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Deprecation Notice:

We are in the process of deprecating this resource in favor of

Please begin to update your pipelines appropriately.

BOSH Deployment Resource

An output only resource (at the moment) that will upload stemcells and releases and then deploy them.

Source Configuration

  • deployment: Required. The name of the deployment.
  • target: Optional. The address of the BOSH director which will be used for the deployment. If omitted, target_file must be specified via out parameters, as documented below.

When using BOSH with default authentication:

  • username: Required. The username for the BOSH director.
  • password: Required. The password for the BOSH director.

When using BOSH with UAA authentication:

  • client_id: Required. The UAA client ID for the BOSH director.

  • client_secret: Required. The UAA client secret for the BOSH director.

  • ca_cert: Optional. CA certificate used to validate SSL connections to Director and UAA.


- name: staging
  type: bosh-deployment
    username: admin
    password: admin
    deployment: staging-deployment-name
- put: staging
    manifest: path/to/manifest.yml
    - path/to/stemcells-*.tgz
    - other/path/to/stemcells-*.tgz
    - path/to/releases-*.tgz
    - other/path/to/releases-*.tgz


out: Deploy a BOSH deployment

This will upload any given stemcells and releases, lock them down in the deployment manifest and then deploy.

If the manifest does not specify a director_uuid, it will be filled in with the UUID returned by the targeted director.


  • manifest: Required. Path to a BOSH deployment manifest file.

  • stemcells: Required. An array of globs that should point to where the stemcells used in the deployment can be found. Stemcell entries in the manifest with version 'latest' will be updated to the actual provided stemcell versions.

  • releases: Required. An array of globs that should point to where the releases used in the deployment can be found. Release entries in the manifest will be updated to the actual provided release versions.

  • cleanup: Optional An boolean that specifies if a bosh cleanup should be run before deployment. Defaults to false.

  • no_redact: Optional Removes redacted from Bosh output. Defaults to false.

  • target_file: Optional. Path to a file containing a BOSH director address. This allows the target to be determined at runtime, e.g. by acquiring a BOSH lite instance using the Pool resource.

    If both target_file and target are specified, target_file takes precedence.