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Plugins List

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The existing and proposed projects below provide functionality that is not included in core Concerto. For more information on plugins, and how to install them, see the Plugins page

Content-Type Plugins

These plugins will allow a new type of content to be uploaded, processed, and displayed by Concerto. This sort of plugin will involve registration of the new Content type.

This functionality is being developed and tested with the c2-content-plugin demo.

Video Content

Concerto will support video uploads via plugin, because approximately everyone wants them but we don't want to require the additional overhead of the ffmpeg setup for everyone by default. This is also serving as the proof-of-concept for content type plugins.

Functional Plugins

These plugins will load an additional directory tree over the existing one. In some cases, they may also copy files into the existing application directory tree (partials to add to forms. For these cases, care should be taken to remove those files upon plugin uninstallation.

Plasma Burnout Prevention

Would modify of the background and/or position of a display in order to avoid burning the template into a Plasma display after many hours of use.

Emergency Broadcast (EMS)

This plugin would allow for taking over all screens to display an emergency message. It should be highly configurable, allowing automated polling of a local system, but also allowing users with sufficient privileges to log in and post an alert.

This plugin would need to hook into the Frontend settings action in order to replace the template and subscriptions of each screen when an emergency occured.

Timed Events

This plugin would allow screen administrators to enable "alternate configurations" of their screens. This might include changing templates for special events, or switching to a dedicated feed during a particular period of time.

This plugin would need to hook into the Frontend settings action in order to replace the template and subscriptions on screen for which it is enabled.

Ordered Feeds

Basically, allow feed moderators to determine a pre-set order for content in their feed.

This would require getting into either the moderation view or a different view to allow a UI for changing the feed's order. The order would need to be stored either in a new table or in a new attribute on the Submission table. Finally, there would need to be a hook into the Frontend timeline generator to decide the order for the content and define how to merge with other feeds appearing in the same field as this one.

Hardware Management

For clients running the Concerto Hadrware Stack, this plugin will provide the ability to manage firmware updates, hardware configuration, and screen operation (on/off times, etc.). It will be an Engine that provides a number of controllers, and contains a model to represent a hardware computer.

This plugin is being developed as Concerto-Hardware on Github:

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