A concrete5 package for cleaning existing sites or seeding new ones
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So Fresh and so Clean

The concrete5 fresh package makes it simple to clean a database or seed it with fresh data.


Fresh is really easy to customize with your own cleaners / seeders. A few ways to get started are listed below

Quick and Dirty

If you're working to test something, or needing to quickly clean things from your install without permanent changes to your project, you may just want a simple entry point for custom functionality.

In your /application/bootstrap/app.php you can define your cleaner / seeder:

// Override `fresh::cleaners.cleaner` config entry
$app['config']['fresh::cleaners.cleaner'] = new Class() extends \PortlandLabs\Fresh\Clean\Cleaner {

    public function run()
        $this->output->section('Custom Cleaner!');

Maintainable and happy

Rather than making a quick and dirty anonymous class, let's use configuration to point to a class that exists in our namespace.

First make sure you have a class that exists in your namespace, in this example we're using \PortlandLabs\FooBaz\CleanRoutine.

Next override the fresh::cleaners.cleaner or the fresh::seeders.seeder config item


return [
    'cleaner' => '\PortlandLabs\FooBaz\CleanRoutine'