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Restore skymarshal git history by rebasing on a split subtree of ATC #1948

vito opened this issue Jan 10, 2018 · 0 comments


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commented Jan 10, 2018


This can be done by:

  1. Clone ATC, prior to the auth removal.
  2. See above post to create a local branch containing all commits for the auth subdirectory.
  3. Clone current skymarshal repo and somehow apply the (few) commits we have here since the split. Cherry-pick? Manual patch applying?
vito added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 15, 2018

Submodule src/ 4938ed37...757b37d6:
  > Fix accidental oauth/v1 route rename in bitbucket test
  > Use /auth instead of /oauth
  > Migrate auth from atc
  < Fix accidental oauth/v1 route rename in bitbucket test
  < Use /auth instead of /oauth
  < Move routes into auth package
  < Migrate auth from atc
  < Update
  < Update
  < Update
  < Update
  < Update
  < Initial commit
  > run go fmt
  > Fix uaa test after FileContentsFlag refactor
  > Switch to FileContentsFlag for generic oAuth CACert
  > Added ca-cert for generic oauth provider
  > Add tests for Bitbucket auth clients
  > Add tests for all verifiers
  > Provider.AuthCodeURL now returns (string, error) instead of string
  > Pass API URL to Bitbucket Cloud client
  > Don't panic in case the OAuth 1 "Exchange" goes wrong
  > Update Bitbucket auth fake client
  > Update for []string and package move
  > Remove Role from bitbucket.Client interface and reorder methods
  > Skip API calls if verifiers don't want any items
  > Move ProjectVerifier to bitbucket.server
  > Use map for Bitbucket Cloud teams
  > Add value-name tag to Bitbucket auth driver configs
  > Remove debug logs that were used during development
  > Bitbucket Cloud and Server auth drivers now know about repositories
  > Bitbucket Server auth driver now knows about projects
  > Bitbucket Cloud auth driver now knows about teams
  > Bitbucket Server auth now takes path to key, instead of base64 encoded key
  > Fix test, so it expects a request instead of the code string
  > Update Provider fake
  > (auth.Provider).Exchange now takes http.Request, instead of string for code
  > Add bitbucketfakes
  > Move OAuth state validator to its own file
  > Add comment explaining the use of the state cookie
  > Add empty line that was here before
  > There is no need to treat OAuth 1 and 2 begin handling differently
  > Rename from OAuth1... to OAuthV1...
  > Fix token type
  > Move conversion of encoded private key to UnmarshalConfig
  > Support flags for Bitbucket repositories
  > Add interface bitbucket.Client
  > Set HTTP client in UserVerifier
  > Move providers to shared parent directory
  > Use base64 encoded DER for private key
  > Clean up Bitbucket providers
  > Clean up providers
  > Clean up configuration for BitbucketServerAuth
  > Add UserVerifier for BitbucketServerAuth
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'fork/bitbucket-auth' into bitbucket-auth
  > Add OAuth1 support
  > Add package bitbucketserver
  > Rename package bitbucket to bitbucketcloud
  > Use NoopVerifier for now
  > Add provider for Bitbucket
  > revert GitHub token auth
  > ginkgo blur ran go fmt for auth
  > Merge pull request #184 from Chumper/master
  > Utilize a proxy when configured for OAuth exchange
  > remove exported function
  > Added custom paths to use github personal access token for the authentication
  > refactor validators for get auth token endpoint
  > remove pipeline config and replace with pipeline groups
  > defer custom resource type interpolation
  > Merge pull request #172 from markstgodard/gitlab-oauth
  > move dbng to db
  > Remove db.Team and db.SavedTeam
  > Merge branch 'unprivileged-resources'
  > Finish removing all usages of db/pipeline
  > return 401 instead of 400 for invalid CSRF
  > Revert "return AuthGroup instead of modifying passed in flags.Group"
  > Merge pull request #163 from mainephd/feature-webhook
  > return AuthGroup instead of modifying passed in flags.Group
  > add omitempty to json flags and CFCACert is the cert instead of path to cert
  > finish moving engine to use dbng
  > starts moving buildserver to use dbng team
  > Merge branch 'master' into wip-flags-refactor-new
  > wip flags refactor
  > Remove db auth provider objects and replace with auth map
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > pushed db team authentication logic to provider package
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Add X- headers for security
  > fakes
  > Merge branch 'wip-refactor-container-identifier-139984521'
  > Merge branch 'wip-refactor-container-identifier-139984521'
  > Merge branch 'dbng-worker-refactory'
  > regen all fakes
  > add context args for latest go-github
  > Merge branch 'master' into life
  > Merge branch 'master' into life
  > Merge branch 'master' into life
  > fix race conditions when creating resource cache/config
  > Use instead of localhost for fly redirect
  > Kill print statement in test
  > Add support for new fly login workflow without copy/paste step
  > wip fixed cookie issue
  > report job name when scheduling jobs
  > no more gunk
  > Use NewScopeVerifier constructor
  > Implemention of scope verification for oauth authorization
  > nuke dead code
  > move containerkeepaliver, lostandfound, buildreaper to gc
  > bugfix
  > fix test cases
  > enable to change cookie expire duration
  > only team that created pipe can read them
  > kill debug logging
  > only admins can SetLogLevel and GetLogLevel
  > Fixed generic oauth provider test and removed display name test
  > Fixed api to return generic oauth in list of auth methods. Removed duplicate test case. Removed DisplayName override.
  > Needed to update interface to match
  > Added missing api setter and tests
  > Added generic oauth login option.
  > Added missing api setter and tests
  > Added generic oauth login option.
  > add logout endpoint
  > don't special-case dev mode
  > return error when logging with invalid UAA CF cert
  > more claims interface updates
  > updates for jwt claims interface
  > GetAuthToken validates based on team config
  > clean up auth.GetTeam
  > clean up ListBuilds and remove GetAuthTeamName
  > only build owner can abort build
  > move build authentication checks to wrappa
  > move pipeline access validation to ApiAuthWrappa
  > clean up pipeline handler
  > avoid duplicate team lookup in auth endpoints
  > respect genericness of auth provider interface
  > ginkgo blur reoreded everything
  > do not default team name to main if not provided
  > do not default team name to main in api
  > update import paths
  > check for system claim in registerworker
  > retrieve token and make subsequent requests using cf_ca_cert
  > make paginated calls to space developers
  > Merge branch 'master' into teams
  > returns 403 Forbidden on CheckAuthorizationHandler
  > rename CheckAuthHandler
  > GetJobBuild checks if pipeline is public
  > fix pipelines navigation sidebar on builds page
  > Merge branch 'master' into teams
  > add TeamName to oauth endpoints
  > rename auth/cf package to auth/uaa
  > rename cf-auth to uaa-auth
  > limit visibility of pipelines to their team
  > verify UAA user belongs to CC space
  > extract Verifier to separate package
  > add CFAuth provider to authenticate with UAA
  > switch BasicAuth and GitHubAuth to pointers
  > fix logging in via basic auth
  > remove db.AuthDB
  > show team-specific auth methods
  > explicit returns, please
  > follow pagination links when fetching github teams
  > follow pagination links when fetching orgs
  > handle errors when parsing github auth URL
  > initialize github client with baseURL
  > Merge branch 'ge_oauth' of into aequitas-ge_oauth
  > add DisableKeepAlive to oauth provider client
  > don't use pointer for session keys
  > lower bcrypt cost to 4
  > remove now-unused CopyRequest function
  > Revert "Add in NoopReader to prevent body being read"
  > jwt.Parse not read req body, ParseFromRequest does
  > Add in NoopReader to prevent body being read
  > copy request to persist request body when reading token
  > lock set-team to admin teams
  > GetTeamByName returns a bool for team doesn't exist
  > Set teamID and teamName in JWT token
  > don't return github provider when they are not set
  > consistant casing for OAuth and GitHub
  > create oauth provider from database configuration
  > Basic Auth pulls from the database
  > newGitHubProvider returns Provider
  > Moved auth/provider.go into auth/provider/
  > return concrete types in github package *eliminate circular dependencies [#109493662]
  > use smaller value for state in oauth flow
  > individual github users can be authorized
  > add /api/v1/auth/methods and /api/v1/auth/token
  > fix unit test
  > fix team flag parsing, add logging to verifier
  > teams are selected by name, not slug
  > multiple organizations can be authorized
  > don't special-case 'all' team name
  > Revert "remove github organization auth (incorporated into org-name/all)"
  > remove github organization auth (incorporated into org-name/all)
  > add github team auth
  > remove BasicAuthHashedValidator
  > extract api auth + metrics wrapping logic
  > extract auth wrapping into tested package
  > api should not presume basic auth
  > login page enumerates all oauth providers
  > don't redirect if uri is blank
  > auth begin handler can store redirect in state
  > verify state value in oauth callback
  > oauth handlers map to arbitrary providers
  > initial switchover to jwt + oauth2
  > fix github auth tests
  > fix validator fake
  > basic auth and github auth can both be specified
  > add initial github auth to web UI
  > move github stuff into its own package
  > add github token authentication for the api
  > replace Ω with Expect (and other such changes)
  > password can be given in plaintext
  > config is compare-and-swapped via header
  > regenerate fakes; add missing generate comments
  > new event system, decoupled from turbine
  > use engine for event stream
  > censor build events in api if not auth'd
  > API respects publically viewable flag for build event stream [#78774326]
  > use new turbine packages
  > fix censoring test
  > fix event log censoring; better 1.1/1.0 handling
  > switch to server-sent events for all build logs
  > support ssl with turbines, merge callbacks server
  > always set ATC-Authorization cookie
  > initial finer-grained authentication
Submodule src/ 984eeed1...00d95b51:
  > fix bindata
  < fix bindata
  > fix web acceptance test for job url
  < fix web acceptance test for job url
  > fix elm tests
  < fix elm tests
  > Web no longer relies on routes from API
  > Update WATS gems
  > Rebuild bindata
  > Extract web from atc
  < Web no longer relies on routes from API
  < Update WATS gems
  < Rebuild bindata
  < Extract web from atc
  > Use new auth routes from skymarshal
  > fix compilation error in elm tests
  > / key will focus search field on dashboard
  > fix always pass test
  > Revert "clean up todo comment"
  > clean up todo comment
  > show last checked time on resource page
  > WIP
  > add gzip caching to public JS/CSS files
  > use closure to minimize javascript
  > show on_abort hooks in build ui
  > Make build timestamps non-selectable
  < Initial commit
  > Dashboard: update animation for running pipeline states
  > Dashboard: update animation for running pipeline states
  > Wrap dashboard team name in a div
  > Refresh top bar login periodically in pipeline view
  > Do not save search query in the Dashboard model
  > Temporarily skip failing WAT
  > Log WATs failures
  > Refresh Dashboard top bar when session expires
  > Display decoded team name on login page
  > Update dashboard animation and animation colors
  > Pin dashboard header and team names on top
  > Scope dashboard "pipeline-grid" CSS styles
