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Composer Based Skeleton for concrete5 sites

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Creating a new project

First choose a name for your project. In this example, our project is called "the_oregon_trail"

$ composer create-project -n concrete5/composer the_oregon_trail

Now you have the latest version of concrete5 and you're ready to install!

Note: This is a skeleton project. So once you create a project, you can install your own VCS and change the README and all that.

Starting with the concrete5 latest develop

First create a new project

$ composer create-project -n concrete5/composer the_oregon_trail

Then navigate into that project and require the dev-develop version of concrete5/core

$ cd the_oregon_trail
$ composer require concrete5/core:dev-develop

Installing concrete5

Navigate into your new concrete5 project

$ cd the_oregon_trail

and use the interactive install commmand that comes with concrete5's CLI tool

$ ./vendor/bin/concrete5 c5:install -i

Follow directions and your site will begin installing!

Note: You can also run the CLI tool directly with PHP

$ ./public/concrete/bin/concrete5

Install a concrete5 package using composer

Find the package you'd like to install on (in this case concrete5/sample_composer_package)

Note: You can also use composer's repository functionality to manage private packages using composer

$ composer require concrete5/sample_composer_package
$ ./vendor/bin/concrete5 c5:package-install sample_composer_package

Compiling JS / CSS assets

This library uses Laravel Mix. See webpack.mix.js. To build assets:

npm install
npm run dev   # Build for development
npm run hot   # Build with hot reloading enabled (See hot reloading section)
npm run watch # Build with a watcher that rebuilds when files change
npm run prod  # Build for production

Hot Module Replacement

Hot module replacement (hot reloading) allows you to write code and instantly see the changes in your browser, without reloading the page. In order to use hot reloading with concrete5, you'll want to use the mix and mixAsset helper functions to wrap your js and css urls. These functions make it so that your assets automatically detect hot reloading mode and output the appropriate urls, they are safe to use in production:

In a page theme:

use function Concrete5\Composer\mixAsset;

class PageTheme extends Theme
  public function registerAssets()
use function Concrete5\Composer\mixAsset;

class Controller extends BlockController
    public function registerViewAssets()

or in a theme template:

use function Concrete5\Composer\mix;

<script src='<?= mix('/path/to/your/asset.js') ?>'></script>
<link href='<?= mix('/path/to/your/asset.css') ?>' />

Free marketplace addons

Do you want to install an add-on that is free in the concrete5 marketplace, but not on Go to

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