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Dependency patches for the concrete5 dependencies
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Dependency patches for concrete5

concrete5 version 8 still supports PHP version 5.5. This is required because many users are still using that PHP version, and they may not be able (or may not know how) to upgrade to a newer PHP version.

Internal changes in newer PHP versions require to upgrade some of the composer packages used by concrete5, but those packages are no more compatible with PHP 5.5, so we need a way to patch them.

This dependency-patches project contains those required patches, so that concrete5 can be used with PHP ranging from 5.5 to the newer versions.

How to use

The official releases of concrete5 that can be downloaded from already contain the patches included in dependency-patches.

If you use a composer-based concrete5 installation you need to add these lines to your composer.json file:

  • in the require section:
    "concrete5/dependency-patches": "^1.0.0",
  • in the extra section:
    "allow-subpatches": [

How to add a new patch

If you want to patch a composer package named <vendor>/<package> at version 1.2.3, you should:

  1. create a .patch file in the <vendor>/<package> directory
  2. add a <vendor>/<package>:1.2.3 key to the extra.patches section of the composer.json file of this project. For example:
    "<vendor>/<package>:1.2.7": {
        "Description of the patch": "<vendor>/<package>/name-of-the-patch-file.patch"
  3. to test the patch locally, you can edit the composer.json file of your concrete5 installation, adding:
    • In the require section:
      "concrete5/dependency-patches": "dev-master"
    • In the repositories section:
          "type": "path",
          "url": "relative/or/absolute/path/to/your-local/dependency-patches"
      PS: on Windows, you can use forward slashes (/) instead of back-slashes (\) as the directory separator.
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