks to Zach and August.


Haris - Hard at work on the website. The frontpage is fully working, need to work on the styling for the help center and announcement pages. BrZ could reduce the work timeline from 2 weeks down to 1, but he is le dead.

Kenley - No updates, but lots for the special updates at the end of the meeting.

Mike - Nothing particularly new to report. Keeping an ear out for bandshell rollout, hoping to help August + Gabe with any issues they have.

Zach - Did some more work on the Rails4 branch, merged master to keep it up to date again. Zach has fixed some of the ActiveRecord association loading errors, working through a few more. Rails polymorphism may be causing some problems.

Brian - Nothing particularly new to report. Investigating any problems with the frontend, nothing substantial found.

Discussion Topics:

  • Frontend JS Rewrite - bamnet@ was too ambitious to do the whole thing in Dart. Going to start with a faster Polymer JS implementaton, hopefully a Ticker element will land soon. A Polymer implementation can slowly be swapped out with Dart element by element.
  • Concerto for Chromecast - No one objects to using a CDN to serve this.
  • concerto-hardware should be focused on just what you need to manage and update a screen, not a general purpose tool. Mike will respond shortly to pull requests.
  • Documentation was tabled until augustf@ is in attendance.
  • Test suite - We should have one, perhaps in conjunction with updated JS. kench@'s suggestions are worth exploring since bamne@ has limited tooling experience here.


Dan Bruce took minutes. Please excuse the differences.

Meeting - July 1, 2014

Start: 9:55 pm EDT

Attendence: August, Gabe/Kyle, Kenley, Mike, Dan

Kyle: Servers at RPI didn't like the electrical outages

August: Nothing in particular, began modularizing Concerto 2 (separate instances)

Mike: No API, which was intentional, right now. RESTful API will be developed post-2.0, which is now. Do we want REST interface, something more automated? What are the use cases?

August: Two sorts of API function: integration and administration.

Kenley: Wants read API for feeds

Gabe: Worked on quick issues: message shown and email validation. Also migrated content scheduling to main organization.

August: Need to talk to Brian M. about final integration with that.

Kenley: Really busy at work. Planning on working on API work, feels its a good use case. Wants Union homepage source code to refactor Concerto API usage.

Mike: Closed out a couple issues this week; main focus is going to be on hardware and cleanup. Mostly corner cases with deployment.

Dan: fixed capitalization from Marvin's tickets.

August: Travis needs a nap. Most pressing thing for post-2.0 releases is authentication. Gabe has CAS branch, Marvin has LDAP. Wants OmniAuth to work with Concerto.

Mike: Need to answer auth questions before incorporating methods.

August: Wants it to be modular. Google, LDAP, CAS, etc., etc., etc.

Mike: How do you direct the user as they go through the workflow?

August: LDAP seems to be one-time, import-type thing, which may or may not be ideal.

Mike: Suppose it could be made modular, but do we need to be including plugins for different types all the time?

August: Might become like notifications: we'll be using OmniAuth, but if you want your method to work with us, you might need to supply views.

Mike: Can we support basic methods without having users code?

August: Concerto has initial support, if you want something else, give us stuff. Gabe and Marvin both have implementations that work, so it should be a refactoring, rather than a whole new thing.

New VM should be going out shortly.

Kenley: Writing proposal for content API. Appreciate if people take a look.


After some hangout twilight zone stuff we finally got together and began.

Marvin brought up some of the outstanding PR's and a couple tickets. He's going to work on a branch to make the submission view have properties on the side so we can see what it looks like and merge if everyone is agreeable. He was also wondering if the message block PR was way off base or just waiting for review.

August mentioned that the LDAP and CAS branches need reviewed to see if they can converge rather than diverge. He also mentioned that many people had been asking about the LDAP feature. August is going to check with Brian Z and see where he is with the website. Concerto, once the time display issue is fixed [the only blocker] will be ready to go. He's going to work on a build as soon as Brian M decides whether to fix the time display [and keep the marquee] or revert the scrolling marquee [which broke the time display]. We're hoping the scrolling marquee makes the release.

Gabe mentioned that the concerto emergency plugin was not going to be in the core [Marvin asked about it], but was going to be used at RPI and he was going to run some tests on it.

Kyle entertained Mike.

Mike discussed the engine PR and is going to try a test [different sources, same plugin] and see if it breaks and merge if it passes. He also mentioned that there is a security token issue with screen authentication that is a high priority, but not a blocker. He's working on it.

Zach is getting ready for an overseas trip but is going to look into the Hebrew translations yaml file problem while enroute on the train.

Kenley was wondering if Marvin would support the RPI stuff if the East Coast becomes overrun with zombies. He was also just starting to go over some concerto related stuff as Marvin dropped off the call. He may come back and enter some specifics if he reads this.


We begin with a discussion of #995.

Zach - Did some work on internationalizing dates and fixing pluralization. Woohoo!

Mike - Nothing to report.

Kenley - Looking into Social Media integration.

Haris - Working with Mr. Zikes integrating the Github API into the new concerto-signage app. Next up, adding a fake like screen. Should be on track for an end of june release date.

Brian - Fixed the empty page bug, let him know if you see any blank pages ever again.

August - Managing a lot of tickets a pull requests, cleaning up a bunch of little bugs.


August - Is walking in circles to pick up more of the air conditioning. We could cut a 2.0 release at any day now, encourages folks to go through the plugin and look for any low-level issues. Docsplit doesn't like the dual IM/GM setup so we've forked our own version. Merges should stay pretty small since it's ~4 lines.

Brian Z - Is celebrating his birthday, wireframe / mockup in progress: Working on building out a bunch of the pages, freshing up the concerto bot, concerto gem plugins icon, search, etc.

Mike - Cranking along slowly on some updates to Bandshell, will probably be done post-2.0 release. Hopefully will have DPMS screen control and a few other updates for the player.

Zach - Over the last two weeks or so he has done some cleanup with translations so they pass variables instead of concatenating stuff. Added support for plurals, cleaning up date-time formatting as well.

Brian M - Stuff.


August - Triaging lots of issues and working through pull requests. The last big blocker is internationalization. A fellow from Switzerland has been providing lots of interesting code / issues to work through. Working with BrZ on the Concerto Signange site to support the 2.0 release.

BrZ - Design for the front page approximately all in order, working through the subpages now. Hoping to get ready for a release next week.

Dan - Unmutes his microphone. In the past two weeks he's worked on restyling some buttons to reduce the glossiness, improved the favicon, and helped out with the internationalization effort with August. Has been working on V1 around campus.

Gabe - Worked on search filter locations where we have a large list of users that you need to select from. Also worked on the interface to unblock previously denied members.

Haris - Was sick last week, will resume efforts on the concerto signage website this week.

Kenley - Worked on indicator of page loading. Will look into some Google Analytic features as well.

Brian - Talks about the frontend leaking memory.


Brian Z - Did some work on over the weekend. Got a plan together, going to meet up with Haris and August on a daily basis to plow through the last few things. The front page will be an extended about page, might leverage a scrolling page to highlight the different things Concerto is. Menu will include options to deploy it, try it out, get help, and search! Tentatively hopes to have this ready by the end of next week.

Dan - Fixed a couple bugs about the screen getting smaller. August is sending Dan a lot of frontend stuff. Also improved the workflow for editing content when you're on an edit submission page. Dan read BrZ's innio logo blog.

Gabe - Tried out the import scripts, ran into some problems with feeds. Keeping busy.

Haris - Did a couple of things, made a commit message that was upsetting. Fixed a lot of bugs so we could have a 1.9.1 release.

Kenley - Has been slacking on Concerto lately, but has the next week off to work on things.

Mike - Things will be busy for him until the middle of June, but he's playing around with a Raspberry Pi.

Zach - Will be in Greenbelt and Arlington, not in Tahoe with Mike. He has been looking to #924. Brian asks Zach to look into the French Transducton.

August - Has made some strides on the 1.9.1 release, a few persistent bugs to sort out. Has been managing the final release.

Brian - Looking into the memory leaks for the Frontend. Suggests that 2 weeks is a good time for a final release.


Haris - is pretty much code complete, waiting on BrZ for his magic. Assuming BrZ gets his stuff done we should be good to launch in mid-may.

Gabe - CAS authentication is coming along nicely, can auth against cas and working to hide all the registration forms.

Kenley - No updates at the moment. Confirms that the FireTV app works.

Mike - Umm, trying to get back on track with hardware a little bit. Updating the bandshell and hardware issue trackers, working on a rough implementation of power control via DPMS. Haris might work with Gabe to test those on RPI screens (or Haris' personal collection). Mike suggests that we start documenting what DPMS will not cover for us.

Zach - Umm exciting, don't know that they are terribly exciting. Fixed a bug with registration so it properly respects the user creation ability. Will be bringing Concerto along to a hacker group in DC, will hopefully have some progress to show off then.

Brian - Spoke about his updates.


August - Cleaned up the submission#show and content#shows a bit, restored the restart webserver button. Going to be opening feature to bring a version of install/diagnostics.php to V2. Has released 0.9.0, but we haven't announced it shortly. Will probably have a 0.9.1. release.

Brian - Updating the OpenSSL library on all the boxen, worked with Kenley to submit FireTV app.

Haris - Been looking at #908. A discussion ensues.

Kenley - Ported Concerto TV to the Fire TV. Also created a screen control application for devices with USB ports to use with a USB-to-Serial adapter for controlling a screen.

Mike D - Has nothing to report at the moment.

Zach - Got a new computer, setup his development environment. Will restart development after completing some job hunting code.


August - Release 0.8.7, ran into some trouble with the Postgres database installation stuff. Will be following up with a new build to fix that. 0.9.0 is next on our todo list. Taking over the concerto-remote-video http video streaming efforts in his branch, where it will hopefully be ready for 0.9.0.

Brian - Fixed some dynamic content moderation stuff, adding support for content to render in different fields.

Gabe - The emergency plugin is now in a working state. Working to expand it to any content which can be added to emergency feeds.

Kenley - Refactoring his calendar parsing code so it is less of a mess.

Mike - Nothing really new to report, looking into some Gemfile things.

