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This Concordion extension provides the capability to embed the processing time of each specification example at runtime.

The demo project demonstrates this extension.


Often it is useful to know how long a given example takes to run. This extension provides this by printing the timing to screen for each example. The functionality can be toggled on or off via a toggle button located at the top right of the results screen.

How to install

Add to dependencies

 testCompile 'org.concordion:concordion-timing-extension:0.2.0'

How to use

For the timings to show on examples, you must be using the example command in your specification (Markdown format, HTML format).

Add to your test fixture one of these options

With no configuration

@Extensions(value = TimerExtension.class)

With comprehensive configuration

ConcordionExtension TimingExtension = new TimerExtension()
    .withTimeFormat(new SimpleTimeFormatter(" hours", " minutes", " seconds", " milliseconds"));


Timings per example

Example timing

Customisable timing format and toggle icon

Customised Example

Toggle display of timings

Customised Example

Further info