  > update bindata
  > prevent multiple build triggered if T is beenin pressed
  > don't use iosevka for non-beta routes
  > hack all old color selectors to use the beta scheme
  > first pass at new pipeline ui
  > build on index.html changes too
  > Reorder footer legends in dashboard footer
  > Merge pull request #215 from SHyx0rmZ/bitbucket-auth
  > Run fly with a temp HOME in WATs
  > Remove parallel_tests
  > Make WATS less flakey and add parallel_tests
  > Dashboard: enable all dashboard elm tests
  > Dashboard: fix search by status
  > color palette consistency, fix top bar sizing
  > Merge branch 'master' of
  > fix duplicate, unused port
  > Merge branch 'spike-resource-causality-1538'
  > consolidate click -> wait for network pattern
  > remove unused less files after beta route move
  > Merge branch 'master' of
  > shift g -> G, etc. in keyboard shortcuts pane
  > fix rendering of builds prior to timestamp feature
  > fix unreliable scrolling with gg/G
  > fix wrapped lines causing timestamps to misalign
  > silence impossible combination error
  > handle initialize-task event
  > fix switching to/from initially viewed build
  > kill dead code
  > convert wats from codeceptjs to ava+puppeteer
  > Node -> GraphNode
  > kill unused code
  > npm -> yarn
  > add test for build gg shortcut
  > fix ordering test to only look within its team
  > backfill remaining dashboard tests
  > more state tests
  > add tests for pipeline states
  > hanging -> pending
  > Revert "Dashboard: mark pipelines with pending jobs correctly"
  > add data attribute for tests
  > add test for pipeline ordering
  > fix timing dependant watsjs test
  > add attribute to dashboard to make testing easier
  > add new wats js suite
  > Revert "Adding pipeline with resources depending on resources to simulate issue"
  > make team login less error-prone
  > fix grayscale comparison
  > fix be_greyscale matcher
  > Merge branch 'master' of
  > Adding pipeline with resources depending on resources to simulate issue we're having with dependencies in #1175
  > Update white concourse logo asset
  > Dashboard: block click event to pipeline behind footer
  > remove development drag event entries
  > stop click event when dragging
  > Fix flaky tests
  > update wats for search pipelines
  > Fix broken elm test
  > Add keyboard shortcuts for the build page
  > Dashboard: add clear search parameters functionality
  > Dashboard: top bar alignment on small browser sizes
  > Dashboard: add search by team name
  > add wats for dashboard search
  > Dashboard: move font to public
  > add make test step for elm unit tests
  > Dashboard: add search by pipeline name
  > Dashboard: fix animation background size and colour
  > switch to fork of selenium
  > Fix failing dashboard wats
  > Dashboard: minor tweak for running animation
  > Dashboard: click through for jobs with no builds
  > Dashboard: Show job running animation; various CSS treaks
  > Dashboard: add run state animation on job in multi-pipeline view
  > Dashboard: highlight more obvious click areas on thumbnail previews
  > Dashboard: fix horizontal scrollbar shown at certain resolutions
  > fix build number render issue in tombstone view
  > Merge pull request #196 from marco-m/fix-spelling
  > Convert resource pagination acceptance test to wats
  > add wats for resource pagination
  > Convert resource pausing acceptance tests to wats
  > Update dashboard background colour
  > Fix broken wats test
  > Add wats for pausing jobs
  > add wats for resources
  > add wats for unavailable inputs
  > add wats for pausing pipelines
  > add wats for viewing builds
  > add tests for disabled manual triggering
  > add test for build aborting
  > add color helpers and be_greyscale matcher
  > Revert "Revert "switch from poltergeist to headless-chrome""
  > Revert "kill unneeded require"
  > only make elm/src/*.{elm,js}
  > Dashboard: update multi-pipeline top bar
  > Dashboard: fix overflow background colour
  > Dashboard: auto hide bottom bar
  > Dashboard: add bottom bar
  > Dashboard: show current authenticated team on top
  > Dashboard: add links to jobs in the pipeline preview
  > Fix wats test for pipeline name and duration display
  > Dashboard: add hover state tooltip
  > Dashboard: display pipeline status and duration below the thumbnail
  > Dashboard: reverse animation direction
  > Dashboard: mark pipelines with pending jobs correctly
  > Dashboard: display paused/pending as duration for paused/pending pipelines
  > Revert "Dashboard: fill in blanks"
  > Dashboard: update color theme
  > Add web app manifest handler.
  > Dashboard: fill in blanks
  > Dashboard: better icon sizing
  > Dashboard: fix animation jitter
  > Dashboard: grow pipeline grids vertically
  > add global /public handler
  > scale down dashboard
  > Revert "temporarily remove dashboard route"
  > temporarily remove dashboard route
  > Dashboard: rewrite dashboard preview logic
  > fix wats test now that we don't sort pipelines
  > Dashboard: only compute graph once per pipeline
  > Dashboard: add tile layout
  > .agignore -> .ignore, ignore elm.js
  > Dashboard: update failed duration styles
  > Dashboard: show thumbnail preview on failed pipelines
  > Only return TransitionBuilds when specified for ListJobs endpoint
  > Dashboard: anchor links on team groups
  > Fix Pending builds visual representation
  > Dashboard: order pipelines by status
  > Dashboard: display the correct time since intial failure
  > Dashboard: show duration pipelines have been failing for
  > Add transition builds to ListJobs endpoint
  > Web: Add id to Pipeline model
  > Fix a bug when pipeline zoom is not reset
  > Dashboard: bubble failed pipelines to the top
  > Dashboard: do not show turbulence message when page is loading
  > Dashboard: show the "experiencing turbulence"  message when offline
  > Dashboard: auto-refresh the page
  > Dashboard: oops, actually add hover states to pipeline
  > Dashboard: add hover state to pipelines
  > get computed color values via JS
  > kill unneeded require
  > Revert "switch from poltergeist to headless-chrome"
  > Dashboard: show animations for running states
  > Dashboard: use percentages for pipeline width
  > Dashboard: show errored pipelines in orange
  > Dashboard: show pending pipelines in grey
  > Dashboard: show aborted pipelines in brown
  > Do not reset pipeline view when the pipeline updates
  > Add test fixture
  > Dashboard: show pipelines with all passing jobs as green
  > Use Flexbox for Dashboard
  > dashboard: show pipelines with failing jobs as red
  > show paused pipelines in blue in dashboard
  > add dashboard specs, flesh out fly/dash helpers
  > switch from poltergeist to headless-chrome
  > bootstrap web acceptance suite
  > initial dashboard page
  > display job name without encoding
  > zoom to fit when changing pipelines
  > Backfill Pipeline elm tests
  > implement keyboard shortcut 'f' for fitting pipeline to canvas
  > run elm-format on tests
  > add keyboard to tests package
  > run elm-format
  > auto hide legend after 10 seconds of inactivity
  > Make Trigger Build and Abort Build buttons accessible
  > Merge branch 'build-action-button' of git:// into madflow-build-action-button
  > Merge branch 'replaces-pending-halo-with-static-halo' of git:// into d-replaces-pending-halo-with-static-halo
  > Replaces animated pending halo with static pending halo
  > rebuild bindata without console logs
  > add style to 404 page
  > display 404 page when a resource is missing
  > Simplify wrapping of out messages
  > adding 404 pages
  > Update Dockerfile to include elm deps
  > run elm-format
  > Upgrade to elm-test 4.1.0
  > Add an error message when basic auth login fails.
  > Revert "revert resource refactor so we can get 3.2 out"
  > revert resource refactor so we can get 3.2 out
  > combine build events delegates into one
  > Revert "Refactor exec engine & ResourceConfig abstraction"
  > Refactor exec engine & ResourceConfig abstraction
  > recreate bindata
  > Merge branch 'anchors-be-clickable' of into dolph-anchors-be-clickable
  > update bindata for elm
  > update wording of legend
  > Adding chart for dotted and solid lines in pipeline
  > Merge branch 'patch-1' of into etaty-patch-1
  > update csrf token when it is updated in storage
  > Reverting to master version of web/bindata.go
  > checking in compiled version
  > Merging upstream master
  > Recompiline bindata
  > Merging from latest head in concourse repo
  > Firefox has a default left padding on ul
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > re-wire-in super secret beta pipeline UI
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge pull request #154 from jfredrickson5/master
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Merge branch 'master' of
  > Merge branch 'releases/2.7'
  > Add X- headers for security
  > changed elm abort from POST to PUT
  > upgrade to elm 0.18
  > fix build list shifting
  > Replace redirection from Erl with string concatenation
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into mid-life-crisis
  > don't even start with the redirect cycle
  > Revert "fix the horrible history query explosion"
  > bindata
  > fix the horrible history query explosion
  > no pipelines page links are both big and working
  > fix CLI download links on 'no pipelines' page
  > correct bindata
  > update bindata
  > fixed loading indicator issue on redirect
  > Add support for new fly login workflow without copy/paste step
  > Logging in via basic auth now updates the user and sidebar pipelines
  > reset the favicon on a url change
  > Fix highlighted groups for jobs/build pages
  > Fix github redirect auth
  > fix issue with inconsistent groups in TopBar
  > Correct home button behaviour, navigate to current pipeline
  > bindata is load bearing code :/
  > add redirect query param when redirecting to login
  > check for modifiers before overriding click
  > fix lingering autoscroll subscription
  > route pipeline links through elm
  > ignore messages coming from older pages
  > refactor group selection tracking
  > re-render when switching groups
  > fix janky pipeline switching
  > remove excessive 'Debug.log's in Pipeline view
  > kill dead code under web/
  > do ci bindata
  > add name attributes for acceptance tests
  > redirect to team login page when applicable
  > wip ready to push
  > WIP: Groups are done
  > removed noisy logs and added one interesting one
  > the groups toggle correctly
  > wip should have wiped earlier, kind of in a bad state
  > wip resolved all conflicts with 'ours'
  > wip a kind of workable state for clara
  > wip got rid of runtime error
  > wip defautls are working
  > wip fixed cookie issue
  > job page is solid
  > wip getting rid of the arrays on the job page
  > builds page is OK
  > wip added page titles
  > adds turbulence image to pipeline page
  > wip no-pipelines-page
  > wip everything is actually a spa
  > the pipeline you can click
  > don't ci bindata
  > Add Resource page. Helper for pagination params
  > WIP build page, job page
  > sidebar updates pipelines when you log in
  > "make OAuth work" (really did nothing)
  > wip submit button focuses
  > wip: submit button doesn't focus on enter key
  > login page now noauths with redirect
  > wip login page is in correct horizontal alignment
  > heights and structure are correct
  > adds sidebar toggle handling
  > wip
  > Routing/passing thru cmds kinda works
  > more wip: - handler now signs you into team so you can see the rest ofapp.   this is badly done, we will rewrite it. - ongoing project: trying to integrate topbar and sidebar.   to do this, i am writing topbar and sidebar so it can use   Routes.ConcourseRoute instead of Location.   I think we have to do this in order to preserve the logical parsing   of the route (which happens at top level) and query params,   which are only used by some apps, including topbar.
