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Signed-off-by: JT Archie <>
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Tracks the versions of a stemcell on

For example, to automatically consume bosh-aws-xen-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent:

- name: aws-stemcell
  type: bosh-io-stemcell
    name: bosh-aws-xen-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent

Source Configuration

  • name: Required. The name of the stemcell.

  • version_family: Optional. Default latest. A semantic version used to narrow the returned versions, typically used to fetch hotfixes on older stemcells. For example, a version_family of 3262.latest would match 3262, 3262.1, and 3262.1.1, but not 3263. A version_family of 3262.1.latest would match 3262.1 and 3262.1.1, but not 3262.2.

  • force_regular: Optional. Default false. By default, the resource will always download light stemcells for IaaSes that support light stemcells. If force_regular is true, the resource will ignore light stemcells and always download regular stemcells.


check: Check for new versions of the stemcell.

Detects new versions of the stemcell that have been published to If no version is specified, check returns the latest version, otherwise check returns all versions from the version specified on.

in: Fetch a version of the stemcell.

Fetches a given stemcell, placing the following files in the destination:

  • version: The version number of the stemcell.
  • url: A URL that can be used to download the stemcell tarball.
  • sha1: The SHA1 of the stemcell
  • stemcell.tgz: The stemcell tarball, if the tarball param is true.


  • tarball: Optional. Default true. Fetch the stemcell tarball.
  • preserve_filename: Optional. Default false. Keep the original filename of the stemcell.



  • golang is required - version 1.9.x is tested; earlier versions may also work.
  • docker is required - version 17.06.x is tested; earlier versions may also work.
  • godep is used for dependency management of the golang packages.

Running the tests

The tests have been embedded with the Dockerfile; ensuring that the testing environment is consistent across any docker enabled platform. When the docker image builds, the test are run inside the docker container, on failure they will stop the build.

Run the tests with the following command:

docker build -t bosh-io-stemcell-resource .


Please make all pull requests to the master branch and ensure tests pass locally.