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Set custom commit templates in the Atom UI
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Easily set custom commit templates from the Atom UI

Setting a Git Commit Template

To enable your git commit template to take effect, this package writes to a .gitcommit file in your home directory, and updates your git configuration to use this file as a commit template e.g.

git config --global commit.template ~/.gitcommit

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ctrl-shift-alt-t on Windows and Linux
  • cmd-shift-alt-t on OSX
  • Atom Commit Templates: Set Commit Template from the command palette

Input Dialog


Commit Message Automatically Populated


Clearing the Commit Template

Removes the current commit template.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ctrl-shift-alt-c on Windows and Linux
  • cmd-shift-alt-c on OSX
  • Atom Commit Templates: Clear Commit Template from the command palette

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Kudos to the following, for making my life easier!

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