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Composer Based Skeleton for concrete5 sites

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Creating a new project

First choose a name for your project. In this example, our project is called "the_oregon_trail"

$ composer create-project -n concrete5/composer the_oregon_trail

Now you have the latest version of concrete5 and you're ready to install!

Note: This is a skeleton project. So once you create a project, you can install your own VCS and change the README and all that.

Starting with the concrete5 latest develop

$ composer create-project -n concrete5/composer:8.x-dev the_oregon_trail

Installing concrete5

Navigate into your new concrete5 project

$ cd the_oregon_trail

and use the interactive install commmand that comes with concrete5's CLI tool

$ ./vendor/bin/concrete5 c5:install -i

Follow directions and your site will begin installing!

Note: You can also run the CLI tool directly with PHP

$ ./public/concrete/bin/concrete5

Install a concrete5 package using composer

Find the package you'd like to install on (in this case concrete5/sample_composer_package)

Note: You can also use composer's repository functionality to manage private packages using composer

$ composer require concrete5/sample_composer_package
$ ./vendor/bin/concrete5 c5:package-install sample_composer_package

Compiling JS / CSS assets

This library uses Laravel Mix. See webpack.mix.js. Using Yarn run (If you're using NPM instead, just swap yarn for npm.):

yarn install
yarn dev

To compile assets for development.

Do you want to install an add-on that is free in the concrete5 marketplace, but not on Go to