Cluster Concourse deployment

A clustered Concourse deployment exercises the full might of BOSH. It provides disaster recovery for your VMs, safe management of your persistent state (including resizing of the available space, snapshot/restore, etc.), and in general will make your life easier once you get it going.

You'll first need to set up the Cloud Config on your director. This part depends on your infrastructure of choice. There are a few example configs under cloud_configs/.

For example, if you're going to deploy to a BOSH Lite director, you would run:

bosh -e $BOSH_ENVIRONMENT update-cloud-config cloud_configs/vbox.yml

bosh -e $BOSH_ENVIRONMENT deploy -d concourse concourse.yml \
  -l ../versions.yml \
  --vars-store cluster-creds.yml \
  -o operations/static-web.yml \
  -o operations/no-auth.yml \
  --var web_ip= \
  --var external_url= \
  --var network_name=concourse \
  --var web_vm_type=concourse \
  --var db_vm_type=concourse \
  --var db_persistent_disk_type=db \
  --var worker_vm_type=concourse \
  --var deployment_name=concourse

This should then result in a Concourse running and listening at, ready for targeting with fly:

fly -t ci login -c

Using BOSH BootLoader

The bbl project maintains documentation for deploying Concourse quickly and easily across a few supported IaaSes. Consult their docs for more information.

External Concourse worker

In case you have a distributed setup with external concourse workers deployed on another BOSH you can deploy those with:

bosh -e $BOSH_ENVIRONMENT deploy -d concourse-worker external-worker.yml \
  -l ../versions.yml \
  -v external_worker_network_name=concourse \
  -v worker_vm_type=concourse-workers \
  -v instances=2 \
  -v azs=[z1] \
  -v deployment_name=concourse-worker \
  -v tsa_host= \
  -v worker_tags=[tags] \
  -l <path/to/secrets.yml>

The secrets.yml file has to contain the public tsa host key of the concourse master and the worker private key:

  public_key: <public_key>

  private_key: |
    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----