A toolchain for deploying Concourse with BOSH.
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A toolchain for deploying Concourse with BOSH.

This repository is a community-maintained set of manifests and ops files useful for deploying Concourse in various configurations to various IaaSes.

NOTE: This repository is effectively community-maintained, with only a portion of these configurations tested in CI. Use at your own risk!



Clone this repo.

git clone https://github.com/concourse/concourse-bosh-deployment.git
cd concourse-bosh-deployment

Then, choose your adventure below.

Deployment scenarios

lite/: "Lite" directorless deployment

These manifests deploy Concourse, without a BOSH director, onto a single VM.

This approach is intended as an easy way to get a development Concourse deployment up in the air and ready to fly!

Consult the lite README for more information.

cluster/: A full-blown BOSH deployment to a director

Consult the cluster README for more information.