Zach - Hey Brian! Updated some gems on to bring it up to date with security and such. Split out some of the internationalization and localization tasks into more granular issues so they are more manageable.

Marvin - Working on content scheduling, will be similar to template scheduling. Is wondering if Mike has any thoughts about plugin testing.


August - Lots of work on file conversion after realizing it wasn't working anywhere in our images. Docsplit and libreoffice were failing, and August has updated them accordingly. Also playing with HTTP Video access.

Gabe - Continued to work on the emergency plugin. Ran into some issues with the template swapping, which Brian needs to fix.

Kenley - Becoming an expert in iCal feeds and figuring out how to extract the most important stuff.

Marvin - Working with August on the document conversion preview stuff.

Mike - Looking at some Gem stuff and review the error handling and responses in our controllers. We should be responding to the same types and enforcing security and errors uniformly, etc.

Zach - Hasn't made much progress over the past N months on i18n because the goal doesn't have very well defined parts. Hasn't accomplished much of anything in the past week, but hoping to tighten up the i18n string usage.

BrZ - In the Concerto territory, generating the final list of things to do for the CS site and the rollout of the V2. The site visual refresh may be too ambitious for the initial release, but we do want to make it easy to swap these things out.


August - Release 0.8.6 after the last meeting, primarily as a maintenance release. Dabbled with some of the smaller tickets that have come in, working on driving brzaik@ to make progress on the concerto-signage site.

Brian M -

Gabe - Continued working on Emergency Management, added interface to let users pick the desired emergency template and feed.

Kenley - No updates.

Mike - Nothing real big. Pushed a minor commit to bandshell which will finally close the loop on token generation + screen creation.

Zach - Over the weekend, maybe, did some work on the Travis builds to use other databases. Now instead of 4 SQLite we have 3 MySQL and 3 SQLite builds. Dropped support for 2.0, kept support for 1.8.7, 1.9.3, and 2.1. Thinking about some magical way to build postgres every 5-10 builds, but hasn't completed this. Will circle back to i18n after he is concerned with his concern.


August - Tackling a few minor bugs here and there, preparing for a 0.8.6 release with some miner stuff.

Marvin - Lots of progress with Concerto Template Scheduling. Also fixed some Frontend timezone mismatch problems, but having trouble with Ruby 1.8.7. Two new Gems are used for the Template Scheduling gem. Has high expectations for multiple field request. A discussion about the time zone a screen is in, will start on content scheduling soon.

BrZ - May or may not be driving on the peninsula going back home. Has a few UI tickets to weigh in on over the next few days. Focusing on the public site and roll out, has a few design ideas in place. Will hopefully launch with a refreshed site.

Gabe - Awesome. Working on the Emergency plugin, getting some help from Marvin how to get it done the best way.

Kenley - Skip.

Mike - Is here. Nothing real exciting to report. Continuing to look at plugin unification, some work to generalize the hooks.

Zach - Worked with his local branch on some i18n, keeping busy with lots of i18n issues. A tool Zach uses reports that we have less than 200 missing strings, but Zach thinks this number is high.


Marvin - Multiple kinds per field is waiting for Brian M's feedback. Has also been thinking about different Emergency situations:

August - In and out on random bugs, looking at the content duration. Rebuilding the VM as well, using the Passenger package instead of the build process. He then suddenly disconnected.

Charlie - Nothing exciting to report, fixing RPI stuff.

Gabe - Did some more work on the Emergency Broadcast plugin.

Kenley - Worked on some sprucing up the moderation emails. May need to handle SMTP auth in the future.

Zach - Not this week, was kinda busy this weekend. Hoping to get to i18n missing and unused via a cool plugin he found.


Welcome to 2014!

August - Big work with release land. After 0.8.4 we had 49 commits so we cut a new 0.8.5 release. There's a new VM for it as well, which hasn't been the case for some of the previous versions. MySQL password changes when the user first log in instead of leaving it as the default. Lots of new stuff was included in 0.8.5, managing the 0.9.x which will be ready soon.

Brian -

Gabe - Small bugfixes, started in on the Emergency RSS plugin.

Kenley - No updates.

Marvin - August summed up most of his work. Also added CSS to Template design. Votes for adding additional templates.

Zach - It's been a few weeks. Has done a number of other things with template#import and a few small bugfixes. Pulled in the Dutch translation as well. Maintaining a Rails 4 branch as well. Will scrub translations to find missing keys.


August - Lots of development work to report. Playing with a feature to choose the database automatically, the Gemfile will detect between mysql and postgres automatically. Need to be cautious with Gemfile.lock. Longer term, will work with Mike to build a Rack / Metal tool to prompt people for DB on first use. Also cleaned up controllers to use respond_to which will make API construction a bit easier. Also release 0.8.2, 0.8.3 is coming along soon after a few more changes. Plugin process is less janky now. Will be working on Vellum integration to design how help is integrated into Concerto.

BrZ - Close a bunch of UI tickets over the past few days. Working through 0.8.3 tickets and will be opening a pull request for a moderation cleanup branch by the end of this week targeting the 0.9 release.

Kenley - No updates.

Zach - Just created a new branch with some preliminary code for the template importer. Finally has some progress to show.

Brian M -

Mike - Working a bit on bandshell, and how it will communicate with concerto hardware. Testing the API for transferring info like simple things like screen on / off times. Hardware auth is starting to work very well.


August - Past week or so, done a little bit of work on the documentation. Been running the mailing list filing bugs and working on the FieldConfig setup with hashes. Going to sit down with BrZ to start thinking about an in-application help system, would like to start incorporating Vellum into Concerto during 0.9.x.

Brian -

Gabe - Didn't have a chance to do much, taking a look at some of the group membership permission checks.

Kenley - No updates to report.

Zach - On the subject of things that aren't working but should be soon, he's been working on template importing to get the packages imported and working correctly. Should have this done when BrZ is done.

Mike - Need to do some additional work on bandshell to increase the robustness and error reporting. Pushing forward with the Concerto hardware plugin integration.

Haris - Has appeared again.


August - Not too much new on the Concerto front, writing the documentation how Concerto should work and finding discrepancies and filing bugs. Also working with Mike D on some auth stuff for Bandshell.

BrZ - Closing tickets here and there, concerto-signage is his immediate priority when he gets time. 0.9.x has a lot of UI-related issues, BrZ will need some help since there are too many tickets for him to handle. Maybe we can loop in Haris, Brian, and Zach who's eager for some JS issues.

Gabe - Spent some time working on his plugin, getting lots of screens back online.

Kenley - No updates, will be working on some unit tests to cover some bugs.

Zach - Likes functional tests. Not too much, busy moving. Will get back to rubyzip and content#edit after he figures out what to do with his cardboard boxes.

Brian M - Triaging errors and group emails. No code this week :-(


August - Released 0.8.1 over the weekend, a maintenance release with a few bugfixes to stabilize the 0.8.x series. VMs are going out now. 0.9.x is still on the table, will be where anything big and new must happen.

Brian M - Cleaned up some Google Groups and Airbrake issues. Found many users are not upgrading, need to write blog posts and group emails.

Brian Z - Did the Group#show work, working on User#show now. Hopefully checking that new UI in over the next day or two. Moderation flow is next on the todo list for the 0.9.x release.

Kenley - No updates here.

Mike - Very much enjoys the visualizations of BrZs audio. Adding workaround for http basic username:password deprecation.

Zach - Doesn't think he has any updates from this week, will be busy this weekend. May try to squeeze in some time, when he gets new internet,


August - Nothing new to report in the Concerto proper realm. Sat down with Mike to do some planning on the Player and making some plans with Bandshell. Hoping to have a reasonable player and hardware integration for when we release V2.

Brian M - ALmost done with an IE-friendly player and the frontend preview work.

Brian Z - Planning to close 4 tickets by Thurs evening: User show & Group show UI tweaks and design changes are coming up. Share any thoughts on groups#show by tomorrow (Wed 10/23).

Gabe - Made the small tweak to the simple rss feed, also sent in a pull request to clean up some feed moderation. Making good progress on the RPI screens.

Kenley - No updates this week.

Zach - Upgrading rails and some gems this week.

We'll try to get 0.9.x out this week again.


August - Progress on documentation (Velum App).

Kenley - Busy at work

Mike - Playing around with Concerto player

Zach - Played around in IE8/11. Commented out debugging code to support IE8.


August - Just returned from a week away, nothing particular to report. Did a bunch of work on Concerto documentation.

Brian -

Gabe - Just sent a pull request to the simple rss repo to add the preview functionality.

Kenley - No updates.

Mike - Finally, we have some commits in on screen authentication. This uses the sequence described in the wiki, where a third party piece of software can connect and get screen's authenticated. Next steps to implement the bandshell half of this. Also looking into security stuff for sessions.

Zach - Is in Barnes & Noble. Did a little work on content#edit, also picked up the rubyzip stuff for template packages.


August - August has confirmed the not-checkboxes are not working. Cut the 0.8 release last evening, the package has been pushed and uploaded. Otherwise busy triaging tickets and helping get the release out the door. Filing tickets to help us get out to the finish line. Moderation and group#show, user#show are next on the plate.

Brian - Cleaned up a bun

BrZ - Took care of his 4 issues for the 0.8.x release with some help from August and BrZ. Major changes to screens and content#new. Coming up next he'll be working with August on group#show and moderation. Also working on the new signage site.

Gabe - Started working on the RSS preview, busy with exams and stuff.

Kenley - Will be working on some enterprisey sso features.

Mike - The good news is that some functionality with screen auth APIs is working. The bad news is that he found a pretty trivial attack on it. Off to a branch.

Zach - Continuing to dig in with the Rails 4, cleaning up the tests.


August - Not too much happening in the realm of Concerto, merging tickets and pull requests. Making some progress on Vellum, our help page system. The wiki for Vellum has an early version of the help page content. Our rails-4 app for app is also in the works.

Brian Z - Has 4 issues he'll be trying to squeeze into the 0.8.x release on Thursday.

Gabe - Working on some feed moderator improvements.

