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This Concordion extension provides the capability to embed a series of 'cards' containing screenshots or data (text, xml, or html) in the output specification.

The demo project demonstrates this extension.


Often it's difficult to tell from a specification exactly what is being done to the system under test. This extension solves that dilemma by capturing information (screen shots, soap xml, etc) from the system under test and displaying them as a series of cards on a storyboard at the bottom of the specification while it is being executed.

This can also be a great aid in helping to diagnose test failures. Combine this with the Logback extension you have a wealth of information at your finger tips.


  • browser screen shots
  • text based data such as email content, soap messages and html
  • catches displays exceptions and test failures
  • can group cards into collapsible sections on the storyboard

This extension is based on the screenshot taker extension and would not be here without it.

Further info


This extension was partly inspired by Nigel Charman's Screenshot Extension.