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FAQ for Concerto 1

This page contains a collection of frequently asked questions and answers about Concerto 1 from the Google Groups support list.


Why are no binaries available for the client?

The client is simply a full-screen web browser. The available ISO images are live CDs with the infrastructure needed to start that browser. If you're interested in rolling your own, you need only point a browser at http://<your_concerto>/?mac=xxxxxxxxxxxx. (I currently recommend the Midori browser, which is WebKit-based and has a sane mechanism for full-screen launch: midori -a <url> -e Fullscreen. Arch Linux also provides a nice framework for building custom LiveCDs. -Andrew)

What to do if everything is too big on screen?

Check here for more info on this problem: http://www.mozilla.org/unix/dpi.html

This is most likely caused by bad EDID data being returned by your monitor. If you experience this issue frequently, it may be worth reconsidering who you purchase your monitors from. The issue should be fixable by any of the methods described on the Mozilla site linked above, or by calling xrandr from xtasks.pl: xrandr --dpi 100 or something similar.

Server / Admin Panel

How do I create the initial admin user?

There are 2 ways to do this: edit the password for the default admin user, or add a new user and grant them access rights. For the latter the procedure is:

  1. use the "signup" link to create a new user (without admin rights)
  2. install phpmyadmin
  3. open the concerto database
  4. open the user table
  5. browse for the new username just created
  6. edit the record and change the value of "admin_privileges" from 0 to 1
  7. login with the new username