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Concourse Docker

This Docker image simply packages up the official concourse binary and configures it as the ENTRYPOINT, with a bunch of sane defaults for Docker.

Configuration is done via CONCOURSE_* environment variables. To discover them, run --help:

docker run concourse/concourse --help
docker run concourse/concourse web --help
docker run concourse/concourse worker --help

See the concourse binary docs for more information - the instructions and requirements are the same. For network and hardware resources reference, see Deployment Topology.

Docker Compose

There are two Docker Compose .yml files in this repo. The first one, docker-compose.yml, runs a more traditional multi-container cluster. You'll need to run ./ before booting up, so that the containers know how to authorize each other.

The docker-compose-quickstart.yml file can be used to quickly get up and running with the concourse quickstart command. No keys need to be generated in this case.

Both Docker Compose files configure a test user with test as their password, and grants every user access to the main team. To use this in production you'll definitely want to change that - see Configuring Auth Providers for more information..

Docker Run

Alternatively, these two Docker Run commands can be used to get concourse-quickstart up and running with 2 containers. These command provide not only concourse, but also a database instance for it to use.

docker network create concourse-net
docker pull postgres
docker run --name concourse-db \
  --net=concourse-net \
  -h concourse-postgres \
  -p 5432:5432 \
  -e POSTGRES_DB=atc \
  -d postgres
docker pull concourse/concourse
docker run  --name concourse \
  -h concourse \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  --detach \
  --privileged \
  --net=concourse-net \
  concourse/concourse quickstart \
  --main-team-local-user=<CONCOURSE_USER> \
  --external-url=http://<DOCKER_MACHINE_IP>:8080 \
  --postgres-user=<PG_USER> \
  --postgres-password=<PG_PASSWORD> \
  --postgres-host=concourse-db \


At the moment, workers running via Docker will not automatically leave the cluster gracefully on shutdown. This can mean your pipelines get into a bad state when you restart the cluster, as they'll keep trying to use the old worker.

For now you'll have to run fly prune-worker to reap any stalled workers when your cluster gets into this state.

This will be resolved with concourse/concourse #1457.