  > wip
  > clean up build handler
  > fix header on job page
  > fix z-index of logout menu
  > fix sidebar in place
  > rework css for fixed headers and autoscrolling
  > fixed chrome repainting issue
  > add BetaPipelinePage back
  > continue fetching jobs and resources after turbulence
  > fix turbulence without bluring though
  > clean up subscriptions, fix erroneous time display
  > delete javascript from web
  > do not redraw the pipeline if jobs/resources did not change
  > order resource versions by check order
  > add workaround for chrome flexbox rendering issue
  > remove tests for non-existent methods
  > move back api calls to handlers to handle 404
  > use lazy2 instead of partial application
  > remove API calls from job and pipeline handlers
  > remove API calls from web pipeline handler
  > get version header case-insensetively
  > move pipeline page to elm
  > Revert "switching pipeline groups adds to browser history"
  > switching pipeline groups adds to browser history
  > nuke dead code
  > remove TriggerBuild handler
  > triggering build does not reload page
  > resource page is a spa
  > stricter event handling
  > build output can be scrolled via keyboard
  > ignore elm-stuff when ag'ing
  > remove fit.js from experimental UI
  > reject traffic from web crawlers
  > Merge pull request #102 from fmy/auth-expire-hour
  > fix autoscroll escaping on mobile
  > simplify autoscroll code
  > fix autoscroll
  > add types for object names, fix build.job
  > pull all Concourse models into single module
  > bindata
  > add .test selector for testflight usage
  > a few fixes for safari
  > redirect badge endpoint for compatibility
  > redirect old non-teams web routes to team route
  > fix pipeline autorefresh, remove redundant assets
  > missed a spot
  > update favicon to reflect build status
  > add comments for colors
  > fix sidebar vibrating as elements are dragged
  > fix clear button, kill scrollbar
  > add 'clear' button to form
  > tweaks for sizing of login form, + simpler loading
  > fix build output persisting when switching around
  > fix history build entry starting before header
  > fix toggling resources
  > fix snappy group switching
  > missed a spot
  > load top bar before the rest of the page
  > bindata
  > click user menu to expand; add caret
  > fix css overlap between new and old generation UI
  > ignore generated files in ag
  > re-add error-message toggling
  > update history item when build is fetched
  > only update status if build is running
  > implement log out
  > actually always respect status
  > fix spacing on login button
  > always update status
  > add deprecation message to builds page
  > nuke 'loading...' text
  > update build history when build finishes
  > full logout menu entry is clickable
  > add user info to top bar
  > show top bar on 'no pipelines' page
  > restore hover state for sidebar links
  > only drag on left-click
  > move pipeline access validation to ApiAuthWrappa
  > prevent sidebar from shrinking
  > auto-update pause state
  > bindata
  > sprinkle .test class on elements targeted by tests
  > fix without_pipeline template
  > redo top nav bar in elm
  > remove /builds link from no-pipelines page
  > fix double elm.js load
  > dynamically set page title on build page
  > moved all elm.js and elm.min.js imports to layout files
  > manually added elm sidebar to recourse page
  > rewrite pipelines nav sidebar in elm
  > turn build page into a url-driven single-page app
  > ignore outdated build fetch results
  > Revert "only poll build if it is pending"
  > fix redirect url bugs in login page
  > propagate redirect when logging in with oauth
  > add login page with team selection
  > only poll build if it is pending
  > experimental elm pipeline UI
  > ugh
  > fix builds history not being scrollable
  > fix builds history spanning offpage
  > remove console.log
  > Merge branch 'master' of
  > sweeping refactor towards flexbox
  > update URL when switching builds
  > ginkgo blur reoreded everything
  > do not default team name to main if not provided
  > update import paths
  > make build prep not blink
  > bindata
  > Revert "redo tug algorithm to not cause crossing lines"
  > Revert "add safeguard against infinite tugging"
  > Revert "more graph alignment improvements"
  > Revert "prioritize alignment choice by 'interestingness'"
  > Revert "remove uninteresting case"
  > Revert "final pass to fix misaligned leftover nodes"
  > bindata
  > fix invalid viewbox causing spurious logs
  > final pass to fix misaligned leftover nodes
  > remove uninteresting case
  > bindata
  > prioritize alignment choice by 'interestingness'
  > more graph alignment improvements
  > add safeguard against infinite tugging
  > redo tug algorithm to not cause crossing lines
  > fix pipeline template with groups
  > bump to elm 0.17.0
  > remove bogus property
  > Merge branch 'master' into teams
  > Merge branch 'master' into teams
  > returns 403 Forbidden on CheckAuthorizationHandler
  > live-update build status header
  > fix pausing and sorting of pipelines
  > index page shows team's first pipeline
  > fix pipelines navigation sidebar on builds page
  > bindata
  > switch back to EventSource
  > nuke StartApp
  > reenable websockets
  > Merge branch 'teams' into elm-0.17
  > way faster switching between builds on build page
  > squashed work on elm-0.17 to fix rebase hell
  > fix bad merge
  > propagate team name to redirect uri
  > show team-specific auth methods
  > prefix /pipelines routes with /teams/:team_name
  > regen bindata
  > fetch jobs and resources in parallel
  > respect builds with no start time in web ui
  > ay blinkin
  > handle missing missing_input_reasons
  > preserve background for blinkin text
  > bring blink back
  > show reason when pinned version is not available
  > implement .ansi-blink
  > fix elm tests to compile with new Build type
  > add build reaping
  > bump elm-ansi to 7.0.1
  > recompile bits
  > fix multi-field version headers
  > bump version size to match header
  > explicitly set h3 font size
  > redo aggregate UI, invert step state icon colors
  > move pre-wrap from span to div
  > don't autoscroll failed builds when user scrolls
  > fix pipeline nav bar style
  > preserve whitespaces in build output
  > small fix elm-test
  > build inputs/outputs include pipeline id
  > make long lines wrap in build output
  > add basic accessibility labels to icon buttons
  > new favicon
  > Revert "update favicons"
  > Revert "centered favicons"
  > Revert "really centered favicons for real this time"
  > really centered favicons for real this time
  > centered favicons
  > update favicons
  > make elm tests compile again
  > Merge branch 'disable_manual_trigger' of into andreasf-disable_manual_trigger
  > rebuild css for scrollable pipeline list
  > Merge pull request #63 from jhunt/auto-scroll
  > fix fly set-pipeline docs link
  > make no-pipelines fly links BIG
  > make no-pipelines fly links horizontal
  > use https in link to fly docs
  > fix outline when clicking job pause button
  > check in rootDir var; useful for make DEV=-dev
  > show concourse version at bottom right
  > UI displays build prep in correct order
  > lazily render the build history
  > autoscroll for non-succeeded builds
  > fix redirect after triggering build forces login
  > fix font awesome stuff
  > cache EdgeTarget.rankOfFirstAppearance
  > final build prep update once build starts
  > updating wording and ordering of build prep view
  > add indicator for inputs satisfied to build page
  > remove styleswitcher reference
  > remove all themes except 'concourse'
  > updating themes to reflect new css changes
  > switch preparation logo to cogs
  > show build preparation in build ui
  > update font awesome 4.3.0 -> 4.5.0
  > wrap errors in pre
  > make pipeline visible for real
  > make pipeline not invisible
  > make input edges dashed if trigger=false
  > add custom concourse theme based off of flat
  > add triangles above failed jobs
  > put border around failed jobs #2
  > Revert "put border around failed jobs"
  > put border around failed jobs
  > fix log line
  > don't use pointer for session keys
  > capture redirect url before routing lib munges it
  > handle ErrUnauthorized by redirecting to /login
  > tug by default; #untug to opt out of tuggery
  > use new go-concourse constructor
  > bindata
  > Node#clone keeps .repeatable
  > add experimental node spacing
  > extract magic numbers into 'consts'
  > fix accidental glomming together of spacer nodes
  > bindata
  > position keys passing through higher
  > column -> rankgroup, rightmost -> latest
  > paused banner shows properly on build and job page
  > fix step header version css
  > bump elm-ansi to fix node output; fix versions UI
  > Regenerate bindata :)
  > Wrapped metadata values in <pre> tags to ensure formatting
  > fix locale-genning
  > re-add atc-ci-js Dockerfile for locale shenanigans
  > rework for using selenium + firefox
  > Separate PhantomJS into it's own Docker Image ;_;
  > rebuild bindata.go
  > improve color switcher toggle
  > re-bump ansi package
  > bindata was in a bad conflict state
  > ignore default scroll behavior
  > tweak colors in flat theme, make it default
  > theme switcher is revealed by alt+c
  > fix railscasts black, like, for real this time
  > patch black in railscasts theme
  > namespace animations
  > rebuild everything out of desperation
  > hack in color picker to aid in testing
  > Make selection visible on webpage
  > make job page live update
  > Elmify Job page
  > cache assets nearly forever
  > increase width of sidebar
  > fmt bindata.go after building
  > remove no longer needed engine arg
  > embed templates and assets with go-bindata
  > fix login button handling when build is in flight
  > bump elm-ansi for decent perf boost
  > woops, undo modifications from local elm-stuff
  > fix debug logging, don't show loading if errored
  > fix local shadowing issue
  > render build duration immediately
  > split build output into separate component
  > use non-minified js for debuggability
  > rip out autoscroll for now :(
  > lazily render step contents
  > bump elm-ansi to 5.0.4
  > implement retry step UI
  > Revert "switch to solarized colors"
  > switch to solarized colors
  > bump to elm-ansi 5.0.3
  > clean up last remnants of /db usage in web
  > paginate builds API + web endpoint
  > emit initialize-get + initialize-put events
  > use real words in suite names
  > tweak colors more
  > handle empty versions from resource steps
  > tweak display of steps that will never be run
  > darken first-occurrence bg and restore fg color
  > add builds link to no-pipelines configured page
  > always scroll to the bottom when an event arrives
  > update elm-ansi to 5.0.2
  > reorganize javascript building
  > hide inactive steps when build finished
  > workaround elm shadowing bug
  > cleanups
  > consolidate Version, Metadata types
  > kill comments
  > extract concourse API interfaces to Concourse.*
  > push pagination logic into Pagination
  > add 'do' step to plans language
  > grey out text/icons for inactive steps
  > add clearfix for step-body to fix metadata float
  > include hamburger helper
  > make autoscrolling a bit less janky
  > fix overqualified types
  > scroll to current build once history is loaded
  > don't fetch resources if build is one-off
  > respect user's collapsed setting
  > don't show login button if connnection breaks
  > redirect to /login if aborting fails with 401
  > highlight first occurrences for get steps
  > fix spacing on loading indicator
  > cleanup
  > add spaces between duration units
  > spruce up loading indicator
  > tweak time display
  > metadata is omitted if empty; deal w/ it
  > fix doubling up of build history
  > render step version and metadata
  > render with correct template data
  > fix rendering of blank lines
  > render old one-off builds with old UI
  > add missing err check in getbuild
  > Merge branch 'location-location-location'
  > recompile build.js because there were uncompiled changes
  > remove focus
  > remove db from getjoblessbuild
  > remove pipeline wrapping for resource handler
  > Removed tags from task config files.