Zach - Did a little merging into the Rails 4 branch. Refactored the version check library so it's a bit DRYer, wrote a cool helper which has 3-4 levels of blocks to help with #701.

Mike - Nothing to report, picking up screen auth and magic this week. Will definitely target the 0.9.x release.


August - Nothing terribly new from his side, has a draft of some documentation from his sailing adventures. Merged the big file conversion ticket and the parallel migrations. Will be jumping over to the Concerto public site.

Brian M - Finished up subscriptions ajaxification.

Gabe - Busy with classes, questions about screens @ RPI.

Kenley - Is having a great day.

Marvin - Worked a little bit on the graphics preview per @brzaik's request, multipage content next.

Mike - Continuing along the screen and hardware auth stuff.

Zach - Resurrected testing on 1.8.7 by fixing our Gemfile, also making steady progress on the Rails 4 branch.


Brian M -

BrZ - Back in town, made a couple changes to the new screen form to give screens a pretty screen. Closing up content new ticket, pending the preview. Would like to sort out FieldConfig UI for 0.8.x, also will freshen up screen show.

Gabe - Nothing much, making progress on his Google Places plugin to add places one by one to your map.

Kenley - Has nothing to say.

Zach - Cleanup on the ConcertoConfig and corresponding view. Also worked on Rails 4 branch a bunch.

Mike - Worked on Bandshell to Concerto API, hoping for a commit here in a meaningful way.


BrZ - Going to commit some stuff over the next day or two, in between a bit of travel presently. Hope to close out some issues on some of the bandshell and concerto front. Was thinking about a shared-screen bug finding party tomorrow.

August - Going to be working on some documentation while he's offline. Doing a bunch of release planning and working with Mike on Bandshell and Player. Hoping to wrap up one or two tickets this week and build 0.7.x at the end of the week. Going OOO on Saturday.

Brian - Was taking notes.

Gabe - Working on some of the plugin stuff for maps, will save a question for the end.

Gerald - Checked out the meeting.

Kenley - People are waiting for Concerto 2, perhaps it will arrive on Columbus day.

Marvin - Is doing pretty good, did some great work on #41. Looking into PDF conversion, need to figure out what works to convert the underlying files to images.

Zach - Made some progress on content#edit, will be pushing soon.


August - Spent the past week or so dealing with a few Concerto tickets, tossing out the current backup functionality. Most of his other work has been on concerto-debian, which has been moving forward very quickly. May even have a build 3 release out soon. Has been working with Mike to kickstart bandshell work.

Brian M - Released 0.7.0. Getting ramped up with bandshell.

BrZ - No video today, he could be an imposter. Upcoming work will be a bit on bandshell but will also focus on screen auth and content#new improvements that Mike and others have suggested. Thinking about a graphical template editor as well.

Gabe - Mostly worked on his Concerto Places plugin and some RPI stuff.

Haris - Is back in the swing of things. Thinking of removing the Haml / ERB from bandshell per ###. Also trying to figure out how live preview will work for graphical content on IE. BrZ suggests he revisit the graphic model to see if it needs a preview method, the transport method may be disconnected from the actual previewing.

Marvin - Has been working with August on the concerto-debian install scripts, making lots of progress on this front.

Zach - Made some small edits to error rescuing when we're offline and fixed feed notifications display (double redirects). Will continue to work on the content#edit ticket.


August - Working with Marvin on bugs revolving around emails and notifications. Also a bit of strong parameters as well. Working to coordinate some of the content#new discussions with content#new. Field config also creates some interesting UI cases.

Brian M - Cleaning up some bugs, prepping for deployment.

Gabe - Worked on content#search, also working on his content plugin.

Marvin - Finished up a first pass at the Capistrano script. Working on a slide transition for the frontend, which flexes FieldConfig. As a result, thinking about CSS for Templates / Content.

Mike - Nothing new to report. The state of screen auth should be suffecient for the next release. Will return to bandshell, hardware and all things screen soon.

Zach - Translation work, might go update the pirate language at some point.


August - Most of the late work have been related to the build. We packaged 0.6 and released it and found 2 issues: the ConcertoConfig update page was broken and the Subscriptions defaults were broken too. Working on hunting down any last bugs and improving the build process.

Brian M - Mirroring August's build & release work.

Gabe - Working on content#index to build a simple content filtering engine. Also working with Marvin on some plugin stuff.

Marvin - Added FieldConfig UI, which has been hidden for now while we got out. Also updating FontAwesome and a few other issues. Would like some thoughts on multi [position <-> field].

Mike - Finished a first pass screen auth, a few cleanup issues left. Hopefully we can release screen auth with next week's release.

Zach - A handful of various issues cleaning up some code: datetime selectors, devise, seeds, groups#edit workflow, etc.


August - Nothing particularly new to report, we resolved last week that we will do a release this week; Hotel Hummingbird. Lots of work will commence on the init script and packaging.

Brian - Put a lot of work into content#new, moving the feed selection into a dropdown.

Brian M - Working on improving ConcertoConfig update speed and frontend bugs.

Gabe - Nothing specific for Concerto to report. Working on a Google Maps API plugin.

Kenley - No updates here.

Marvin - Lots of work on template admin process. Also discussed using Errbit instead of Airbrake, and utilizing capistrano for deploys, not allowing subscriptions for the Time field, logging with closure, and being able to have multiple fields assigned to the same position in templates.

Mike - Will not be done with screen auth this week, but have a large and ugly merge soon.

Zach - Closed a lot of random updates in support of the Hotel Humminbird release, including devise work and user / group cleanup.


Brian M - Fixed concerto init script, going to figure out where the associated build is.

Kenley - No exciting updates.

Mike - Slow progress on screen auth.

Zach - No progress since last Tuesday, will tackle Devise 3 tickets.


Zach - Improved the groups membership list helper with leaders first. Will hop over to permission tooltips next.

Marvin - Updated the confirmable messages to be contextual, was going to integrate bootstrap confirmable stuff but might conflict with some mixins.

Kenley - Nothing to report.

Gabe - Finished up the Redcloth issue, worked on cleaning the edit and delete buttons up so they are in the right place.

Charlie - Nothing to report.

BrZ - Not many updates, Haris and he are working for the next release to include the content new stuff. Hopefully we'll have that done EOW before Haris ventures to the Middle East.

Brian M - Fixed memory leaks, more to come.

August - Spent time tracking down a bunch of the issues we've been carrying over, hopefully will make it into the next release.

Mike - Not too much to report, will keep making progess on the screen auth branch.


August - Playing with DelayedJob, Foreman, and Clockwork scripts to see what the workflow would look like, outputting upstart scripts and init scripts. Upstart is junk, the init scripts are super system-specific.

Brian M - Lots of controversial work on Procfiles.

BrZ - Content new work, excluding live preview, should be ready for golf otter on Thursday. Will be cleaning up form styles and making it much simpler. Passing bootstrap stuff to Marvin, the bootstrap expert.

Kenley - No updates yet.

Charlie - Not a whole lot of updates to report. Exploring the Leap Motion stuff.

Gabe - Worked on RedCloth Textile handling. Uploaded a gist, Brian M will take a look tonight.

Mike - No particularly big updates, hoping to merge in screen auth very soon.

Zach - No updates from Massachusetts.


August - Release of FoxtrotFlamingo happened, went off not too badly. We're working on a release wiki to clean this up. Popular problems include install script (might be maxing out github hits) and some RSS problems. Bugwise not much to report, will focus on backup stuff and a few other assigned issues.

Brian - Not much to report, going to dive into the frontend memory leaks. We briefly discuss #533 as well.

BrZ - Wrote a blogpost for the new release. Have been working on global form styles for the admin panel which will position us for the content#new stuff (#564). Cleaning up a handful of UI tweaks. Will be looking into a modal component we can reuse, maybe from bootstrap.

Gabe - Working on membership section of the group page, changes were finished. Brian M will send a ticket his way.

Haris - Has survived a hectic couple of months. He has sorted out his eye problems and is ready to look at text again. In the next 2 weeks he'll work on Preview.

Kenley - Nothing to report.

Mike - Just a couple of fixes on tests for screen auth branch. Once a UI for adding auth is done we'll be all set.

Zach - Tried to fix some of the CanCan stuff with Rails 4, not having much luck. Right now we're blocked on CanCan, will look into it next week after moving.

Marvin - No exciting updates, busy with other stuff.


9:41 PM EST

BrZ - New Dashboard merged into master last week after the meeting, seems to have worked out well. Working on a concept for a revamped new content form with a live preview, hopefully to be checked in next week. Also closing some UI issues.

Charlie - Investigating leetmotion incorporation for touchscreens on frontends, in touch with the developers.

Gabe - Worked on streamlining adding permissions for new group members, and has a pull request pending. Looking for more work!

Mike - Moving along on screen auth - a barebones but functional authorization system is in place in the screen-auth branch. A pull request submitted, but before merging he needs to work on getting tests passing, and addig a UI for setting up the keys through the Concerto Panel.

Zach - Worked with Brian M on problems with cache reloading for ConcertoConfig, now using microseconds, otherwise pretty quiet.

We discussed getting our next release - foxtrotflamingo - out on schedule this week, though pushing it off a week has been discussed. Mike and BrZ are willing to work on the release but we have to see if we can come up with a good documented process that we can perform while Brian M is out of touch.


6:46 PM PDT

Brian M - Kept busy with the EchoInchworm release.

BrZ - Closing some small style / ui tweaks. Working on a single dashboard page which will have functionality for both admins and regular users, it should be kept as the homepage. Re-did all the icons to use font stuff instead of sprites. Also added Concertocons with some concerto-specific icons, is a cool tool to help with this. Going to keep moving forward with the dashboard.

Gabe - Worked on fixing up group show page. Making progress on the permissions for adding a user.

Kenley - Cached the version, worked on the user interaction wiki page as well.

Mike - Making solid progress on the screen auth, code in place to verify authentication. Lots of work coming soon to establish the auth.

Zach - Worked with August on the Rails 4 progress.


6:36 PM PDT

August - Spent most of his time tackling bugs, creating a few of his own along the way. The great Gemfile refactoring has completed, plugins have been moved over to the proper plugin implementation. Also making progress on FieldConfigs.

