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Authoring Docs

The docs are written in Anatomy, which admittedly has no docs of its own. Your best bet if you don't know it yet is to just wing it and look to the rest of the docs for pointers.

Building Docs

Building the docs can either be done locally with Anatomy or done remotely via fly. Getting everything going locally is much better but it's a bit harder to get Rubinius installed.


  1. Install Rubinius.
  2. bundle install
  3. bundle exec anatomy -i index.any -o /tmp/docs
  4. Open /tmp/docs/index.html in your browser.

Alternatively, pass -s to anatomy and it'll spin up a web server that rebuilds and serves the docs live.

With fly

  1. Spin up a Concourse somewhere.
  2. From the concourse repo, run fly -t TARGET execute -x -c ci/build-docs.yml -o built-docs=/tmp/docs
  3. Open /tmp/docs/index.html in your browser.