  > remove old pagination packages
  > use concourse client for resource versions page
  > Put back the file I accidentally deleted
  > Volumes only live for a decade
  > show all builds along the top of build view
  > update job builds to use api for pagination
  > swap out remaining db calls for job handler
  > swap config call to use client
  > Revert "use client to get pipeline config"
  > Stop passing a PipelineDB into getbuild handler
  > getbuild web handler uses api
  > add redirect query param a bit more safely
  > include redirect uri in login links
  > web login endpoint fetches auth methods from API
  > TriggerBuild endpoint uses go-concourse
  > use client to get pipeline config
  > Use go-concourse for build inputs/outputs
  > Upgrade node-ansiparser to 2.0.0.
  > /pipelines/foo and / use concourse client
  > /builds endpoint calls api instead of db
  > aborting a build while not logged in redirects
  > rename db.ContainerInfo -> db.Container
  > re-compile js and css for production
  > change help to new command name
  > fix coloring of paused + pending jobs
  > update intro dialog to say `fly set-config`
  > add web metrics wrapper
  > extract auth wrapping into tested package
  > move code around, trust me
  > web/server -> web/handler
  > fix auth redirect for basic auth endpoint
  > add super basic styling to login page
  > add link in /login to force basic auth if enabled
  > javascripty bits redirect to /login on bad auth
  > fix constructor in web test
  > respect login url from /login endpoint
  > login page enumerates all oauth providers
  > verify state value in oauth callback
  > oauth handlers map to arbitrary providers
  > initial switchover to jwt + oauth2
  > this one works i promise
  > add initial github auth to web UI
  > kill stale css
  > make debug endpoint a thing that is better
  > i am ashamed of myself
  > do not log metrics for the public endpoint
  > add debug endpoint
  > woops, fix compile error
  > move PathForBuild out of routes package
  > replace Ω with Expect (and other such changes)
  > measure the response times of web/api endpoints
  > BuildDefault returns false if no default pipeline found
  > GetConfig returns false if pipeline was removed
  > explicitly return 'false' instead of ErrNoBuild
  > show n/a for builds with no start/end time
  > clarify coloring of jobs in the pipeline
  > remove read locks as they aren't called anywhere
  > update 'pipeline' field in returned JSON to be 'pipeline_name' for consistency
  > Reduce frequency of errors logged.
  > only load versions once per scheduling tick
  > Fix bounding box issue related to firefox animation fix
  > Increase animation-radius padding for firefox
  > Created new class for job node animations
  > Change started animation size based on pipeline size
  > Increase size of started animation
  > Fix old locations w/ substep in parallel group
  > Render works with old location schemas
  > prevent atc process from exiting on template error
  > bump event versions to remove hook
  > add pagination handles to bottom of jobs-builds page
  > refactor resource pagination to use common object
  > add pagination to jobs builds page
  > Fixed style issues for job and resource view
  > fix serial group rendering
  > add serial groups to do blocks
  > fix some overlap issues on jobs resources page
  > show inputs and outputs of builds on jobs page
  > Decompose HookedCompose into simpler hooks
  > add pagination to resources page
  > smoothen ripples animation
  > support degenerate browsers like safari
  > clean up pending animation css
  > fix ripple animation in firefox
  > woops, fix up ripple colors
  > new active animation, should work in firefox
  > Revert "gracefully fall back on colored boxes for started"
  > gracefully fall back on colored boxes for started
  > remove graph spacing code
  > fix awkward repeating of job nodes in graph
  > do not show the check error if you are not logged in
  > resource check failing should be visible to users who are not logged in
  > do not update the step store if the step has not changed
  > whitespace
  > Show pause button when resource check fails
  > add pipeline name to page title
  > fix spacing of hooks after putget to make suraci happy
  > improve pulling nodes down
  > fix fly configure link
  > remove extraneous sorting/layouting
  > sort columns after pulling them down
  > fix putgets in aggregates
  > Rewrite origin location to support hooks
  > add helper for marking nodes in a column
  > sort by next-highest upstream/downstream nodes
  > non-brute-force pulling down algorithm
  > slight corrections to spacing out nodes
  > add styling for hooks
  > fake spacing regen
  > adjust spacing for fakes
  > space out nodes until it stabilizes
  > only shift nodes if they would otherwise overlap
  > add spacing between logically disconnected nodes
  > place nodes that were threaded through higher
  > compare only-in-edges nodes with only-out-edges
  > remove unused function
  > new graph drawing algorithm; no more brute-force
  > only brute-force 5 times
  > improve sorting of node edge keys
  > woops, restore original ordering behavior
  > fix drawing jobs with two puts to the same thing
  > only add one spacer per upstream node
  > fix spacer weirdness with many meandering edges
  > add spacing nodes for edges spanning 2+ ranks
  > add in failures for putgets
  > change state to failure when resource script errors
  > add a better favicon
  > change pending animation to match color of pending job
  > add different animation for jobs pending start
  > fix janky redrawing in most browsers
  > show substeps differently in the ui
  > shift nodes in the graph as far to the right as possible
  > Revert "add a simple favicon"
  > add a simple favicon
  > fix constant redrawing as build logs come in
  > change home button to link to the current pipeline
  > fix hamburger button click area
  > remove animation from pipelinesnav
  > make the pipeline nav sortable
  > Set default pipeline to be earliest created
  > favor straight lines when improving node order
  > change window.pipelineName to concourse.pipelineName
  > refactor javascript for pausing and unpausing
  > add ability to pause and unpause a pipeline
  > fixes ' '
  > add pipeline name to group urls
  > Add UI for multiple pipelines
  > Change build events to be only by build id
  > Fix build events endpoint for multiple pipelines
  > Add return in index to prevent 2 write responses
  > Add support for multiple pipelines
  > add pipeline name to the api and set a default
  > rename config id to version
  > Fix fakes
  > Fix build-meta data floats and compile things for prod
  > Make the version history pretty
  > Update the enable/disable resource version UI
  > Remove web AbortBuild route since its ajax now
  > Change abort build to use ajax instead of form
  > put a failed to start message on builds list page
  > Rework part of legacy.less and more organization
  > Remove reset.css temporarily
  > Upgrade D3
  > Re-organize the css to be in seperate files
  > Fix status line for paused resources
  > Add colored lines for paused resources and jobs
  > move npm package.json and add new dependencies
  > Move css to be compiled with gulp
  > Move javascript files under assets
  > Make the start icon dance again
  > Add in ability to pause jobs
  > fix right-clicking in pipeline; bounded zooming
  > exit status 1 if tests fail
  > allow resource checking to be paused
  > change path for enabling/disabling resource versions
  > fix bug where start time was highlighted on build pages
  > style fixes for one-off build pages
  > add build list and detail page for one-off builds
  > fix deduplication of metadata fields
  > fix autoscrolling
  > = -> !
  > only show resource check errors when auth'd
  > defer rendering finished builds until last event
  > correct detection of failed connections
  > indicate checking failures in UI and API
  > fix spacing between version and icon
  > serve assets with sha in url to force cache clear
  > workers are identified by properties, not handle
  > rename execute to task
  > first occurrence of fetched resources are highlighted
  > lessen spacing between abort/trigger buttons
  > invert colors of build step status icons
  > build js
  > don't auto-collapse errored steps
  > prettier build view
  > correct nesting of build plans
  > fix nesting of build plan steps
  > fix ordering of build plan steps
  > jobs can be configured with arbitary build plans
  > split/refactor js
  > process 'finish' event to stop build step running
  > initial rework of UI to support build plans
  > config is compare-and-swapped via header
  > fix job page trigger button
  > fix button spacing
  > tweak trigger/abort buttons
  > use font-awesome in more places
  > main link is a house
  > main is not shift+clickable
  > serve fly as fly.exe on windows, add downloads ui
  > fix 5: the fixening
  > nav bar should probably be full width
  > fixed *and* working
  > fix it
  > show group navigation on every page
  > switch to node-ansiparser; fixes some jankiness
  > add nav bar to build view page
  > thread logger session through to scheduler
  > continue updating pipeline even when requests fail
  > remove back button
  > .has() semantics make me sad
  > don't try and iterate through undefined resources
  > stop minifying build.js
  > remove dead stripes code
  > Revert "add slight shadow to job text"
  > add slight shadow to job text
  > woops, only animate started jobs
  > invert running build colors
  > another swing at running status indicator
  > remove redundant css property
  > less janky running indicator
  > second attempt at more visible 'running' status
  > consolidate dash animation
  > update 'started' ui in legend to reflect border ui
  > add new 'active build' animation for pipeline
  > add enable/disable resource version button
  > fix handling of errors with no origin
  > if there are no groups, show everything
  > introduce db engine; replaces builder and tracker
  > new event system, decoupled from turbine
  > abort using engine
  > generalize engine metadata on builds
  > use api endpoint for build events
  > fix pipeline refreshing, fix animations in firefox
  > trivial, fruitful optimization for node placement
  > position exclusive outputs at the bottom jobs
  > fix: hovering over edge highlights resource
  > show jobs with no status as pending
  > simplify ordering logic
  > improve pipeline view a bit
  > correct rendering of cycles
  > new pipeline ui
  > fix colors of unbuilt jobs
  > respect pipeline group config order in UI
  > Add linebreak when parsing output
  > Merge branch 'public-api'
  > Fix wrong login redirect url
  > Remove view.jsx checked in by accident
  > Improve ansi rendering, fixes \r parsing
  > Fix resources toggling and rendering
  > Rework build/logs rendering using React.js
  > fix build outputs in template
  > Revert "process input/output events by resource, not name"
  > render errors with no origin in build log
  > process input/output events by resource, not name
  > improve gateway rendering
  > dim resource names slightly
  > do not render hidden edges
  > shift+click on a group to toggle it
  > correct job output edge status indication
  > in pipeline, link jobs to next or finished build
  > add labels for edges whose source has many inputs
  > slight refactor of graph rendering
  > auto-update pipeline view
  > render graph entirely in JS using new APIs
  > do not show duration for builds that never started
  > improve rendering of more complicated pipelines
  > thread resources through scheduler to factory
  > push config down into database
  > group pipeline groups into subgraphs; update dagre
  > move domain models to db package
  > use new turbine packages
  > fix errored header styling
  > fix first-occurrence highlighting
  > remove db.AbortBuild, refactor 'it works' test
  > slight fix for \r handling
  > style tweaks
  > fix event log censoring; better 1.1/1.0 handling
  > switch to server-sent events for all build logs
  > more reliable dead connection reaping
  > fan out build logs without blocking
  > durable to cr before seeing previous linebreak
  > add a legend to the pipeline view
  > show build timing information on build page
  > rework pipeline group filtering
  > interpret line-clearing escape codes
  > fix js once again
  > fix code
  > object.length is not a thing
  > Revert "experimental: don't connect dont_check to jobs"
  > experimental: don't connect dont_check to jobs
  > hide resource body with css
  > woops, fix negated if
  > use new ifrit rungroup
  > reconnect to events, show login button on error
  > implement groups configuration and ui
  > fix js
  > collapse inputs, animate active inputs/outputs
  > fix typo
  > better ui for failed inputs and outputs
  > hide resources from pipeline with ?hide-resources
  > history shows version, not just metadata
  > show all versions in history, as input/output
  > only render one line per job via passed: inputs
  > add job view page; shows builds and trigger button
  > use browser's monospace font
  > censor often-senstive info out of v1.0 event streams
  > always set ATC-Authorization cookie
  > initial finer-grained authentication
  > add pipes api
  > simplify abort/logs urls
  > GetBuildResources is by id
  > fix abort build redirect; return job name from db
  > abort and log endpoints are now by build id
  > generalize callbacks to build ids, not job+name
  > build id -> name for consistency
  > fixup more renamed things
  > server -> web, api -> callbacks

Signed-off-by: Josh Winters <>
@vito vito closed this Jan 15, 2018
@vito vito added the accepted label Jan 15, 2018
@vito vito modified the milestone: v3.9.0 Feb 13, 2018
vito added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 15, 2018
Submodule src/ 90dafc1e..4cd0dd97 (rewind):
  < add attribute sort support.