Brian M - Speed improvements to submission tile rendering, also working on V1 screen support.

BrZ - Closed a number of UI tickets, cleaning up the button classes. Revisiting the navigation between Browse, Dashboard, and the navigation. Playing in a new branch to change the front page a lot, will post in pull request.

Charlie - Nothing new exciting to report.

Gabe - Worked on the membership layout on the groups page, going to add some tooltips to explain the screen and feeds and stuff. Also doing some new member cleanup as well.

Kenley - Nothing much to report, Brian M will check out prelude.

Marvin - Lots of progress on tickets and such, exploring a plugin generator.

Mike - Poking around in the config dashboard / control panel and organizing it a bit. Exploring some workflow improvements as well.

Zach - Making progress on the Rails 4 work, refactoring the find_or_create_by stuff and other things too.


6:39 PM PDT

Brian M - Working on caching and improving our release process.

Gabe - Worked on some layouts for the groups page, playing around with drop down menu.

Kenley - No updates.

Marvin - Content type icons, trouble with the subdirectory stuff. Also working on a Google Calendar plugin.

Mike - Has been working on screen auth. Currently not authenticating screens in any meaningful way but we have some authorization rules in place.

Zach - Dabbling back into Rails 4. Lots of the test errors may related to ConcertoConfig. Also having an issue with the sass import code with the stylesheets.


6:34 PM PDT

August - Haven't had a lot going on this week, adding options for mail. Mail can be configured for SMTP, default is still sendmail. This is configured in the initializer to give up a bit more flexibility.

Brian -

BrZ - Closed a number of tickers in Marvin's wake, working on standardizing some CSS and icons.

Charlie - Not too much to report, going to be following up with Gabe on the RPI deployment. Investigating some Logic Supply HW.

Gabe - Hi. Working on the multiple feed subscription bug. Has some comments for us to review.

Kenley - Graduated, will have every waking moment to work on Concerto now.

Marvin - Been busy, small things here and there. A mountain of many small things as BrZ describes it.

Mike - No commits on screen auth, making steady headway on the screen auth checks.

Zach - Underestimated the number of steps required to upgrade to Rails 4 by over 9000. Will be resolved soon.

What sort of issues should we make sure we've resolved in this upcoming build?

  • #475
  • Windows support isn't going to happen in this release.
  • Installation is going to be more magical
  • Iframe plugin, Woeid, Vimeo, Ticker previews all LGTM, need to be cut again.
  • RSS DelayedJob needs improvement, perhaps reliability ++

Future builds:

  • Screen auth.
  • Layout changes to some forms and things.
  • Add content cleanup.
  • Stats.
  • Dashboard vs Browse vs Admin naming
  • Clean up tests.
  • Lets try a release every 2 weeks.
  • Template import wizard.
  • Multi user auth stuff.

Email summary to come from BAM.


6:40 PM PDT

August - Nothing terrible new on his end, no action since the last meeting. Going to work on getting bandshell up and running on a computer.

Brian M - Nothing to report.

BrZ - We should have a planning meeting soon.

Gabe - Just got back home, has lots of free time.

Kenley - Concerto @ RPI is going well. Dr. Sams mentioned it, concerto is cool.

Marvin - Waiting for feedback from BrZ on a lot of issue. Also looking into backups in Concerto 2, August will help out.

Mike - Working on screen auth, maybe some dashboard updates in the future. There are no butterflies behind him.

Zach - Also has no butterflies behind him. Will dive into a few of Marvin's tickets. Our parameters are now strong. Rails 4 status: Almost compatible.


6:37 PM PDT

BrZ - Finishing up Bandshell page styles; has the base for a compass extension or gem containing Concerto UI elements that could be used in the future for plugins or other work.

Gabe - No updates, just meetings for the Web Tech Group at RPI; will free up after finals end on Thursday.

Kenley - Mostly trying to gradumacate; will be free from after Commencement until his job starts in early August.

Marvin - Has been really busy with other work for the past few weeks; can work on a few small issues here and there if anybody has any suggestions.

Zach - Doing some work on testing Concerto 2 with Rails 4; looking forward to taking on new bugs.


9:37 PM EDT

August - Concerto player and bandshell are moving great. Andrew's work has been merged, and the bottom line is that we have a working image which opens a web browser and goes to a URL you specify. It's kinda barebones working, you can try it out on the site.

Brian M - Was taking notes.

BrZ - Mostly be playing in the bandshell space, running the image in VirtualBox to make the UI look uniform and consistent with C2. Ready for frontend tickets, feel free to route them his way. Brian has a magic Volermort wand.

Gabe - This weekend he met Charlie in person, moved some servers and stuff.

Haris - Experimenting with stats.

Mike - Screen authenticating will be coming in one large commit of death in a few weeks. Will be able to accomodate the full screen player and the bandshell player soon.

Zach - Did some more strong parameters, may have introduced a first sign up bug. Also investigating a Rails 4 branch of Concerto 2, which caused some problem for plugins.


9:40 PM EDT

BrZ - Did some work on minor UI defects. Also worked with August on getting an introduction to Bandshell and got his VM setup. Going to work on views for Bandshell to bring in concerto visuals.

Haris - Worked on minor bugfixes and visual issues. Worked with August to get VMware Image setup for Bandshell Development. Going to work on stats / information page for Bandshell Player.

Marvin - Worked on using YQL to obtain the WOEID for the weather plugin. User can also specify unit of measurement. Ready for it to be merged.


9:35 PM EDT

Brian M - IE10 Frontend support continues.

BrZ - Did some work with Haris on the unified validation / flash messages. Cleaned up a bunch of other UI tickets as well. Going to get working on the frontend next, exploring frontend indicators.

Charlie - No substantial updates.

Gabe - Now an expert on git, ready for more issue.

Kenley - Will get Concerto 2 rolled out at RPI soon.

Marvin - Done some work on RemoteVideo, also exploring Weather.

Zach - Adding StrongParams in more places, going to commit it soon.


9:43 PM EDT

August - Worked on Bandshell + Hardware integration. Plugin install branch has finally been merged! Hooray! It loops into the Rack app loading process to run a bundle install. Plugins are really happy, and we have strong validations in place to make sure the plugins are real. Also integrated a bunch of Concerto Configurator work with Andrew.

Brian - Fixing small issues, IE for frontend.

Charlie - No particular updates, hardware is still looking good.

Gabe - Worked on the ticket, will send a pull request, hooray!

Haris - Had a git error today, should be committing the group stuff today. Merging edit / show / new into something consistent.

Marvin - Working on adding Vimeo to the remote video plugin, also working on #373.

Mike - Working with August to getting plugins organized. Pulling together a small API so bandshell can fetch information from the simple Concerto 2 hardware info. Dashboard is on hold.

Zach - Nothing to report.


9:38 PM EDT

Brian M - Going to start working on a simple diagnostic script similar to install.rb in Concerto 1.

Brian Z - Wishes he had some exciting updates, but does not. Will be free to start working on Concerto 2 tomorrow, going to jump into form design and validation.

Gabe - Working on the Github issues he's been assigned, doing some refactoring along the way.

Haris - Is going to try working this week, the group stuff has 2 haris hours left.

Marvin - Working on #365 working on the translations, in the thick of it. Successfully learning rails.

Mike - Working with August to fix plugin installation. Also looking the dashboard stuff (better error handling and notification), might bump that up a bit on the priority list. Screen authentication is also on the radar.

Zach - Boring PHP is getting in the way of fun Ruby. Will check in next week on strong params.


9:40 PM EDT

August - Working with mike on the plugin install branch, close to being able to install with only name and URL. Ongoing efforts trying to get LiveCD working, and also attempting to combine efforts on the hardware client configuration server.

Brian Z - Working on some tickets for UI, including validation and templates. After that, diving into the UI of the frontend. Brian is also keeping his eye on other areas that will need UI attention, such as the dashboard and newsfeed.

Gabe - Made some progress on content counting, awaiting some new info from Brian M.

Haris - Working on integrating the Groups show and edit pages into one view.

Mike - Progress will be a little slow this week, but I'm working with August to get plugin installation wrapped up. After that, we've settled on a path forward for the Player-client <> Hardware Plugin interaction to minimize blocking. For now, users will enter the screen ID on the client. This will let us develop the workflow and UI, even while screen authentication is incomplete for now.

Zach - Authentication and strong parameters are on the radar screen.

Next meeting we should try to get organized around what our next milestone should be and clarify our path forward. Sidenote, the nightly sites may be lagging behind the tag somewhat.


9:40 PM EDT

August - Released CharlieHorse after a few stumbles. Attempts to auto build the VM did not work, but the build we've finally got out is good. Ditto with the packages. A bunch of little bugfixes all over Concerto. Working on the plugins with Mike.

Brian - Bunch of commits to finish up CharlieHorse release, shuffling to come up soon.

Charlie - Installing beta, will let us know how it goes.

Gabe - Brian will send a ticket or two his way.

Haris - Has regained focus, working on a lot of UI issues. Fixing up groups and then jumping on live preview.

Mike - Making progress on the plugin front. Maybe clean up the dashboard a bit. Hopefully all you'll need to install the plugin is the gem name.

Zach - Was busy with work, should be taking our parameters to the gym.


9:38 PM EDT

August - Integrated PublicActivity into Concerto, which gave us a basic newsfeed setup. Also added some email notifications, which are not connected to PublicActivity. Working to modularize this to handle multiple notification backends. ALso tracking down the recursive initializers where delayed job would loop forever, this should improve database performance. We're not using actual booleans for ConcertoConfig, and a few other small ones. Will remain in troubleshooting mode working on improvements / bugfixes.

Brian M _ Screens need to refresh templates.

Brian Z - Was in the Bay Area getting an apartment, going to try and close some outstanding UI tickets. Going to harass Haris to get the Live Preview code working which will involve the content#new and screen#show. Might jump into Dynamic Content updates.

Kenley - Working on image resizing tests.

Mike - Working on user management, cleaning up some problems with devise. After cleaning up users, might hop to screens and plugins.

