Concourse CLI for interacting with the ATC API
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A command line interface that runs a build in a container with ATC.

The documentation is hosted together with Concourse's docs.

A good place to start learning about Concourse is its documentation or its BOSH release.

Reporting Issues and Requesting Features

Please report all issues and feature requests in concourse/concourse.


Fly is built using Go. Building and testing fly is most easily done from a checkout of concourse.

  1. Check out concourse and update submodules:
git clone --recursive
cd concourse
  1. Install direnv. Once installed you can cd in and out of the concourse directory to setup your environment.

  2. You can now build the fly binary with go build:

cd src/
go build
  1. You can also now run tests by installing and running ginkgo:
go get
ginkgo -r

Installing from the Concourse UI for Project Development

Fly is available for download in the lower right-hand corner of the concourse UI.

fly download links

  1. Navigate to your Concourse instance in the browser, and click the button corresponding to your OS

  2. Move the downloaded file onto your PATH

install ~/Downloads/fly /usr/local/bin
  1. Confirm availability with which fly

Upgrading Fly

Fly is not available for upgrade independently of Concourse. You can download the corresponding upgraded version of Fly via the following:

  • using the Concourse UI
  • running fly -t example sync if you already have fly locally