  < Release v1.0.1
  < Update path documentation.
  < Minor code reordering.
  < add support for absolute path queries.
  < Update travis config.
  < fix bug in GetRelativePath.
  < Modify GetPath and GetRelativePath.
  < Added a GetPath() and GetRelativePath() to get the paths of an element.
  < Update travis config
  < Added filterText type
  < Added [text()] syntax to retrieve all elements with non empty text
  < path: add text filters
  < Fix broken Markdown headings
  < Add Permissive read setting.
  < Fix unit test.
Submodule src/ 49a729b..e1df238:
  > fix race/panic in tsa suite
Submodule src/ 7e0847f9..3a5767ca (rewind):
  < added ability to register custom log formatter (#131)
  < Fix typo in cors.go (#127)
  < [bugfix] Handle CORS pre-flight request in middleware (#112)
  < Revert "Add Vary header when allowedOrigins is * (#114)" (#122)
  < Add Vary header when allowedOrigins is * (#114)
  < distinguish between explicit and implicit star (#118)
  < [bugfix] Don't return the origin header when configured to * (#116)
  < Travis go18 (#106)
  < use http.StatusOK as initial value for responseLogger.status (#103)
  < Add sourcegraph badge
  < Merge pull request #97 from nwidger/master
Submodule src/ e48e440e..9fa818a4 (rewind):
  < Add test for multiple calls to Name(). Fixes #394
  < Clarify behaviour of Name method if called multiple times.
  < Update LICENSE & AUTHORS files. (#386)
  < Initialize user map (#371)
  < [deps] Add go.mod for versioned Go (#376)
  < [docs] Improve docstrings for middleware, skipclean (#375)
  < [docs] Doc fix for testing variables in path (#374)
  < Add CORSMethodMiddleware (#366)
  < Fix linter issues (docs) (#370)
  < [build] Update Go versions; add 1.10.x (#364)
  < Fix table-driven example documentation (#363)
  < Make Use() variadic (#355)
  < Modify http status code to variable in README (#350)
  < Modify 403 status code to const variable (#349)
  < Create authentication middleware example. (#340)
  < [docs] Clarify SetURLVars (#335)
  < [docs] Document route.Get* methods consistently (#338)
  < [docs] Improve "walking routes" example. (#337) (#323)
  < add miss "time" (#336)
  < [docs] Fix doc.go (#333)
  < [docs] Add testing example (#331)
  < [docs] Fix Middleware docs typos (#332)
  < Update doc.go: r.AddMiddleware(...) -> r.Use(...)
  < Make shutdown docs compilable (#330)
  < [feat] Add middleware support as discussed in #293 (#294)
  < [docs] Add graceful shutdown example (#329)
  < refactor routeRegexp, particularily newRouteRegexp. (#328)
  < Public test API to set URL params (#322)
  < [docs] Add example usage for Route.HeadersRegexp (#320)
  < [docs] Note StrictSlash re-direct behaviour #308 (#321)
  < Create (#318)
  < [bugfix] Fix method subrouter handler matching (#300) (#317)
  < [docs] fix outdated UseEncodedPath method docs (#314)
  < MatchErr is set to ErrNotFound if NotFoundHandler is used (#311)
  < [docs] Document router.Match (#313)
  < [build] Allow tip failures (#312)
  < .travis.yml: Remove versions < go1.5 from build matrix
  < use req.URL.EscapedPath() instead of getPath(req) (#306)
  < GetQueryTemplates and GetQueryRegexp extraction (#304)
  < Added 1.9 build step (#303)
  < Fix WriteHeader in TestA301ResponseWriter. (#301)
  < [docs] Document evaluation order for routes (#297)
  < [docs] add missing `.` (#292)
  < [docs] Fix missing space in docstring (#289)
  < Fix #271:  Return 405 instead of 404 when request method doesn't match the route
  < Prefer scheme on child route when building URLs.
  < Use scheme from parent router when building URLs.
  < Fix typo
  < Add test and fix for escaped query values.
  < Update docs.
  < Add tests for support for queries in URL reversing.
  < Add support for queries in URL reversing.
  < Update Walking Routes Section
  < Fix invalid example code
  < Removing half of conflict marker (#268)
  < Update README with example for Router.Walk
  < Update ancestors parameter for WalkFunc for matcher subrouters
  < Update Walk to match all subrouters
  < Support building URLs with non-http schemes. (#260)
  < Updated README
  < Added method Route.GetMethods
  < Added method Route.GetPathRegexp
  < fixed typo (#250)
  < Fixing Regexp in the benchmark test (#234)
  < updating logic in route matcher, cleaner and saner (#235)
  < Merge pull request #232 from DavidJFelix/patch-1
  < Add Go 1.8 to .travis.yml
  < [bugfix] fail fast if regex is incorrectly specified using capturing groups. (#218)
  < [docs] Add route listing example to README
  < Merge pull request #199 from wirehead/minor-doc-tweek
  < Merge pull request #215 from ShaneSaww/fix_for_subroutes_with_pathPrefix
  < Merge pull request #196 from olt/doc-non-capture-groups
  < Add useEncodedPath option to router and routes (#190)
  < Simplify extractVars, fixes edge cases. (#185)
  < make the getPath method safer, fixing panics within App Engine (#189)
  < Add mechanism to route based on the escaped path (#184)
  < .travis.yml: add go1.7
  < [docs] Add logo to README. (#180)
  < [docs] Add static file example to README; doc.go. (#179)
  < Clean up some naming in mux_test.go
  < [bugfix] Fix error handling in Router.Walk (#177)
  < [docs] README typo (#175)
Submodule src/ e7c6d408..bcac9884 (rewind):
  < README: Fix "Faking time" Golang playground anchor (#16)
  < travis: bump go version (#15)
  < Add support for fake tickers (#8)
Submodule src/ 7acd5e4a..eaac44c6 (rewind):
  < Treat the xml namespace as already declared during exclusive c14n
  < Avoid mutating the original tree when performing transforms
  < Correctly build a surrounding NSContext to locate SignedInfo
  < In NSFindIterateCtx pass the surrounding context of found elements instead of their own context
  < Improve the efficiency of traversing Signature searching for SignedInfo
  < Improve namespace handling when locating CanonicalizationMethod
  < Improve namespace handling in locating SignedInfo
  < Add etreeutils support for iterating and searching of direct children
  < Actually expand travis test matrix
  < Expand go runtime test matrix
  < Merge pull request #33 from apilloud/chain
  < Merge pull request #31 from skyportsystems/master
  < Merge pull request #35 from danikarik/master
  < Merge pull request #34 from otto-md/master
  < Merge pull request #30 from skyportsystems/master
  < Merge pull request #27 from gravitational/rjones/signature
  < Merge pull request #26 from aidansteele/patch-1
Submodule src/ 383e8b2c..411e09b9 (rewind):
  < Add response field to HttpRule (#87)
  < re-enable 1.6
  < update from googleapis (#88)
  < update from googleapis (#85)
  < update from googleapis (#84)
  < update from googleapis (#83)
  < Revert "update from googleapis (#80)" (#81)
  < update from googleapis (#80)
  < update from googleapis (#79)
  < regen: use api-common-protos (#78)
  < update from googleapis (#76)
  < regenerate (#75)
  < update protos using new go protoc plugin (#73)
  < regen speech pb.gos (#72)
  < update from googleapis (#71)
  < update from googleapis (#69)
  < Update bigtable from googleapis (#70)
  < add cloud tasks protos (#67)
  < update from googleapis (#65)
  < update from googleapis (#63)
  < update from googleapis (#62)
  < update from googleapis (#61)
  < update cloudbuild (#60)
  < update from googleapis (#59)
  < update from googleapis (#58)
  < update generated files from googleapis for googleapis/spanner/* (#57)
  < update from googleapis (#56)
  < update from googleapis (#55)
  < update from googleapis (#54)
  < update generated file for googleapis/spanner/* (#53)
  < update from googleapis (#52)
  < add codeowners (#50)
  < update from googleapis (#49)
  < update from googleapis (#48)
  < update from googleapis (#47)
  < update from googleapis (#45)
  < update generated files (#43)
  < update googleapis (#42)
  < regenerate protos (#41)
  < firestore: add generated client (#40)
  < regenerate from updated googleapis (#39)
  < update from googleapis (#38)
  < update from googleapis and protobuf (#37)
  < regenerated from updated googleapis (#36)
  < regenerate speech client (#35)
  < all: regenerate from googleapis (#32)
  < regenerate with proper protobuf path (#31)
  < all: regenerate from latest googleapis (#29)
  < make travis go get (#28)
  < release videointelligence (#26)
  < all: regenerate from googleapis (#25)
Submodule src/ 07ef407d9..0e8b58d22 (rewind):
  < channelz: unexport unnecessary API on grpc entities (#2257)
  < channelz: use atomic instead of mutex (#2218)
  < internal: remove TestingUseHandlerImpl (#2253)
  < update proto generated code (#2254)
  < Revert "internal: remove transportMonitor, replace with callbacks" (#2252)
  < internal: remove transportMonitor, replace with callbacks (#2219)
  < Change version to 1.15.0-dev (#2247)
  < interop: implement special_status_message interop test (#2241)
  < internal/grpcsync: introduce package for synchronization (#2244)
  < remove 1.6 support for channelz (#2242)
  < transport: eliminate StreamError; use status errors instead (#2239)
  < transport: replace ClientTransport with *http2Client for internal usage (#2238)
  < disable go1.6 travis tests (#2237)
  < go generate: update proto files (#2236)
  < ClientConn: add Target() returning target string (#2233)
  < client: define dialOptions as interfaces instead of functions (#2230)
  < interop: loosen restrictions on creds per test in interop client (#2231)
  < Convert io.ErrUnexpectedEOF to a codes.Internal-marked status in toRPCerr. (#2228)
  < internal/transport: remove unnecessary ServerTransport method (#2224)
  < internal/transport_test.go: prevent leaking context (#2227)
  < internal/syscall: add package description (#2226)
  < transport.go: minor typo fix (#2225)
  < resolver: document that SetDefaultScheme should be called at init time (#2217)
  < addrconn: remove unused wait() method (#2220)
  < dns resolver: exponential retry when getting empty address list (#2201)
  < internal/transport: remove some unused fields from structs (#2213)
  < internal: move DialOptions to a new file (#2193)
  < Benchmark: fix build tags (#2099)
  < transport: move to internal to make room for new, public transport API (#2212)
  < balancer: add rpc method to PickOptions (#2204)
  < transport: double-check deadline when processing server cancelation (#2211)
  < createTransport: timeout under waitForHandshake case should not have transport transferred to ready stage (#2208)
  < deprecate stream, move documentation to client|server stream (#2198)
  < Set and respect HTTP/2 SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE (#2084)
