This project demonstrates the usage of the Concordion Logback Extension
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Build Status Apache License 2.0


This project demonstrates the usage of the Concordion Logback Extension

Example output is shown here.

Running the tests

The download includes support to run the tests with either Gradle. The code base includes the Gradle Wrapper, which will automatically download the correct version of Gradle.

If running from behind a proxy then will need to be updated with the proxy host and port.

Gradle can be run from the command line or from your IDE:

Command line

From the command line, cd to the folder containing a copy of this project, and run

./gradlew clean test on Unix-based systems, or .\gradlew clean test on Windows.

This will download the required dependencies, clean the existing project, recompile all source code and run all the tests.

View the Concordion output in build/reports/spec/org/concordion/ext/demo/LogbackLoggingDemo.html.


For Eclipse and NetBeans, you will need to install a Gradle plugin to your IDE before importing the project. See Gradle tooling for details.

On importing the project to your IDE, the required dependencies will be downloaded.

Under the src/test/java folder, find the LogbackLoggingDemo class in the org.concordion.ext.demo package and run as a JUnit test. The location of the Concordion output is shown on the standard output console.

What you should see

JUnit output

The test should pass successfully:

Successes: 1, Failures: 0

Concordion output

The output folder should contain the following specification. (You can see an example of it here.


A Tooltip displaying "My tooltip here!"

A Log File link at the bottom right of the page, clicking that will bring up a log file viewer

Additional Gradle Files

dev.gradle is only needed if you want to run against snapshot or local builds of the concordion-logback-extension.

publish.gradle is only needed if you want to publish the output to Github pages.

If copying the project for your own use, you probably won't want either of these files.

Mailing List

Feel free to discuss this demo project on the Concordion mailing list.