Zach - Just in the last hour or so he's been trying to add strong params to plugins. ConcertoPlugins now have an interface so he will add parameters and be able to test them. We're not testing against Ruby 2, which is passing. Will continue to focus on strong parameters.

Let's aim for the next release in 2-3 weeks, it will have lots of bugfixes.


9:38 PM EST

August - August has closed more ticket this day than every before. Refactored the graphics library, tested it live. Also touched on groups and access control, kicked off the hash rocket (=>) discussion. Also worked with Mike to sort out the content type ordering on content#new. Currently we can't delete feeds (#319).

Brian M - Spent today opening tickets for August.

Brian Z - Played around with pagination, which has a few problems with clicking back. Implemented a more robust pagination system which stores some information in the header. Hoping to finish up #207 very soon.

Charlie - Went through a setup of Concerto 2 with August on a VPS, trying to figure out how difficult it is to get up and running. Did get it up and running following the manual route, need to test Debian package and such. Also promoting Concerto in the wild to people.

Gabe - Made some good progress on #316.

Kenley - Is busy at the meeting, will be tackling integration tests.

Zach - Started down the road of putting stronger parameters in place, adding things to models that might need it more. Got distracted by Ruby 2, which works with Concerto 2. Rails 4 does not, perhaps due to the scrubbing logger.


9:40 PM EST

August - Walked into a couple things this week. Took a brief adventure into notifications. More significantly, he cleaned up the membership & group models when updating. A few more bugs left in the users / groups / memberships area. Moved installation instructions over to the wiki, made a few changes based on Charlie's feedback.

Brian M -

BrZ - Worked on a number of tickets, adding stack graphing into browse for the parent relationships with dynamic content. Revamped submissions#show, working on getting the filter mechanism in place for the UI in addition to view more.

Mike - Priority is screen authentication, jumping onto user authentication first. Minor things with devise setup as well.

We signaled for Kenley to speak but he did not respond.


9:40 PM EST

August - Has rolled in a Timepicker from a Gem, replacing the submodule. That worked pretty seemlessly, for all the wrong reasons. August brought along a 440K jQuery UI file which is making BrZ an unhappy camper. For the next deploy we'll have a much cleaner process.

Brian -

BrZ - Has introduced Turbolinks across the app by binding to both document.onready and a turbolink page:init event. Testing has showed this works well in Chrome, need to test in other browsers like IE. Going to work together with Brian M to experiment with the tile stacks. We need to do more work communicating V2's roadmap and status. BrZ doesn't think it makes sense to use the whole jQuery UI so he'll replace the timepicker with something a bit smaller.

Gabe - Got ImageMagick running, having troubles with RMagick compiling against it. August provides some suggestions.

Mike - From the world of Linux Mint, he's fallen off the plugin horse. Screen authentication is rolling again, we should see commits on this front within the next 7-10 days.

Zach - The only thing he did last week was fix something that was broken, he removed an outdated test. Making progress on strong params across the remaining controllers.


9:45 PM EST

August - Playing around with the VMs, working on more sophisticated deployment tools than writing bash scripts. Also looking at better ways to keep clients up to date.

Brian M -

BrZ - Working on new styles for browse content. Using a new tile concept, looking pretty well. Ticker text looks OK, still tweaking things. Making good progress on the add content layout migration as well. Maybe we can finish this up next week. Also working on the Turbolinks implementation.

Charlie - Is available to help as needed, working on polishing up stuff at RPI with Kenley.

Gabe - Says Hi, he goes to RPI.

Haris - Hasn't done anything on screen preview as of late, he might try again tonight.

Kenley - Working on USB to serial converters so we can turn on and off more screens remotely.


9:40 PM EST

August - Working to streamline and extend the installation process for Concerto, we can now install all the gems for concerto from the level (before the rails app). Use the config/concerto.yaml to control this functionality. The timing requirements of the installation process makes a rake-based installation process difficult, we'll ignore this for now. Debian packaging updates coming soon.

Brian - HTMLText done, adding simple RSS importer.

BrZ - Going to make a series of commits today and tomorrow to add a stack to the browse interface. Going to change the vertical tab system to horizontal tabs on places like content#new. Need to think about the edit process for content, especially dynamic content.

Mike D - Working on familiarizing myself to the frontend so he can add authentication.

Zach - Upgraded the devise gem and spotted the jQuery rails mismatch.

Kenley - Doing some intense discussing, also working on prelude.


9:40 PM EST

August - Asset precompilation issues: In production mode rails does not use sprockets to precompile assets on the fly. This requires the assets gems and an JS runtime. We tried enabling a flag to fix this (run sprocket in prod just like development). We can clean up the error message and/or compile the assets for folks in a separate gem.

Brian M -

Brian Z - Working on a number of things. Cooked up some CSS and other stuff for Haris working with the mini-screen. Going to be redesigning the Add Content sidebar and integrating stacks into the content browser interface.

Charlie - Nothing too exciting to report.

Kenley - Expanded Chrome app to HTML5 Offline application. Stores some configuration in local storage, "chain loads" the web browser into a running Concerto 1 or 2 instance called Concerto Prelude. Will be deploying the McNeil Room screen tomorrow.

Haris - Has been block on BrZ to hook you up. He will help August with the gems.

Mike - August has conveyed most of the important developments, see his section for details. We're going to have to think about plugin assets a bit too, optimistically everything will be magical.

Zach - Nothing exciting to report, just some cold weather. Hopes to get back to doing more than nothing soon.


9:33 PM EST

August - Worked on the Content Types <-> Feed mapping, it's done now.

Brian - Did a bit of Strong Auth work, also worked on the Content Type <-> Feed mapping. Also tracked down #280.

Brian Z - Started work on the Dynamic Content UI, will be making some changes to the content / feed UI as needed.

Haris - Working on the live preview for content. Having some trouble with the emulated TV, will plug it into a div.

Kenley - Still working on the Chromium application. Added some offline detection support, will inform the user and refresh the page. Has been ported the chromium application to run on the ipads as an HTML5 application.

Mike - Nothing super interesting to report, trying to get moving on more hardware stuff. After hardware is up and running will jump into screen auth.

Zach - Working on Strong Params.


9:40 PM EST

August - Efforts in the past week have revolved around the Concerto deb package. Still need to test updating. August has also taken on the Content Type <-> Feed task.

Brian - Dynamic Content is 95% done.

Haris - Hasn't done anything, has been hammered at work yet again.

Kenley - Tackling some random tickets, also working on the McNeil room stuff. Kenley demo'd the Concerto Player in chrome, it looked neat.

Mike - Working to get the hardware up and running with auth and some other details.

Zach - As we speak he is whitelisting everything, later he can go back and do the stuff.

After an extensive discussion of #279, we decide to serialize things on feed.


9:34 PM EST

August - Helped package up the last alpha, working through issues with the debian packaging process that surround the upgrade process. Versioning seems to be all sorted out and the install script keeps working. Brian M will run some numbers on the uptake.

Brian Z - Since finishing up subscriptions, he's been working on other projects. Looking forward to getting started on dynamic content soon.

Brian M

Charlie - Not much to report.

Kenley - Well, Concerto screens are being held up by financial stuff again.

Mike D - Has made lots of progress getting the plugins infrastructure up and running w/ controller, view integration, and auth as well. Check out this wiki page for the the full detail:

Zach - Had to reinstall, could not develop. Will be able to develop again soon.

Haris - Has nothing to report, his microphone is working.

On the Content Type Permission front to we agree to let the feed owner pick a list of content types that they want.

We discuss dynamic content extensively, we'll start off thinking about RSS, Twitter, CalDav, and YouTubes.


9:30 PM EST

Zach - Did a little bit of work this morning to help out August with his first user, the new admin user form. Also made some progress on his ongoing internationalization battle. Has no accomplished much over the past week in regards to mass assignment, Brian M forgot as well.

Mike D - Has resume work on Concerto Plugins, will have some commits within the next 15-20 minutes for view hooks. Authentication and integrating seeing if content-type plugins and other types of plugins can get melded together as well.

Kenley - Will be started work on Video and Dynamic Content next week.

Brian M - Minor frontend stuff.

Brian Z - Most of the work has been on the subscriptions user interface, which is now looking pretty great. Also redesigned the first-time user page and started to clean up the dashboard layout with some status / badges / etc. Will be cleaning up the area to add individual plugin settings to the global plugins layout. Ready to help with the frontend, dynamic content, and integrating the plugin stuff when it's ready.

August - Has been cleaning up the dashboard and the initializers, currently working on backup up a user's database making some first steps on an update process.

We will be cutting a new release this week.


9:30 PM EST

Brian M - Added client time to frontend, removed important! tags

Brian Z - Working on the subscriptions UI, hoping to crank that out over the weekend with August. Might try to meet up at a hackerspace in the NYC area. Going to make the subscriptions form match the behavior of the groups form client side vs server side.

Haris - Nothing too exciting on his front, will be light coming up.

Kenley - Working on deploying Concerto @ RPI with the iPads. Also submitted the two line patch.

Mike D - Nothing too exciting to report until Dec 18. Has a rough infrastructure working for a plugin to register a controller callback as well as view callbacks.

Zach - Personally has been great, but hasn't been making tons of success making progress on the mass assignment.


9:36 PM EST

August - Updated the Debian installer, package, and various helper scripts to pull the latest tag released. Will be standing by to lend a hand with subscriptions when BrZ gets around to it.

Brian M - Released the Early Preview, finished the importing code. Tidying up the frontend so it works.

Haris - Finished his work on groups, waiting to sync with BrZ on subscriptions.

Mike - No new commits, but did lots of wonderful learning about a cleaner plugins api including view hooks. Hopefully we can get some of the more practical matters sorted out soon.

Zach - Continuing the mass assignment battle, struggling to remove the non-whitelisted params (eta this weekend).


9:47 PM EST

August - Dealt with versioning, the Concerto app can use the Github API to tell someone if they need to upgrade.

Brian M - Working to move JS out of the views, introduced a few bugs as a result.

Brian Z - Needs help with subscriptions, doesn't have a lot of time before he goes to NY next week. Wants to put out the wireframe, we discuss and review

Haris - Had a busy Thanksgiving, was working on Groups earlier. Will try to finish that up.