  < travis: skip race testing on 386 as it is not supported (#2207)
  < internal: changes to travis to make it do less work (#2200)
  < stream: in withRetry, block until Status is valid and check on io.EOF (#2199)
  < grpclb: s/fmt.Errorf/errors.New/ (#2196)
  < Fix flaky test: TestClientStreamingError (#2192)
  < Add documentation for loopy. (#2169)
  < Fix test: wait on server to signal successful accept. (#2183)
  < Allow interop client to use call creds on any secure channel (#2185)
  < client: Implement gRFC A6: configurable client-side retry support (#2111)
  < documentation: clarify SendMsg documentation (#2171)
  < credentials: cleanup version-specific files (#2178)
  < Restrict channelz service test to x86 architecture (#2179)
  < client, server: update dial/server buffer options to support a "disable" setting (#2147)
  < credentials: add more appengine build tags (#2177)
  < Revert stickiness (#2175)
  < minor fix: remove redundant channelz files (#2176)
  < channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info with appengine build tags (#2149)
  < Update flow control test to have multiple concurrent streams. (#2170)
  < balancer/grpclb: update to latest lb proto (#2172)
  < resolver/dns: error if target ends with a colon instead of assuming the default port (#2150)
  < grpclb: remove old grpclb generated code  (#2143)
  < testing: run test in simulated appengine environment (#2145)
  < interop: set dns as default scheme in interop client (#2165)
  < Change version to 1.14.0-dev (#2163)
  < Don't log grpclb server ending connection as error (#2162)
  < channelz: move APIs to internal except channelz service (#2157)
  < transport: notify controlbuf that transport is gracefully closing to ensure proper cleanup (#2158)
  < Register incoming stream with loopy as soon as it gets created. (#2144)
  < Import grpclb package in the interop client (#2155)
  < fix: do not percent encode character tilde (#2139)
  < grpclb: backoff for RPC call if init handshake was unsucessful (#2077)
  < status: handle invalid utf-8 characters (#2109) (#2134)
  < Don't do extra work for keepalive when it's disabled. (#2148)
  < internal: move backoff to internal (#2141)
  < Fix flaky tests in transport. (#2120)
  < internal: Change Lock to RLock since no mutation is performed (#2142)
  < grpclb: remove redundent testing struct (#2126)
  < Normalize gRPC LB
  < Fix test: Account for the fact that Dial can return successfully before Accept. (#2123)
  < Add some debug info (#2136)
  < Documentation: create doc describing grpc-go's log levels and their usages (#2033)
  < internal: Update proto generated code (#2133)
  < resolver_conn_wrapper.go: fix minor typo (#2135)
  < internal: move leakcheck to internal/ (#2129)
  < Revert "status: handle invalid utf-8 characters" (#2127)
  < status: handle invalid utf-8 characters (#2109)
  < Revert " channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info" (#2124)
  < grpclb: minor fixes on comments and tests (#2122)
  < channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info (#2098)
  < Split grpclb out of top level grpc package (#2107)
  < Reduce error logs in transport. (#2117)
  < DNS resolver: Throw an error for non-default DNS authority. (#2067)
  < grpclb: sync messages.proto and update client load reporting (#2101)
  < alts: copy handshake address in Clone() (#2119)
  < codes: fix: marshal/unmarshal a Code to JSON fails (#2116)
  < Account for user configured small io write buffer. (#2092)
  < clarify CloseSend vs CloseAndRecv; better formatting (#2071)
  < internal/grpcrand: New package for concurrency-safe randoms (#2106)
  < Clarify newCCResolverWrapper documentation. (#2100)
  < Revert "channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info" (#2096)
  < channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info (#1965)
  < stickiness: limit the max count of stickiness keys (#2021)
  < Benchmarks that runs server and client and separate processes. (#1952)
  < Synchronize WriteStatus with WriteHeader on server. (#2074)
  < internal: update proto generated code (#2093)
  < health: generate health proto from grpc-proto (#2081)
  < internal: remove redundant channelz service go generate (#2085)
  < Revert "Strip port from server name in grpclb (#2066)" (#2083)
  < channelz: generate proto from grpc-proto repo (#2082)
  < internal: move version to a separate file (#2080)
  < internal: fix travis failure on alts proto (#2079)
  < test: make end2end test use split grpc / proto imports (#2069)
  < credentials/alts: make go:generate rebuild alts protos (#2056)
  < channelz: split channelz grpc and pb (#2068)
  < Strip port from server name in grpclb (#2066)
  < benchmark: listen on all addresses in benchmark servers (#2073)
  < regenerate *.pb.go files due to proto-gen-go update (#2070)
  < transport: respect http2 setting SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE (#2045)
  < Add AuthInfoFromContext utility API (#2062)
  < Fix possible data loss; Only let reader goroutine handle connection errors. (#1993)
  < split encode into three functions (#2058)
  < small documentation addition to NewStream (#2060)
  < Documentation: Add initial documentation on concurrency (#2034)
  < status: Introduce FromContextError convenience function (#2057)
  < Change version to 1.13.0-dev (#2054)
  < client: introduce WithDisableServiceConfig DialOption (#2010)
  < fix flaky test caused by race in channelz test (#2051)
  < Fix typo (#2050)
  < Ignore metadata that gRPC explicitly sets. (#2026)
  < internal: better test names (#2043)
  < Revert "Less mem (#1987)" (#2049)
  < client: fix interceptors after recent cleanup (#2046)
  < internal: quits when it sees macosx (#2048)
  < channelz: update proto to canonical version and rename directory (#2044)
  < interop: Fix unimplemented method test (#2040)
  < health: set health proto canonical path (#2038)
  < Fix "deprecated" function godoc comments to match standard formatting (#2027)
  < proto: update generated code (#2039)
  < Rename proto import. (#2036)
  < Fix typos. (#2035)
  < credentials/alts: Refer to ALTS gRPC types by a different package (#2028)
  < http2Client: send reset stream when closing the stream on protocol error (#2030)
  < Stage 3: Channelz server implementation (#1919)
  < Less mem (#1987)
  < server: export ServerTransportStreamFromContext for unary interceptors to control headers/trailers (#2019)
  < dns resolver: create rand seed at init time (#2007)
  < vet: disallow importing "unsafe" (#2024)
  < stickiness: avoid using unsafe (#2023)
  < Fix typos (#2020)
  < travis: skip vet install for 386 (#2018)
  < stickiness: add stickiness support (#1969)
  < Stage 2: Channelz metric collection (#1909)
  < credentials/alts: Add ServiceOption for server-side ALTS creation (#2009)
  < documentation: add instructions for running tests locally (#2006)
  < go vet: fix composite literal uses unkeyed fields (#2005)
  < documentation: add OAuth2 doc and example (#2003)
  < reflection: regenerate pb.go file after typo fix (#2002)
  < Remove unnecessary type conversions (unconvert) (#1995)
  < Fix typos (#1994)
  < Merge pull request #1996 from knweiss/gosimple
  < documentation: mention DialContext is non-blocking by default (#1970)
  < documentation: mention Register functions should be call at init time (#1975)
  < cleanup: extend dial context for TestFailFastRPCErrorOnBadCertificates to 10 seconds (#1984)
  < Fix Test: race between t.Write() and t.closeStream()  (#1989)
  < Small test readability fixes (#1985)
  < documentation: mention peer will only be populated after RPC completes (#1982)
  < Channelz: more stable tesing (#1983)
  < grpclb: fix issues caused by caching SubConns (#1977)
  < createTransport: check for SHUTDOWN before assigning TransientFailure to ac.state  (#1979)
  < resolver/dns: Typo in lookupHost failure warning (#1981)
  < Channelz: Entity Registration and Deletion (#1811)
  < clientconn: add support for unix network in DialContext. (#1883)
  < documentation: Mark compresser and decompresser as deprecated (#1971)
  < grpclb: cache SubConns for 10 seconds after it is removed from the backendlist (#1957)
  < internal: clean up deprecated Invoke() usage (#1966)
  < Mark old balancer and naming APIs as deprecated (#1951)
  < Export changes to OSS. (#1962)
  < metadata: Add Get, Set, and Append methods to metadata.MD (#1940)
  < server: add grpc.Method function for extracting method from context (#1961)
  < resolver/manual: fix minor typo (#1960)
  < status: remove redundant import (#1947)
  < client: Fix race when using both client-side default CallOptions and per-call CallOptions (#1948)
  < Change version to 1.12.0-dev (#1946)
  < resolver: keep full unparsed target string if scheme in parsed target is not registered (#1943)
  < status: rename Status to GRPCStatus to avoid name conflicts (#1944)
  < status: Allow external packages to produce status-compatible errors (#1927)
  < Merge pull request #1941 from jtattermusch/routeguide_reimplement_distance
  < service reflection can lookup enum, enum val, oneof, and field symbols (#1910)
  < Documentation: Fix broken link in (#1935)
  < Correct Go 1.6 support policy (#1934)
  < Add documentation and example of adding details to errors (#1915)
  < Allow storing alternate transport.ServerStream implementations in context (#1904)
  < Fix Test: Update the deadline since small deadlines are prone to flakes on Travis. (#1932)
  < gzip: Add ability to set compression level (#1891)
  < credentials/alts: Remove the enable_untrusted_alts flag (#1931)
  < metadata: Fix bug where AppendToOutgoingContext could modify another context's metadata (#1930)
  < fix minor typos and remove grpc.Codec related code in TestInterceptorCanAccessCallOptions (#1929)
  < credentials/alts: Update ALTS "New" APIs (#1921)
  < client: export types implementing CallOptions for access by interceptors (#1902)
  < travis: add Go 1.10 and run vet there instead of 1.9 (#1913)
  < stream: split per-attempt data from clientStream (#1900)
  < stats: add BeginTime to stats.End (#1907)
  < Reset ping strike counter right before sending out data. (#1905)
  < resolver: always fall back to default resolver when target does not follow URI scheme (#1889)
  < server: Convert all non-status errors to codes.Unknown (#1881)
  < credentials/alts: change ALTS protos to match the golden version (#1908)
  < credentials/alts: fix infinite recursion bug [in custom error type] (#1906)
  < Fix test race: Atomically access minConnecTimout in testing environment. (#1897)
