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Concourse Resource Types

Welcome to the Concourse resource types repository! Here you can publish your resource type. Upon approval, it will be live in the Concourse docs site under the ‘Resource Types’ section.

On this page, you’ll find details on how to contribute a resource type to the repository. You can find instructions on building a resource type here.

Submitting a Resource Type

Resource types can be submitted directly to this repo through a fork-and-PR workflow:

  1. Fork the Concourse Resource Types repo into your Github account.

  2. Add a yaml file for your resource type directly in the same folder as this

    Follow the schema: [OWNER_NAME]-[RESOURCE_TYPE_NAME].yml for file name (e.g. concourse-git-resource.yml)

  3. Populate your file with the resource type name, repo url and the description of the resource type. For example:

    name: git
    ## Add the full url of the image if it is not listed under dockerhub
    container_image: concourse/git-resource
    description: |
        tracks commits in a branch of a Git repository
  4. Commit your work, making sure your commit has a signature certifying agreement to the DCO. For more information, see signing your work.

  5. When you're ready, push your code and submit a pull request!

  6. Your pull request will be reviewed by one or more maintainers, and you might receive feedback or requests for additional changes to your code.

    In order to approve a resource type, we check the following:

    • You are the primary maintainer of the resource type or affiliated to the maintaining org.
    • The repository url of the resource type is valid.
    • The container image of the resource type exits.
  7. When a maintainer accepts your changes, they will merge your pull request.

Where to get help

There are two main channels that the Concourse community uses for getting help and discussing potential changes.

  1. Get help in Discord in the #resource-types channel. Click here to get access.
  2. Discuss new ideas in the Concourse forums.