Kenley - Submitted a patch for V1 fixing iPad rendering tweaks. Really close to getting Concerto working on iPads, finished his SD&D final project (implementing video support).

Mike - Doesn't have much to report, things are where they stand.

Zach - Can't remember exactly where we last spoke, but he finished up some internationalization. Now he's working on security work whitelisting attributes for mass assignment.

Brian discusses the end of November Alpha release. Subscriptions & V1 importing are the two key blockers. Lets try and hack out a workable subscription interface and fixing the v1 import before EOM and see where we are.


9:40 PM EST

August - Working on the Concerto Version ticket, we discussed this at length. See the issue for more details.

Brian M - Made some improvements to the frontend, it draws content smarter.

BrZ - Working on the UI for subscriptions right now, making progress on it this week.

Haris - Hasn't really done much , should be free after Friday. Going to tackle it this weekend.

Mike - Has been making slow progress on the plugin interface to make things better, just gotta work on more code. Should have some time over Thanksgiving.

Zach - Did some additional internationalization work, thinking about Mass Assignment next.


9:42 PM EDT

BrZ - Brian Z is on the West Coast atm, we're going to schedule a work session for later in the week.

Brian M - Replaced jQuery Tools date picker with jQuery UI date picker, working to integrate Airbrake.

Haris - Styled the calendar and fixed some CSS on the range input. Going to finish up the group milestone ASAP.

Mike D - Is AFK, we'll jump to Zach.

Zach - Hoping expedite his development on a different computer. Almost done with the last group of views for internationalization, will finish them up during Thursdays work session. Need to sync up with August on Mass Assignment.


9:44 PM EDT

Brian M - Made a handful of small tweaks. Trouble running golden image tests for template conversion. Need to work more on Frontend and perhaps integrate configurable error catching.

Brian Z - Going to look at Haris's subscription backend, going to finally close that out soon (within the next two weeks). Then going to move on to assist with plugins,

Haris - Finally committed the subscriptions stuff. Apparently you can add and delete subscriptions in bulk, that is nice. Going forward he'd like to look at some of the smaller issues that no one is working on.

Mike - Has created tickets for lots of the plugin development tasks per the milestone discussion. Going to be working on the infrastructure ones and how we can expand / improve the dashboard.

Zach - Things are going good, except for when he went to work on Concerto today he ran into some kind of RMagick trouble. Got a few more views to internationalize, then going to hop into the mass assignment stuff with August.


9:42 PM EDT

August - Nothing to inform us about software-wise. RPI is going to be deploying some more Concertos for use in dining environments.

Brian M - Pushing some unit tests for the frontend, also cleaning up some strange delays along the way.

Brian Z - Closing out the groups milestone this week. Going to follow up with Haris on the Subscriptions stuff. Going to send out email for future milestone planning session perhaps this weekend. Going to start kicking out suggestions for larger pools of content, which will be a bit more involved in the analysis / design.

Mike - Stalled plugin deployment due to academic engagements.

Zach - 3/4 of the way finished with . Going to dry up something after he finished internationalizing all the strings.


9:45 PM EDT

August - Working with BrZ on the group interface, almost done with the bulk group editing group.

Brian M - Going to do more work on the import tool and figure out some performance improvements.

Mike D - Not much to report at the moment. Still exploring plugins callbacks for views.

Zach - Made a few small commits, also looked at concerto-signage. Nothing got done on internationalization.


9:36 PM EDT

August - Has been working on the group edit page to add bulk membership editing. Brian M is going to help with that, there are some problems with the perm updates.

Brian M - Thinking about an iOS app for Concerto, also working to import V1 data into Concerto. We debated the Concerto trademark policy a bit too.

Brian Z - Recently he has been doing some exciting stuff, trying to get done with some stupid stuff at work. Building out the interface for the group management area. We're going to remove the :supporter level and replace it with :regular (:supporter w/ no perms = :regular). Going to spend most of October and November on Concerto, will be home for a bulk of December to do work too.

Haris - Making headway on subscriptions, hopefully having a commit over the next day or two.

Mike D - Continue to making progress on plugins, work underway to call into views.

Mike Lind - Has been busy these past few weeks, doesn't really have anything to report. Might be interested in helping out.

Zach - Over the weekend, or maybe yesterday, he did more work on i18n for screens and the related views. Going through and putting in some work now; now that he's not unemployed he has much more free time.


9:40 PM EDT

August - Have no real updates going on. Hoping to sort out the forms for groups adding bulk update code.

Brian M - Working on improving some of the performance in Concerto, particularly with the Config stuff. Also working on building out a test suite for the frontend.

Brian Z - Has not been terribly exciting, Kristen is texting him at the moment about her website. Late this week he should be in a good position to wrap up the groups milestone and make good progress on the subscriptions.

Mike D - The first plugin commit was this week, it supports the Concerto Hardware plugin for setting up routing and configuration. The install process needs some smoothing out, like the migration, and UI hooks. He is making progress.

Zach - Umm, it's going alright on the whole. This was the third weekend in a row he spent travelling. Now he has job offers in front of him. Zach will write code soon, hopefully for Concerto.


9:30 PM EDT

Charles E - Feels very good about the way Concerto works on the nightly. Keeping channels of communication open with a vendor, but nothing exciting to report.

Brian Z - August is off and working on the bulk update rails form and we're hoping it will be done soon. Planning and milestones will be important as we pull through the MVP tasks - possible email on the topic pending.

Mike D - Solution discovered for getting the plugin running (including mounting from an intializer). After an API cleanup, this will be committed (hopefully by the weekend). If, after review, we're happy with the result, we'll press ahead with the hardware plugin.

Zach - Will continue working on internationalization, but also looking at doing some tickets and investigating HTML 5 storage.


9:30 PM EDT

Brian M - Kept busy working on the frontend, also added a sample content type plugin to verify it works.

Brian Z - Does not have good news to report, caught up with a bunch of other stuff. Going to put together a batch form for group permissions so you can update all the group members at once. May reach out to Zach and August to help out on the tickets.

Mike D - Progress on plugins is slow as ever, but working to make plugins work without isolated namespaces (to support multitenant environments).

Zach - Is making progress, but not really on Concerto related stuff. Was too busy interviewing to focus on Concerto issues, hopefully catching up on Concerto 2 stuff this week.


9:45 PM EDT

August - Believes that initializers are all setup. The inflections were not getting loaded properly resulting in medium instead of media(s). Mike reminds August that we're using rake db:migrate instead of db:setup, but perhaps we can combine approaches.

Brian M - Finished up the basic UI for group membership editing. Also cleaning up the frontend a bit.

Mike D - Unfortunately nothing exciting to report.

Zach - I18n and a bunch of small typos. It's been a light week for Zach, hopefully finishing up some more


9:35 PM EDT

August - Told several people he would be joining but has not yet joined. Brian M reported that he has been working on a Windows installer, because Windows will be the platform of choice for Concerto servers of the future.

Brian M - Finished the implementation of the essay content w/ tests. Work got busy, hoping to pick up dynamic content stuff / multipart content this week.

Brian Z - Finishing up the Group permission interface today / tomorrow. Been making steady progress on the group milestone with Zach. BrZ might hijack subscriptions if he doesn't hear back from Haris.

Charlie - Nothing really exciting to report. Still likes digital signage. Also played mini golf, which was running Powerpoint digital signage.

Kenley - Is doing fine. Has seen a 404 page.

Mike D - Things are going good, has nothing new to report. Has a very high quality video signal this week.

Zach R - Refactored the helper method that he wrote before to be slightly more efficient. Working on reducing the number of queries some pages make. Also worked with BrZ on the Group milestone, lots of commits were made in that direction.


9:35 PM EDT

August - Jammed with Zach and Zaiks, cleaned up a few forms and some bug busting. Also thinking about the installation process. Participated in #161, the essay challenge. Would like to sit down with DiTore and Andrew to talk about plugins, specifically hardware stuff.

Brian M - Participated in the essay contest, #161. Wrote some code to implement it. Also made some progress on multipart content, which will be the precursor to RSS feeds.

Brian Z - Did a whole lot of work on the Users / Groups milestones. Lots of progress made on users#show, going to build interface for #161 once the backend is in place. Should be finish-able by the end of this weekend.

Charlie - Nothing particularly exciting to report. Keeping in touch with Andrew.

Kenley - Nothing really exciting going on.

Zach R - Last Wednesday August and Zach did fun things, close #114. On Thursday the weekly work session wasn't as successful, will try again this Thursday. Also did some UI work on groups#index or users#index, whatever we are using. Would like to take a look at internationalization to keep on top of that.


9:35 PM EDT

August - Made a few more changes to the plugin architecture. Working on the ConcertoPlugins controller and making the Gem install process not break everything. Also built a cute little install script @ Going to keep moving forward on that stuff.

Brian M - Going to hop on RSS importing and Frontend (to track screens offline). Will work on tracking recently displayed content too.

Charlie - Nothing really exciting in Concerto-land. Coordinating things with Andrew. Need to define the schema / what information we need to store about hardware and we'll implement it when the plugin architecture is ready.

Brian Z - We completed the Moderation milestone, which closed Sunday morningish. Next milestone is User and Groups pages, we're going to follow the same model to get this done soon. Also experimenting with a TaskBoard to see if it helps manage GitHub issue / tasks.

Kenley - Doing some WTG maintenance this week, going to be undergoing some scrum master training next week.

Mike D - Work on plugins are underway. Currently that includes the initialization and installation (getting near done), then moving to routes, configuration, and integration.

Zach - Worked with BrZ to finish out the moderation milestone. Work sessions are very productive, they should continue. Added some scopes, closed some bugs, etc. Working on group membership stuff at the moment.

Haris - Has no exciting updates to share, hopefully this week he won't be so drunk erm motivated.


9:32 PM EDT

August - Not a whole lot going on here. Working with Mike on plugins, created interface to add lines to a gemfile so we can add plugins via the web interface. Moving forward with the plugin interface and hardware plugin.

