Concourse BOSH release


Concourse is a pipeline-based CI system written in Go.


Concourse is built on a few components, all written in Go with cutesy aerospace-themed names. This repository is actually its BOSH release, which ties everything together and also serves as the central hub for GitHub issues.

Each component has its own repository:

  • ATC is most of Concourse: it provides the API, web UI, and all pipeline orchestration
  • Fly is the CLI for interacting with and configuring Concourse pipelines
  • TSA is a SSH server used for authorizing worker registration
  • Garden is a generic interface for orchestrating containers remotely on a worker
  • Baggageclaim is a server for managing caches and artifacts on the workers

You can get Concourse up and running on your local machine by following the Contributors guide in

To learn more about how they fit together, see Concourse Architecture.

Please note that Concourse is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. You can review the Code of Code of Conduct in