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Core Optimization (coop)

Updated Sep 17, 2019

Core Optimization

containerd workers

Updated Sep 16, 2019

Replace Garden with direct usage of containerd.

Resources v1.5

Updated Sep 9, 2019

Loose ends that we should wrap up soon.

  • Make registry-image official
  • Bless builder task
  • Extract core resources
  • Standardize on ubuntu based images

Super Admin Privilege

Updated Sep 16, 2019

Take the current Admin privilege and give it all permissions. All checkboxes on our docs permissions page ( should be checked-off for the Admin "role".


Updated Sep 19, 2019

Implement a queueing mechanism for resource checking, replacing the radar component and making our check APIs async.

Runtime side-road

Updated Sep 16, 2019

Small features or bug fixes that aren't part of any epic on the roadmap.

API side-road

Updated Sep 18, 2019

Small features or bug fixes that aren't part of any epic on the roadmap.


Updated Jul 31, 2019

Introduce traceability of resources flowing through jobs in a pipeline.

Build Rendering Performance

Updated Sep 19, 2019

Improve the rendering time of builds with a ton of log output.


Updated Jul 31, 2019

A Concourse-wide search functionality for quick keyboard-based navigation.

Responsive UI Breakpoints

Updated Jul 31, 2019

Work gooder on more screen sizes.

Error States UI

Updated Sep 3, 2019

Redesigning our 'error' states.

Elm Pipeline UI

Updated Sep 17, 2019

Re-implement the pipeline UI everyone knows & loves...but in Elm! And fix any broken windows we find along the way.

UX side-road

Updated Sep 20, 2019

Small features or bug fixes that aren't part of any epic on the roadmap.

Credentials Redux

Updated Jul 31, 2019


Core side-road

Updated Sep 17, 2019

Small features or bug fixes that aren't part of any epic on the roadmap.

Ephemeral Check Containers

Updated Aug 12, 2019

No description

Container Scheduling

Updated Jul 30, 2019

No description

Worker Resiliency

Updated Sep 20, 2019

This project covers the work required to make Concourse more resilient to worker issues.


Updated Aug 13, 2019

See the Projects RFC for more information.

Build re-triggering

Updated Sep 9, 2019

Enable re-triggering of a build with the exact same inputs.

Pipeline Automation

Updated Aug 28, 2019

Make pipelines first-class: automate their configuration, archival, and organization.

Algorithm v3

Updated Sep 11, 2019

Implement a new algorithm for determining build input candidates so that Concourse performs well at scale and over time.


Updated Sep 9, 2019

The Concourse project roadmap. For long-form updates, check out the Roadmap tag on our blog!

Kubernetes Runtime

Updated Sep 9, 2019

This project is to track all work related to supporting a Kubernetes runtime for Concourse.

Because Concourse is currently so coupled to the container/volume/worker workflow, this project will also encompass the creation of a runtime "interface" which should abstract Concourse core concepts away from lower level implementation detail.

Filter & Search

Updated May 17, 2019

This is a set of stories for new page filtering and search functions across the Concourse UI

Build Page Redesign

Updated Aug 1, 2019

No description

API v2

Updated Feb 4, 2019
  • Decoupling the API from the rest of the system. The API will modify database state and other components (build starter, resource scanner, etc...) will take it from there.

  • Consolidating all our various handlers into a single query-able handler. GraphQL or REST-based query API.

  • Introducing better pub/sub support. For backend components (through postgres NOTIFY) and frontend components (through SSE and/or websockets).

Soak Tests

Updated Jan 28, 2019

Cataloguing various things to test in a long-lived environment.

Kubernetes Helm Chart

Updated Aug 23, 2019

Currently planned work related to the Concourse Helm/Chart and improvements to making Concourse work smoothly on Kubenernetes.

Chat about it in the #kubernetes channel in Discord.

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