Brian - We lack RSS support right now, I will work on that. Auth is in a good state.

Charlie - Not a whole lot. Going to get up to some work soon.

BrZ - A whole mess of updates. Sent out a revised information architecture for the app, the UI for the basic functionality is organized pretty solidly. Retooling top menus and views to conform to that, also wireframed out a moderate process which has a big ol' moderate button. Concerto still looks solid in IE8+, and should be responsive to look good on desktop, phones, and tablets. Also cleaned up the CSS to make all the classes consistent, should be easier to write plugins. Want to finish up subscriptions with Haris and then start working on Hardware plugin UI. Mike advises that the infrastructure might not be there yet for UI development.

Haris - Subscriptions can now be added and deleted, gotta make them more JavaScripty to enhance the static pages.

Kenley - Nothing terribly exciting.

Mike - Hoping to commit some structure for plugins to register and boot over the next few days.

Zach - Going slow this week, only 1 commit this week. Had a work session with BrZ last Thursday, we should have more work sessions. Perhaps we should create more milestones.

Andrew - Lots of exciting stuff, but not really related to Concerto.


9:28 PM EDT

Kenley - Nothing exciting on the Concerto end, just waiting for the light-rail.

August - Talking on email about the trademark policy, everyone has loved the idea and the policy is now featured along with a source with colors and media, etc. Revamped the concerto-signage app, planning progress with Mike on Bandshell and plugins.

Brian M - Making progress on the auth stuff from last week.

Brian Z - Going to drink on Wed, Thus, and Friday and then going to complete the UI review. Also working on selector control, to be committed tonight or tomorrow w/ more UI changes coming soon.

Haris - Made some progress with subscriptions. Running into a bunch of bugs / errors, hopefully having something to go by the end of the week.

Mike D - No progress so far, but the chain of events will be to get the Hardware plugin working, then moving onto the hardware API and bringing the focus back to merging Andrew's app w/ bandshell.

Zach - Made a few commits this week, not too many. Create your own template is working, import process still nears ironing out. The pirate translations look good so far, approximately 100% coverage.

BrZ chatted with John from DigitalDraw, also posted a blog covering the trademark stuff.


9:47 PM EDT

Brian M - Working on refactoring authentication per #120.

Brian Z - Came to the realization that hasn't been active enough helping the team figure out the interface. If there are any areas where we don't have well developed views he'll try to push out some wireframes and mockups to provide some direction. Also working to make the content#new selector something we can expand to use application wide (template#new comes to mind). Hoping to make Concerto 2 responsive on mobile devices.

Mike D - Nothing particularly new to report. Future goals are bandshell merging and moar plugin work.

Zach - Got into a bit of a stir with the work he may or may not have done with templates, going to be pushing forward with this effort. His laptop screen has gone black, but he'll press on giving a status update.


9:30 PM EDT

Andrew - Working out more bugs in the LiveCD, fixed persistant storage on RW media. Falls back to a mode where things are written to a temp location i.e. LiveCD.

Brian M - Implemented auth for subscriptions, ready when the controller is. Also looking into test coverage.

Brian Z - CSS consolidation, also working on blog post for browse content which will link into the nightly.

Mike - Still trying to bring some unity to the hardware stuff, figuring out what to do with Bandshell and getting plugins up and running.


9:30 PM EDT

August - Not too much to report. Working with Mike on restructuring how ConcertoConfig works. Adding additional metadata to the keys and values, and setting them in the initializers in the event they aren't set. This work should facilitate plugins registering there config stuff.

Brian -

Brian Z - Haven't had a terribly productive week. Working with Haris to motivate some subscription stuff out of him. Subscriptions should be a short term goal. Also going to work on a blog post this week, it's time to start keeping it up to date consistently.

Charlie - No particular updates, on vacation at the moment.

Haris - Catching up from being sick. Hoping to hop on subscriptions over the next 2-3 days.

Mike - A little progress on plugins, the goal for the next week or so is to get 3 main points of integration working: Registering the plugin, routes that work, and configuration settings. UI integration is probably a bit further out.

Zach - Worked on some views, cleaned up users#show. Also cleaning up flash[:alerts] and the errors during sign in and registration.

Andrew - Working web interface for the LiveCD, playing around with the Concerto Configurator


9:30 PM EDT

August - Sign-in and production bugs fixed last night. No progress on Debian package, need version number scheme.

Brian Z - nothing new

Haris - nothing new, has been sick

Mike - existential crisis of migrations. removing create_player and remove_player.

Zach - squashing bugs, putting in checks for the top menu


4:00 PM EDT

August - Working on 2 interrelated tasks for the past week or so, working on a Concerto server image letting someone download a ready-to-use image to boot Concerto in a virtual machine. The second part of this is the mechanism to update the server, so August is creating a Debian package. There's now a concerto.deb package out there which pulls in the various dependencies. Might be modeling this deb approach based on phpMyAdmin or a Django app he found. Next up is working on the player. On the concerto-hardware gem front, we can not route requests to the app and have yet to figure out the database generator stuff.

Brian M - Setup the nightly instance, filed and fixed a bunch of tickets associated with that.

Brian Z - Just yesterday restyled the login and devise views, which are now in the content-cell blocks. Going to work on logging in use Javascript via tooltip. Spoke with Haris about the subscriptions stuff, still waiting on Haris to cleanup the form and form tags so Brian can finish making the subscription page pretty. Additionally, starting to document some of the UI library we use for people who work on plugins.

Kenley - Not much, moved to California. Going to deploy Concerto at Cisco on routers.

Zach - Maintaining the pirate.yml file, ran into some byte order marker errors which he fixed. Also cleaning up the i18n work. Worked on rough drafts of User#show, also cleaned up the moderation partials. Moderation popovers work for denied / approved content but the pending moderation buttons to approve / deny don't yet work. Looking for more tickets this week, Brian and August will file some under the MVP milestone.

Haris - Keeping busy with work.

Charlie - "Let me think here, no not really."

We're going to try moving the meetings to Tuesday at 9:30 Eastern.


4:00 PM EDT

Only August, Zach, and Brian Z showed up.

Discussion Topic: Brian M merged the Browse Content home page (was contents#index) into feeds#index. Brian Z stated that this was probably preferable, since the old feeds#index listing would otherwise completely duplicate what's already presented on contents#index. Brian Z will layer a manage link on all feeds in the new Browse Content homepage which the logged in user controls.

This brought up some interesting discussion: what about feed deletion? The Three Amigos discussed this and came up with the following consensus: a feed owner can delete a feed that she manages if, and only if, all submissions mapped to that feed are deactivated. This could be done by automatic system expiration of the submissions based on date range, but we should also consider providing an "Expire All" button to automatically mark all active submissions in one click (maybe we don't want to do this, actually).

When a feed is deleted, all submissions for that feed would automatically be deleted as well. This could lead to a situation where a piece of content no longer has any submissions mapped to it. After some more discussion, it was decided that a piece of content should always stay in Concerto 2 until the person who uploaded it chooses to delete it from the system. The submitter may want to download the file or copy text for reuse down the road. The submitter, however, must go back and add the content again through Add Content if they wish to resubmit it, because providing a resubmit feature for a piece of content in the database opens up a lot of other implications.

Brian Z will write some issues in Github to keep track of and prioritize the features stemming from this discussion.


4:00 PM EDT

August - A lot of commits, but not major new features. Working on a first use wizard. Upon setup you're directed through a setup process for creating a user, group, etc and directing users to the Dashboard. Also working through a lot of permissions. Nothing big on the todo list next, will be watching tickets, working towards public instance.

Brian M - 1.8.7 test fixes, going to be going through and adding tests for all of the code that was written this week before diving back into tickets.

Brian Z - Working on the subscriptions UI, still playing around with a few different implementations using tooltips. Working to finish it up over the next week or so and Haris will be leading up the controller work to support implementation.

Mike D - Nothing too exciting to report on the Concerto front.

Zach - Cleaning up submissions to use update instead of custom unmoderate / approve / deny messages.


7:30 PM EDT

August - Working on getting configuration up and running. To do this he'll be working on a system-wide global configuration. Brian Z wants him to make sure Browse Content remains public, which will be the default in the system-wide config.

Brian M - Finished up defining the user abilities, going to define screen abilities and try to fix up the Android app bugs as well.

Brian Z - Working with Zach on user and group views. Probably going to use the sidebar for showing your current status in a group. Also cleaning up the lame tables listing out user roles and such. Once Haris is "finished" with his "work" he'll be working with Haris on finishing up the subscriptions.

Kenley - Survived GM Week. Working on ordering parts for the bookstore screen.

Mike D - Won't likely be committing code for another week or so, but will be working on the plugin callbacks to integrate things like hardware management into the application.

Zach - Tightened up the template import testing. Working on the groups#show page, introducing role specific actions on the groups page.


7:30 PM EDT

August - Going to press forward on authentication implementation in the controllers and working with Mike D to spec out the Concerto Player Configuration app.

Brian M - Lots of work on the Android app, a few more bugfixes to work out + in app stats. Also finishing up the ability definitions which will involve extensive test refactoring.

Brian Z - Going to be working with Zach to clean up the group membership pages and making progress on the subscriptions page with or without Haris.

Kenley - Fixing bookstore.

Zach - Expanding template import testing. Going to be adding more functional, unit, and integration testing to ensure templates import correctly.


4:00 PM EDT

Haris K - Working to finish up the screen subscription partials. Should have more time this week to finish stuff up.

Brian Z - Integrating the qTip plugin, has exposed 2 different themes. Need to document how to use it across the UI. Will be working on Haris with the screen subscription stuff.

Zach - Has been re-implementing the group membership stuff with tests. He's been making good progress.

Brian M - Going to be working on the android app, demo server, nightly, and some V1 updates.


4:00 PM EDT

Brian M - The frontend now renders real content from the system. Starting to extract some repeated code (image resizing) into libraries, needs to do more work on this front.

Brian Z - Did a bunch of work earlier in the week enhancing the UI with a new tooltip plugin being used for jump-to-feed, template previews, and moderation. He's going to go through and document some of the styling for this. The subscription module is the biggest component to finish up, Brian is going to chase down Haris to finish this up over the next week or so.

