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This Concordion extension adds an embed command that embeds HTML in the Concordion output. It is similar to the echo command, except that it does not escape HTML text.


The extension is available from Maven Central.


To add the extension with no namespace declarations, either annotate the fixture class with:


or set the system property concordion.extensions to org.concordion.ext.EmbedExtension


For HTML format specifications, to use the embed command, add an attribute named embed using the namespace "urn:concordion-extensions:2010" to an element. For example:

    <html xmlns:concordion=""

    <span ext:embed="methodThatReturnsHtml()"/>


For Markdown format specifications, you need to declare the ext namespace in the Concordion fixture:

@ConcordionOptions(declareNamespaces={"ext", "urn:concordion-extensions:2010"})

The embed command can then be used within the Markdown spec, eg:

[-](- "ext:embed=getDetails()")

Declaring additional namespaces

If the HTML fragment includes elements or attributes with a namespace prefix, the additional namespaces must be declared, both in the HTML specification, and to the extension. The easiest way is to use the @Extension annotation on an EmbedExtension instance field within the fixture class.

For example, to map the myns prefix to the http://com.myco/myns namespace:

        public ConcordionExtension extension =
            new EmbedExtension().withNamespace("myns", "http://com.myco/myns");

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