Releasing Concerto 2

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Meta Process

  1. Update the core concerto release (see below).

  2. Update the debian build and image (see below).

  3. Write a blogpost.

  4. Write an email to the group. Look at the previous emails for my clever use of Google Analytics in the HTML links.

  5. Consider a G+ / FB / Twitter post

  6. Respond to the post-release emails when people get stuck.

Core Concerto Build

  1. Review all the pending issues. Harass folks or punt them.

  2. Review any changes in the Concerto Plugins. For each one, bump the number in version.rb, tag it, gem build, gem push, and git push to release a new version.

  3. Update Concerto to use the latest version of the plugin you just released via bundle update. git commit the changes and push to trigger a travis build.

  4. Merge any plugin changes in with Concerto if necessary. TODO(bamnet): Document this better.

  5. Rebuild the frontend. bundle exec rake frontendjs:compile && bundle exec rake frontendjs:compile[1]. git commit the changes and push.

  6. Test things extensively, use rake test, make sure Travis is green, and test a local / fresh Concerto instance.

  7. Bump the concerto version.rb. git commit the result with a message like 'Bumping to 0.x.x NameHere'.

  8. git tag -a 0.x.x.namehere -m "Release 0.x.x.namehere"

  9. git push origin master && git push origin 0.x.x.namehere

Debian Build

  1. Pull the concerto-debian repository onto a system capable of building it (lintian,reprepro,et al)

  2. Follow the instructions in the concerto-debian readme for building it (making sure you have the password to sign the keys)

  3. Test the images a lot. Enlist others to do the same.