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Official repository for concrete5 5.7 development
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concrete5 Developer Repository

This is the developer repository for Concrete5.


This repository contains Concrete5 version 5.7 and greater. Look for 5.6? You want the concrete5-legacy repository.


  1. Make sure your development environment enables PHP short tags.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Use Composer to install the third party dependencies

    If composer is installed globally:

    cd web/concrete
    composer install

    If composer is downloaded as a .phar:

    cd web/concrete
    php /path/to/composer.phar install

    This should install everything necessary into the vendor/ directory in the concrete directory.

  4. Use npm to install grunt to the build directory and install the command line interface

    cd build
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install
  5. Build concrete5 sources with grunt

    cd build
    grunt release
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