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Documentation changes #38

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zachgersh committed May 16, 2015
commit 4624e5216e5e59b5f6f941598ea8c7cd16df41fb
@@ -27,26 +27,26 @@ the project!
- ruby
- use system provided if you have it
- bosh_cli (ruby-gem and all around bosh goodness)
- ```gem install bosh_cli bosh_cli_plugin_micro --no-ri --no-rdoc```
- `gem install bosh_cli bosh_cli_plugin_micro --no-ri --no-rdoc`
- direnv (homebrew installed)
- ```brew install direnv```
- `brew install direnv`
- fly (grab this from
- [fly-binary-darwin](
- [fly-binary-linux](
- go (you can install via homebrew)
- ```brew install go```
- `brew install go`
- ginkgo (testing framework for go, assuming you grab go first)
- ```go get```
- `go get`
- postgresql (you can also install this via homebrew)
- ```brew install postgresql```
- `brew install postgresql`
- virtualbox
- [grab it here](
- `brew install virtualbox`
- vagrant
- [grab the latest version](
- `brew install vagrant`

### Setting Up a Bosh-lite
Concourse is a bosh release, so you're probably going to want to setup a
bosh-litethat you can deploy concourse to before pushing your changes
bosh-lite that you can deploy concourse to before pushing your changes
to the develop branch.

Jump over to the bosh-lite [repo](
@@ -60,9 +60,9 @@ All set with bosh-lite? Great! Let's grab the concourse release
through a deployment:

- You may notice that Concourse ships with a .envrc file. We use a tool
called direnv (mentioned above) to mange your ```$GOPATH```.
called direnv (mentioned above) to mange your `$GOPATH`.
- We make extensive use of submodules in this release, you will want to
run ```git submodule update --init``` within your Course clone.
run `git submodule update --init` within your Course clone.

You should now be all set to bosh deploy Concourse. A bosh-lite
manifest has been provided for you in the manifests directory.
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ directly to your bosh-lite, this requires a couple of things:
- Upload a garden-linux-release to your bosh-lite,
you can grab it [here](
- cd to the top-level of testflight (it's a submodule)
and run ```./scripts/local-test```
and run `./scripts/local-test`
- Sit back and wait for the testflight to pass

### Running ATC Suite
@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ ATC tests are shockingly simple to run (assuming you have
ginkgo / postgresql already installed).

After cloning ATC run:
```ginkgo -p -r```
`ginkgo -p -r`
from the top-level ATC directory

### Fly Testing (What to watch for)
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ Again, relying on the fact that you have already installed

After cloning fly run:
```ginkgo -p -r```
`ginkgo -p -r`
within the fly directory you just cloned

### Shipit
ProTip! Use n and p to navigate between commits in a pull request.
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