  < interop: Add use_alts flag to client and server binaries (#1896)
  < ALTS: Simplify "New" APIs (#1895)
  < Fix flaky test: TestCloseConnectionWhenServerPrefaceNotReceived (#1870)
  < examples: Replace context.Background with context.WithTimeout (#1877)
  < alts: Change ALTS proto package name (#1886)
  < Add ALTS code (#1865)
  < Expunge error codes that shouldn't be returned from library (#1875)
  < Small spelling fixes (unknow -> unknown) (#1868)
  < clientconn: fix a typo in GetMethodConfig documentation (#1867)
  < Change version to 1.11.0-dev (#1863)
  < benchmarks: add flag to benchmain to use bufconn instead of network (#1837)
  < addrConn: Report underlying connection error in RPC error (#1855)
  < Fix data race in TestServerGoAwayPendingRPC (#1862)
  < addrConn: keep retrying even on non-temporary errors (#1856)
  < transport: fix race causing flow control discrepancy when sending messages over server limit (#1859)
  < interop test: Expect io.EOF from stream.Send() (#1858)
  < metadata: provide AppendToOutgoingContext interface (#1794)
  < Add status.Convert convenience function (#1848)
  < streams: Stop cleaning up after orphaned streams (#1854)
  < transport: support stats.Handler in serverHandlerTransport (#1840)
  < Fix connection drain error message (#1844)
  < Implement unary functionality using streams (#1835)
  < Revert "Add WithResolverUserOptions for custom resolver build options" (#1839)
  < Stream: do not cancel ctx created with service config timeout (#1838)
  < Fix lint error and typo (#1843)
  < stats: Fix bug causing trailers-only responses to be reported as headers (#1817)
  < transport: remove unnecessary rstReceived (#1834)
  < transport: remove redundant check of stream state in Write (#1833)
  < client: send RST_STREAM on client-side errors to prevent server from blocking (#1823)
  < Use keyed fields for struct initializers (#1829)
  < encoding: Introduce new method for registering and choosing codecs (#1813)
  < compare atomic and mutex performance in case of contention. (#1788)
  < transport: Fix a data race when headers are received while the stream is being closed (#1814)
  < Write should fail when the stream was done but context wasn't cancelled. (#1792)
  < Explain target format in DialContext's documentation (#1785)
  < gzip: add Name const to avoid typos in usage (#1804)
  < remove .please-update (#1800)
  < Documentation: update broken wire.html link in metadata package. (#1791)
  < Document that all errors from RPCs are status errors (#1782)
  < update const order (#1770)
  < Don't set reconnect parameters when the server has already responded. (#1779)
  < credentials: return Unavailable instead of Internal for per-RPC creds errors (#1776)
  < Avoid copying headers/trailers in unary RPCs unless requested by CallOptions (#1775)
  < Update version to 1.10.0-dev (#1777)
  < compare atomic and mutex performance for incrementing/storing one variable (#1757)
  < Fix flakey test. (#1771)
  < grpclb: Remove duplicate init() (#1764)
  < server: fix bug preventing Serve from exiting when Listener is closed (#1765)
  < Fix TestGracefulStop flakiness (#1767)
  < server: fix race between GracefulStop and new incoming connections (#1745)
  < Notify parent ClientConn to re-resolve in grpclb (#1699)
  < Add dial option to set balancer (#1697)
  < Fix test: Data race while resetting global var. (#1748)
  < status: add Code convenience function (#1754)
  < vet: run golint on _string files (#1749)
  < examples: fix concurrent map accesses in route_guide server (#1752)
  < grpc: fix deprecation comments to conform to standard (#1691)
  < Adjust keepalive paramenters in the test such that scheduling delays don't cause false failures too often. (#1730)
  < fix typo (#1746)
  < fix stats flaky test (#1740)
  < relocate check for shutdown in ac.tearDown() (#1723)
  < fix flaky TestPickfirstOneAddressRemoval (#1731)
  < bufconn: allow readers to receive data after writers close (#1739)
  < After sending second goaway close conn if idle. (#1736)
  < Make sure all goroutines have ended before restoring global vars. (#1732)
  < client: fix race between server response and stream context cancellation (#1729)
  < In gracefull stop close server transport only after flushing status of the last stream. (#1734)
  < Deflake tests that rely on Stop() then Dial() not reconnecting (#1728)
  < Switch balancer to grpclb when at least one address is grpclb address (#1692)
  < Merge pull request #1724 from grpc/jtattermusch-patch-1
  < codes: Add UnmarshalJSON support to Code type (#1720)
  < naming: Fix build constraints for go1.6 and go1.7 (#1718)
  < remove stringer and go generate (#1715)
  < Add WithResolverUserOptions for custom resolver build options (#1711)
  < Fix grpc basics link in route_guide example (#1713)
  < Optimize codes.String() method using a switch instead of a slice of indexes (#1712)
  < Disable ccBalancerWrapper when it is closed (#1698)
  < Refactor roundrobin to support custom picker (#1707)
  < Change parseTimeout to not handle non-second durations (#1706)
  < make load balancing policy name string case-insensitive (#1708)
  < protoCodec: avoid buffer allocations if proto.Marshaler/Unmarshaler (#1689)
  < Add comments to ClientConn/SubConn interfaces to indicate new methods may be added (#1680)
  < client: backoff before reconnecting if an HTTP2 server preface was not received (#1648)
  < use the request context with net/http handler (#1696)
  < transport: fix race sending RPC status that could lead to a panic (#1687)
  < Fix misleading default resolver scheme comments (#1703)
  < Eliminate data race in ccBalancerWrapper (#1688)
  < Re-resolve target when one connection becomes TransientFailure (#1679)
  < New grpclb implementation (#1558)
  < Fix panics on balancer and resolver updates (#1684)
  < Change version to 1.9.0-dev (#1682)
  < set context timeout when Timeout value >= 0 (#1678)
  < switch balancer based on service config info (#1670)
  < Add proper support for 'identity' encoding type (#1664)
  < update code_string.go for new stringer changes (#1674)
  < addrConn: set ac.state to TransientFailure upon non-temporary errors (#1657)
  < Eliminate race on ac.acbw (#1666)
  < Corrected documentation on Server.Serve (#1668)
  < Update picker doc when returned SubConn is not ready (#1659)
  < travis: fix GOARCH=386 and add misspell check (#1658)
  < Add context benchmarks (#1610)
  < Add protoc command to example/readme (#1653)
  < Implement transparent retries for gRFC A6 (#1597)
  < server: add EXPERIMENTAL tag to grpc.ConnectTimeout (#1652)
  < *: replace deprecated grpc.Errorf calls with status.Errorf (#1651)
  < server: apply deadline to new connections until all handshaking is completed (#1646)
  < codec_benchmark_test: fix racy unmarshal behavior and make some cleanups (#1642)
  < Speed-up quota pools. (#1636)
  < Check ac state shutdown before setting it to TransientFailure (#1643)
  < don't check git status when doing -install (#1641)
  < latency: Listen on localhost:0 instead of :0 in test (#1640)
  < reduce timeout for tests to 5m (7m for testrace) (#1635)
  < Introduce new Compressor/Decompressor API (#1428)
  < Fix settings ack race (#1630)
  < Update examples/ (#1629)
  < Get method string from stream (#1588)
  < fix max msg size type issues on different arch (#1623)
  < Deflake roundrobin TestOneServerDown, and fix test error messages (#1622)
  <  Remove self-imposed limit on max concurrent streams if the server doesn't impose any. (#1624)
  < Acquire all stream related quota and cache it locally since no more than one write can happen in parallel on stream (#1614)
  < Make travis 32-bit actually work (#1621)
  < balancer: reduce chattiness (#1608)
  < Revert "cap max msg size to min(max_int, max_uint32) (#1598)" (#1619)
  < cap max msg size to min(max_int, max_uint32) (#1598)
  < Fix parseTarget for unix socket address without scheme (#1611)
  < Fix connectivity state transitions when dialing (#1596)
  < Update go_package declarations (#1593)
  < ClientHandshake should get the dialing endpoint as the authority (#1607)
  < Add functions to ClientConn so it satisfies an interface for generated code (#1599)
  < Re-add support for Go1.6 (#1603)
  < Make passthrouth resolver the default instead of dns (#1606)
  < Fix goroutine leak in grpclb_test (#1595)
  < Add go report card (#1594)
  < Parse ServiceConfig JSON string (#1515)
  < Register and use default balancers and resolvers (#1551)
  < fix misspell (#1592)
  < Serve() should not return error on Stop() or GracefulStop() (#1485)
  < Remove single-entry var blocks (#1589)
  < update fail fast documentation to remove retry language (#1586)
  < Create versioning and release policy document (#1583)
  < Skip proxy_test in race mode (#1584)
  < transport: minor cleanups (comment and error text) (#1576)
  < Use proto3 in interop tests and end2end tests (#1574)
  < Change version to 1.8.0-dev (#1573)
  < Make resolver Build() take a target struct (#1567)
  < Revert "Temporary disable staticcheck" (#1568)
  < Update UnknownServiceHandler comment to be clearer about interceptor behavior (#1566)
  < transport: fix racey send to writes channel in WriteStatus (#1546)
  < fix stats test race (#1560)
  < Run tests without -v (#1562)
  < Remove Go1.6 support (#1492)
  < Temporary disable staticcheck (#1561)
  < fix TestServerCredsDispatch and stats test race (#1554)
  < Make interop client dial blocking (#1559)
  < benchmark: add type assertion benchmarks (#1556)
  < fix typo and lint (#1553)
  < transport: refactor of error/cancellation paths (#1533)
  < New implementation of roundrobin and pickfirst (#1506)
  < Update format string to match type (#1548)
  < add comment to dns package (#1545)
  < Make IO Buffer size configurable. (#1544)
  < Use the same hpack encoder on a transport and share it between RPCs. (#1536)
  < DNS with new API (#1513)
  < update markdown render (#1542)
  < Revert "Added localhost to net.Listen() calls to avoid macOS firewall dialog." (#1541)
  < Added localhost to net.Listen() calls to avoid macOS firewall dialog. (#1539)
  < transport: remove some defers (#1538)
  < Use Type() method for OAuth tokens instead of accessing TokenType field. (#1537)
  < benchmark: add primivites benchmark for Unlocking via defer vs. inline (#1534)
  < benchmain: format output of benchmark to a table (#1493)
  < Fix misspells (#1531)
  < set PATH to force downloaded binaries to be run (#1529)
  < Fix format error on travis (#1527)
  < Move primitives benchmarks to package primitives_test (#1522)
