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This Concordion extension provides the capability to conditionally execute child tests.

The demo project demonstrates this extension.


Determines whether child test should be executed or not. Useful if parts of a specification cannot be executed in all environments a test suite may run against.



  1. xmlns:ext="urn:concordion-extensions:2010" added to the html so concordion can call the extension from the specification

    <html xmlns:c="" xmlns:ext="urn:concordion-extensions:2010">
  2. Place any concordion commands that you wish to conditionally execute as children of the executeOnlyIf command

    • Specification
      <div ext:executeOnlyIf="shouldNotExecute()">
          <p>When I google "<span c:execute="searchFor(#TEXT)">6 * 9</span>" the answer should be "<span c:assertEquals="getCalculatorResult()">42</span>".</p>
    • Fixture
      public boolean shouldNotExecute() {
          return false;
  3. Optionally you can use the Embed extension to give a reason you haven't executed part of the spec

    • Specification
    <span ext:embed="getNotExecuteReason()"></span>
    • Fixture
    public String getNotExecuteReason() {
          String msg = "";
          msg += "<p style=\"background-color: #FFCC99; padding: 8px; border: 1px solid #FF6600; margin: 10px 0px 10px 0px; font-weight: bold\">";
          msg += "The following step has been skipped to prove we can.";
          msg += "</p>";
          return msg;

Further info