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This Concordion extension allows to specify that parts of the specification should be collapsible in the result page.


If you have parts of the specification (e.g. test pre-requisites/setup parts) which are not crucial for the specification you can add the "collabsible" style class to the element and this extension will add a link, javascript and css to allow to collapse and expand this element.


The extension is available from Maven Central.


  1. Add the style class to the element.

    <div id="id" class="collapsible">This should be collapsible.</div>

    Note that if you are using Markdown format specifications, you will need to use inline HTML within the Markdown specification. Any markup inside the inline HTML must use HTML syntax, since Markdown syntax inside the HTML will not be processed.

    ## Example
    The following will be collapsible.
    <div id="id" class="collapsible">
      This will **not be bold** since Markdown syntax is not supported within HTML. 
      <p>However, this will be <b>bold</b></p>
  2. Add the CollapseOutputExtension to your fixture

    public class Fixture {

Here are examples using HTML format specifications and Markdown format specifications

Test Output