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Cloud Foundry Resource

An output only resource (at the moment) that will deploy an application to a Cloud Foundry deployment.

Source Configuration

  • api: Required. The address of the Cloud Controller in the Cloud Foundry deployment.
  • username: Required. The username used to authenticate.
  • password: Required. The password used to authenticate.
  • organization: Required. The organization to push the application to.
  • space: Required. The space to push the application to.
  • skip_cert_check: Optional. Check the validity of the CF SSL cert. Defaults to false.


out: Deploy an application to a Cloud Foundry

Pushes an application to the Cloud Foundry detailed in the source configuration. A manifest that describes the application must be specified.


  • manifest: Required. Path to a application manifest file.
  • path: Optional. Path to the application to push. If this isn't set then it will be read from the manifest instead.
  • current_app_name: Optional. This should be the name of the application that this will re-deploy over. If this is set the resource will perform a zero-downtime deploy.

Pipeline example

- name: job-deploy-app
  public: true
  serial: true
  - get: resource-web-app
  - task: build
    file: resource-web-app/build.yml
  - put: resource-deploy-web-app
      manifest: build-output/manifest.yml
        key: value
        key2: value2

- name: resource-web-app
  type: git

- name: resource-deploy-web-app
  type: cf
    username: EMAIL
    password: PASSWORD
    organization: ORG
    space: SPACE
    skip_cert_check: false