Mike B - Made some updates to the wiki cleaning up some of the installation documents. Brian M + Brian Z are going to toss some documentation + simple bugs his way.

Zach R - Finished implementing the content moderation tests, going to be heading back to the membership stuff.


4:00 PM EDT

Brian M - Adding some logging code to the frontend. Starting to render templates, need to move to content.

Brian Z - Flushed out the wiki page for Google Summer of Code. Also been working on the template / screen / subscription views. The functionality is there but there are some enhancements to follow up on.

Mike B - Working through the setup process and fixing encountered during the process. Going to start documenting the setup process in the wiki so people have a guide to follow.

Haris - Pretty much done with the subscriptions partial, going to commit it like after the meeting.

Zach - Got sidetracked this week. Any trust and respect is probably lost, Zach got overwhelmed with recruiters this week. As a result he'll be busy with interviews this week, but should be able to make some progress this upcoming week.

Nathaniel - Finally on spring break, has time to do things. Has been working on the depthJS stuff that Kenley developed over the summer. Looks like it'll need a lot of refactoring to work with the current version of things.


4:00 PM EST

Brian M - Added some code to render different content types in the frontend. Also added logging to figure out what's going on. Needs to write documentation and setup and hardware meeting.

BrZ - Haris and he will be finishing up the Screens, Templates, and Subscriptions area of the application tomorrow; at least pushing out a solid first pass (nothing fancy).

Kenley - Working on getting some Concerto Motion build information up to date. Also working on recruiting some RPI students.

Mike B - Suggests we pitch Concerto to RCOS, Brian M will follow up on this. Going to work on updating / creating setup docs. BrZ will get him up to speed on the project later this week.

Zach - Is working on writing some tests. He know understands the magic that is test driven development, which is somewhat ironic since he already wrote & committed untested code.

Brian M and Brian Z are going to coordinate Google Summer of Code stuff.


4:00 PM EST

Brian M - Making lots of progress on the frontend, showing some fake boxes in his boxes and stuff.

BrZ - To help Brian M get real boxes in his boxes he's working on the screen controller with subscription management.

Haris - Nothing that BrZ hasn't mentioned.

Kenley - Working on recruiting RPI students to work on Concerto.

Mike D - Going to start working on the frontend content retrieval code.

Zach - Finishing up his bugs with tests.

We also briefly discussed using the Screen Frontend JavaScript for pages where we'd like to show a mini screen, but agreed to put this off a bit until we've developed the JS a bit more.


4:00 PM EST

August - Siting on two tickets, might do some work now that he's conquered Disney again.

BrZ - Finishing Browse Content today, going to be working on a bit more of overall architecture. Also chatted with Michael O'Neill @ RPI, we'll try and see if he'll be a Trusted Tester for V2.

Brian M - Supporting the Browse Content work, also working on the Frontend. Needs to write more JavaScript.

Charlie - Working on a hardware spec.

Kenley - Would like to see ConMoto as a plugin for the Frontend. Brian M will keep this in mind.

Mike D - Working on random content retrieval for frontend, will implement more formal shuffling mechanism later.

Zach - Making substantial progress on his tickets.


4:00 PM EST

August - Not much to report. Chatted with DiTore about multipart content.

Brian M - Small commits this week on Rails 3.2.1

BrZ - Hoping to finish content browse over the next day or two. Going to be adding in some system-wide UI elements to facilitate this.

Haris - Finished up work on date time controls. Going to be working instep with BrZ to finish up Browse Content.

Jon - Nothing to report.

Kenley - Nothing to report.

Zach - Making progress on Membership#new. Going to be picking the correct membership level based on who creates the membership (i.e. group owner auto approved, others enter pending state).

Mike D - Spent the week getting Rails 3.2 working on his laptop.


4:00 PM EST

August - Not much to report.

Brian M - Implemented the routes for the Frontend. Working with BrZ on writing jQuery plugins for simple UI tasks.

BrZ - Would like to finish browse content next week. Would like everyone to start filling in issues in GitHub. Work is being intense.

Charlie - Successfully built LiveCD, going to sync with Andrew to clarify some steps. Going to refresh hardware spec ASAP.

Haris - Has been fixing the date and time pickers. Will be cleaning up the buttons a bit too.

Mike D - Firmly grounded, but will be playing with the Rails behind Frontend.

Frontend - Brian M is going to move forward with Google Closure, which we'll re-evaluate in 2 weeks to see if he's being crazy or not.

Coding Standards - We should use 2 spaces for indentations everywhere!!!!

Content Shuffling - We discussed this extensively. Mike D will be putting up a wiki page outlining what we agreed on.


9:00 PM EST

Brian M has been working on the concerto-signage server, it's having stability problems. He's also spent a few minutes cleaning up graphical content rendering, and will likely keep cleaning things up as they get developed. Zach has pointed out that the ci app isn't working, Brian needs to restart the delayed_job thingy.

Brian Z is feeling sick, but has been working on some widgets for quick drop-down selection of things like feeds which we'll be able to use application-wide, but specifically in the browse content and moderate content pages where you might want to "jump" to a feed quickly.

Haris is working on the date/time picker; the same one that has been broken for months.

Mike D has drawn up some documentation for the Concerto Frontend which is pretty cool. He's going to think about implementing it.

Zach has a few bugs on his plate.

Andrew has made significant progress on a Fedora-based client. He's going to keep fine-tuning it and start exploring the client-side configuration server soon.


  • Will likely be written in a stronger OO framework that forces better principles than jQuery alone. Brian M has suggested Google's Closure library while BrZ has suggested Backbone. Mike D knows the names of a few others, and we'll start discussing what we want to use on the Concerto dev mailing list.
  • Can render content differently [i.e. different calendar views] by storing rendering "options" (intentionally vague) in the subscriptions model. These options could be used to render the content in JavaScript on the screens or server-side in the Rails app.
  • The frontend will be integrated into the Rails app like anything else, but it'll likely be mostly static.


4:00 PM EST

August has been having some technical discussions on the plugin architecture and the screen frontend.

Brian M has been doing much of the same as August, with some additional work on the Google TV front.

Brian Z was busy with Thanksgiving, but has picked up the Browse Content torch and is leading efforts on that front. He'll have some exciting changes soon. He also posted a blog about our use of Github.

Haris is a bit tired, perhaps hungover. He's been swamped with work, but will be starting the Wiki page to discuss the screen JS by this Wednesday.

Kenley is busy with finals.

Kyle is working in the kiosk but is running into a roadblock because it is locked in the server closet in Troy and Kyle is in New Hampshire.

Zach is working on graduating, but as he wraps that up he'll focus on the user/group membership. The screensaver's on his radar, which is good because it's off of Brian M's.

We're going to try meeting weekly instead of bi-weekly, so we'll chat next Sunday as well.


4:00 PM EST

August is pushing through workflow and requirement identification, similar to the path he was on a few weeks ago. He spent much time working on the screen end of things, discussing content time lining and screen event scheduling.

  • Special timed events, like EMS and template rotation, are going to be handled via plugins instead of being core functionality. The thought being that these are exceptions to everyday use cases, and developing a UI to facilite these generic actions will be really confusing to people. A strong plugin system should make things very transparent (i.e. tell you the EMS system is active, how it's configured) and give you controls to change them (i.e. registering the template rotation form on the screen#edit page).
  • Content will be shuffled on the server, and again will be something that can be changed with different modules. A sample interface would might take an array of subscriptions and return an array of content (or something like that). We'll likely start with a port of Concerto 1's quantity weighting (vs the earlier frequency weighting). Server-side shuffling makes it easier to introduce additional sorting types, and lets us implement it much more consistently across devices (i.e screensaver).

Brian M is carrying the authorization torch, flushing out more of the system-wide authorization and sample implementations. Progress is being tracked here. This should be done in two weeks.

Brian Z has been leading the wireframe effort, holding hangouts with approximately everyone to review designs and get others involved in the process. He's revisited the browse content system and is pretty comfortable with it, but has started the requirement documentation to help get everyone on the same page with what Concerto 1 will do for users.

  • BrZ's going to work to finish up a first pass requirements over the next few days, at which point BAM will integrate them into GitHub Issues.
  • He (BrZ) will also be blogging about some of the content/feed requirements that we've agreed upon for approximately ever.

Haris has been working on lots of wireframes, and doing some exciting stuff with content moderation. He's cooking up a 'Trusted Submitter' system that would bubble content from frequently approved users to the top of a moderation list for faster approval under the premise that they know what they're doing and are more likely to follow the rules. Not so much progress on screen.js to report, but he's going to start brainstorming.

Kenley is exploring hardware for Con Moto, and Zach has taken ownership of the Concerto Screensaver project. Good luck to both :-P


4:00 PM EST

I recognize this is more verbose than BrZ's three questions, but it's been a while since we've all spoken about Concerto so I think it would be beneficial to get everyone up to speed / on the same page. Feel free to veto me if you feel otherwise.

Agenda (add stuff plz!)

  • Current Progress of V2 WebApp (Concerto 2 Panel)
    • Architecture
    • "V1" implementation
    • Authentication / Authorization
    • APIs / Extendability
    • Screen / JS / Displays
  • Next Steps for V2 WebApp (Concerto 2 Panel)
    • Implementation++
    • UX development
      • Conceptual design: Browse Content, Moderation, Screen Subscriptions
      • Implementation of CRUD forms, mini screen mechanism
    • Screen / JS / Displays
    • Authentication? / Authorization?
    • ^^ add dates + times + steps + milestones to above categories
  • Hardware / Player / Clients
    • Client Player
    • Con Moto con Kenley
    • Google TV App
  • Misc
    • Concerto Signage site
      • Concerto Blog: Concerto 2 UX series, other authors
    • How to track our work (Lighthouse vs Github)
    • If Brian hasn't mentioned it, please write tests so we can keep your code working.
  • Pick next meeting date / time / frequency.
    • How do we structure future meetups?
      • Proposal: first 15 minutes for check-in on current and completed work (BrZ's three questions), then remaining time for coordination and planning for upcoming work
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