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Lab Interactives Site

Set of interactives built using the Lab Framework from the Concord Consortium. This site is deployed to:


Lab Interactives Site is Copyright 2012 (c) by the Concord Consortium and is distributed under the MIT license.

The complete licensing details can be read here.

If you have have received a distribution archive of the Concord Consortium Lab project our copyright applies to all resources except the files in the vendor/ directory. The files in the vendor/ directory are from third-parties and are distributed under either BSD, MIT, or Apache 2.0 licenses.

Setup Development


Setup the local Lab repository for development

  1. Clone the git repository
  2. cd lab-interactives-site
  3. bundle install
  4. make everything
  5. open another new terminal and run rackup
  6. open http://localhost:9292
  7. (optional) open a new terminal and run guard

It is recommended that you review the initial setup details. They describe what each of the steps above does.

Run Docker Container

See the Docker documentation for more information.

Contributing to Lab Interactives Site

If you think you'd like to contribute to Lab Interactives Site as an external developer:

  1. Create a local clone from the repository located here: This will by default have the git-remote name: origin.

  2. Make a fork of to your account on github.

  3. Make a new git-remote referencing your fork. I recommend making the remote name your github user name. For example my username is stepheneb so I would add a remote to my fork like this:

     git remote add stepheneb
  4. Create your changes on a topic branch. Please include tests if you can. When your commits are ready push your topic branch to your fork and send a pull request.

src/models, src/models-converted and imports directories

  • src/models should be a default directory for models that are created or updated manually by authors.

  • src/models-converted should contain only models that are created using automated conversion tool, for example MML Converter. If you modify model JSON after conversion, such model should be moved to src/models! You should assume that each model that lives in src/models-converted may be converted again in the future (e.g. when MML Converter is updated). In such case you would lose your manual tweaks.

  • imports should contain original models (e.g. .MML and .E2D files) that are related to JSONs in src/models-converted and optionally models related to JSONs in src/models (if author thinks it may be useful in the future).

More Documentation


Set of interactives built using the Lab Framework from the Concord Consortium







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