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Lab Sensor Applet Interface Dist

This is the distribution repository of the Lab Sensor Applet Interface. It is a JavaScript library for working with Vernier sensors in the browser. The library uses the sensor-applets project to communicate with native libraries from Vernier.

It should be compatible with the latest (November 2013) security restrictions on Java applets in the browser.

It was extracted from the Lab project.

Using the interface

  1. Include this project as a submodule, or add it as a Bower or npm dependency.
  2. Use the file sensor-applet-interface.js in your project.
  3. In an AMD environment, require(<path-to-sensor-applet-interface.js>, function(sensorAppletInterface) { ... }); (or simply add the path to the appropriate config file if using the RequireJS optimizer with the Simplified CommonJS wrapper, as in Lab.)
  4. Or simply use the sensorAppletInterface global.
  5. Make sure your project exposes jQuery as the global $. This project depends on jQuery but does not attempt to include it as an explicit dependency.

Building the Project

This repository is the distribution repository for the Lab Sensor Applet Interface. To modify the files of this repository, you should clone the source repository, and follow the directions there.