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Concord Stream Processor

####A modern and performant distributed stream processing framework

Concord is a native stream processing framework (implemented in C++) built on Apache Mesos, built to address some of the following issues commonly encountered when creating streaming jobs:

  • Stream processing shouldn’t be restricted to distributed systems experts -- application programmers and data scientists should be able to write streaming computations in the languages they’re comfortable with
  • Cluster management should be accessible for regular developers, not just specialists
  • Debugging a distributed system (& tracking down errors) should be simple
  • For multi-tenancy, processes must be isolated from and protected against one another

Getting Started

Concord depends on a number of runtime dependencies in order to start, launch and run computations. To make it easy to test drive Concord, we have setup a vagrant environment that includes everything you'll need to create and launch your own computations in at least 5 different programming languages.

Just run:

./ && vagrant ssh

and follow the instructions here.