  < Speed up end to end tests by removing an unnecessary sleep (#1521)
  < Change quota version to uint32 instead on uint64 (#1517)
  < Fix deadline error on grpclb streams (#1511)
  < Dedicated goroutine for writing. (#1498)
  < benchmark: add primitives benchmarks for informational purposes (#1501)
  < Truncate payload trace string, and turn trace off by default (#1509)
  < Add leak goroutine checking to grpc/balancer tests (#1497)
  < Add RegisterIgnoreGoroutine to leakcheck package (#1507)
  < remove a debug print that causes deadlock (#1505)
  < fix protoc installation (#1502)
  < Add new Resolver and Balancer APIs (gRFC L9) (#1408)
  < Fix to avoid annoying firewall dialog on macOS (#1499)
  < Move leak check into a separate leakcheck package (#1445)
  < Change version to 1.7.0-dev (#1496)
  < Run Go1.9 and 386 on Travis (#1475)
  < Check "x/net/context" with `go vet` like "context" (#1490)
  < benchmain: add nop compressor and other usability tweaks (#1489)
  < Fix context warnings from govet. (#1486)
  < benchmain: minor bug fixes (#1488)
  < Update proto generation commands in example doc (#1481)
  < Remove expiration_interval from grpclb message (#1477)
  < balancer_test: possible ctx leak, cancel before break (#1479)
  < Merge pull request #1476 from dfawley/pkg
  < Fix for 32-bit architectures (#1471)
  < When sending a non heads-up goaway close the connection if there are no active streams. (#1474)
  < Remove unnecessary function handleStreamSuspension (#1468)
  < fix grpclb protos to not cause re-registration of types (#1466)
  < transport: fix handling of InTapHandle's returned context (#1461)
  < the cancel function should be called to avoid ctx leak (#1465)
  < add comment (#1464)
  < Remove buf copy when the compressor exist (#1427)
  < transport: Fix deadlock in client keepalive. (#1460)
  < benchmark: add benchmain/main.go to run benchmark with flag set (#1352)
  < stats: add methods to allow setting grpc-trace-bin and grpc-tags-bin headers (#1404)
  < deduplicate dns record in lookup (#1454)
  < Add -u to  installation command (#1451)
  < addrConn: change address to slice of address (#1376)
  < go-generate pb.go files and check in Travis to make sure they don't change (#1426)
  < Fix host string passed to PerRPCCredentials (#1433)
  < metadata: Remove NewContext and FromContext for gRFC L7 (#1392)
  < Add status details support to server HTTP handler (#1438)
  < put *gzip.Writer back to pool (#1441)
  < Automatic WriteStatus for RecvMsg/SendMsg error on server side (#1409)
  < Update ServerInHandle comments (#1437)
  < Server should send 2 goaway messages to gracefully shutdown the connection. (#1403)
  < Add and use connectivity package for states (#1430)
  < Add 'experimental' note to ServeHTTP godoc (#1429)
  < Document Server.ServeHTTP (#1406)
  < Set peer before sending request (#1423)
  < Fix missing and wrong license (#1422)
  < Fix a goroutine leak in DialContext (#1424)
  < Use `NewOutgoingContext ` in the metadata doc (#1425)
  < Fix typo
  < Add flags for tls file path (#1419)
  < Change comment on stats.End.Error (#1418)
  < Call cancel on contexts in tests (#1412)
  < Don't use 64-bit integers with atomic. (#1411)
  < benchmark: don't stop timer until after workers are done (#1407)
  < Validate send quota again after acquiring writable channel (#1367)
  < Use log instead of grpclog in routeguide example (#1395)
  < Revert "Make all "grpc-" metadata field names reserved (#1391)" (#1400)
  < Enabling client process multiple GoAways (#1393)
  < Assign testdata path to correct variable (#1397)
  < Do not call testdata.Path when defining flags (#1394)
  < Make all "grpc-" metadata field names reserved (#1391)
  < remove defer funtion in recvBufferReader Read method (#1031)
  < Add testdata package and unify testdata to only one dir (#1297)
  < DNS resolver (#1300)
  < Expose ConnectivityState of a ClientConn. (#1385)
  < status: Add WithDetails and Details functions (#1358)
  < benchmark: remove multi-layer for loop (#1339)
  < transport: fix minor typo in http2_server.go (#1383)
  < Add doc in default implementation fatal functions on os.Exit() (#1365)
  < Fix bufconn.Close to not be blocking. (#1377)
  < Do not create new addrConn when connection error happens (#1369)
  < Change version to 1.6.x (#1382)
  < Revert "Use bufconn in end2end tests." (#1381)
  < Fix logging method (#1375)
  < Use bufconn in end2end tests.
  < Create bufconn package for a local, buffered net.Conn and dialer/listener
  < Fix a typo in examples/ (#1374)
  < Use log severity and verbosity level (#1340)
  < fix deadlock of roundrobin balancer (#1353)
  < Ignore goroutines spanwned by log.init during leakcheck. (#1368)
  < Populate callInfo.peer object for streaming RPCs (#1356)
  < BDP estimation and window update. (#1310)
  < Canonicalize as the preferred URL prefix
  < Update leckCheck to ignore non-gRPC goroutine introduced in Go1.9 (#1351)
  < Do not flush NewStream header on client side for unary RPCs and streaming RPCs with requests. (#1343)
  < adjust import order (#1311)
  < add license for some proto files (#1322)
  < latency: sleep in Write when BDP is exceeded to avoid buffer bloat (#1330)
  < Add documentation to deprecate WithTimeout dial option (#1333)
  < change objects in recvBuffer queue from interface to concrete type to reduce allocs (#1029)
  < Catch invalid use of Server.RegisterService after Register.Serve (#828)
  < benchmark: add latency/MTU/bandwidth into testcases (#1304)
  < Updated documentation of ClientStream. (#1320)
  < Add support for grpc.SupportPackageIsVersion3 back (#1331)
  < Deflake TestServerGoAway (#1321)
  < dont create new reader in recvMsg (#940)
  < Make Apache 2.0 LICENSE file a verbatim copy (#1329)
  < Protect bytesSent and bytesReceived with mutex to avoid datarace (#1318)
  < Add Severity and VerboseLevel to grpclog. (#922)
  < update LICENSE (#1312)
  < fix spell (#1314)
  < Add goroutine safety doc on stream (#1313)
  < replace with localhost for ipv6 only environment (#1306)
  < transport: fix error handling on Stream deletion (#1275)
  < Behaviour Change: transport errors should be coded Unavailable instead of internal. (#1307)
  < Support ipv6 addresses in grpclb (#1303)
  < Return header in Stream.Header() if available (#1281)
  < add license for some files (#1296)
  < Make RPCs non-failfast in grpclb_test. (#1302)
  < Specify characters allowed in metadata keys (#1299)
  < use subtests for the benchmark_test and add it into the Makefile (#1278)
  < update the path of guide (#950)
  < Create latency package for realistically simulating network latency (#1286)
  < Deflake TestFlowContolLogicalRace (#1279)
  < Merge pull request #1290 from jtattermusch/apache_license
  < Change version to 1.5.0-dev (#1288)
  < transport: fix minor typo in 'GoAway' godoc (#1284)
  < Piggyback window updates for connection with those of a stream. (#1273)
  < Reopening: Server shouldn't Fatalf in case it fails to encode. (#1276)
  < Avoid int32 overflow when applying initial window size setting
  < Revert "Server shouldn't Fatalf in case it fails to encode. (#1251)" (#1274)
  < Server shouldn't Fatalf in case it fails to encode. (#1251)
  < Decouple transport flow control from application read. (#1265)
  < Update references to route_guide.proto to use new directory name (#1270)
  < add MaxConcurrentStreams to benchmark_test when start the server (#1271)
  < Merge pull request #1267 from jtattermusch/improve_contributing
  < re-enable handler_server in end2end test, and fix some failed tests (#1259)
  < Avoid panic caused by stdlib context package errors (#1258)
  < Initialize stream properly in handler_server. (#1260)
  < Expand stream's flow control in case of an active read. (#1248)
  < Suppress server log message when EOF without receiving data for preface (#1052)
  < Fixed comment spelling (#1254)
  < Merge pull request #1165 from lyuxuan/service_config_pr
  < clientconn, server: replace time.After with time.NewTimer (#998)
  < grpclb balancer.Close() should not panic if called more than once (#1250)
  < Add doc and example for mocking streaming RPCs (#1230)
  < Test for EmptyCallOption
  < Implement `EmptyCallOption`
  < Reuse Token for serviceAccount credentials (#1238)
  < Travis: add staticcheck (#1019)
  < Defined GA and add pointer to benchmarks (#1239)
  < call listen with "localhost:port" instead of ":port" in tests (#1237)
  < fix server panic trying to send on stream as client disconnects #1111 (#1115)
  < Eagerly set a pointer to nil to help GC (#1232)
  < add logs to grpclb on send and recv (#1235)
  < Add stats test for client streaming and server streaming RPCs (#1140)
  < Adding dial options for PerRPCCredentials (#1225)
  < Pass custom dialer to balancer (#1205)
  < Http status to grpc status conversion (#1195)
  < Calling handleRPC with context derived from the original (#1227)
  < Use pooled gzip.{Writer,Reader} in gzip{Compressor,Decompressor} (#1217)
  < tentative fix to a flow control over-give-back bug (#1170)
  < Ensure that RoundRobin.Close() does not panic. (#1139)
  < Log the actual error when inTapHandle fails in http2Server (#1185)
  < make ServerOption panic messages more clear. (#1194)
  < Make window size configurable. (#1210)
  < Reset proto before unmarshalling (#1222)
  < Merge pull request #1221 from adelez/doc_fixit
  < Fix go buildable source file problem (#1213)
  < don't add defer func if stats handler is nil (#1214)
  < Change version to 1.4.0-dev (#1212)
  < Fix nil pointer dereferences from status.FromProto(nil) (#1211)
  < Split grpclb client load report test to deflake test. (#1206)
  < Use unpadded base64 encoding for binary metadata headers; handle padded or unpadded input (#1209)
  < Never encode binary metadata within the metadata map (#1188)
  < Client load report for grpclb. (#1200)
  < Use proto.Equal for equalities on Go proto messages (#1204)
  < Update grpclb proto and move grpclb into package grpc (#1186)
  < Revert "temporary disable 1.6 on travis (#1198)" (#1199)
  < temporary disable 1.6 on travis (#1198)
  < Revert "To adhere with protocol the server should send RST_STREAM on observing timeout on a strea, (#1130)"
  < Make sure all in-flight streams close when ClientConn.Close() is called. (#1136)
  < To adhere with protocol the server should send RST_STREAM on observing timeout on a strea, (#1130)
  < Fix broken Markdown headings in examples/ (#1189)
  < Support proxy with dialer (#1098)
  < grpclb should connect to the second balancer (#1181)
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