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<3~~~~~~~~THEME BY HURTPIGGYPIG & MAD MATT~~~~~~~~~<3

Hello thanks for downloading my lovely creation. I'm just going to include a few notes here that may help you use and understand the theme.


compatible with: Stepmania 3.95 and arcade machines - NOT compatible with oITG beta3 normal aspect ratio and widescreen

functionality for: dance, pump, and techno game modes

Menu musics by Mute various sounds from Super Meat Boy (lol)

OPERATOR MENU includes options for:


**Turning off Way Offs and Decents sets the Way Off and Decent timing windows to the same as the Great timing window, making them impossible to trigger. What would have been a Way Off or Decent will be a Miss instead. If the pad triggers in the time that would have been the early Way Off or Decent window, it won’t register, giving the player another chance to hit the arrow on time. This helps compensate for pad misfires but can also make it much easier for players to mash and get Greats instead of non-combos.

**There is an obvious visual difference on the evaluation screen if decents/way offs are turned off, so people can tell in screenshots.


**Decides whether or not a player will be disqualified from ranking for using certain mods (such as a Cmod on songs with BPM changes, for example). If disqualification is turned ON, a player's score will not be saved on the machine OR their personal USB if they use disqualifying mods.


**Timer mode allows operator to set amount of time a player can play per credit. A timer shows up during their game. Operator can also set the “cut off time” - or how long the player is allowed to continue playing the current song if the timer runs out during a song.

**If time runs out in Event Mode, the timer will continue counting showing negative time. If play length is set to 0 in Event Mode, the timer will count up instead to time your session.


**Merciful beginner prevents failing and adds stoplight/pad graphics when the difficulty is set to Novice. Setting this to "OFF" will make Novice charts play like any other chart.


**If set to "OFF" the machine will not save ghost data information, but players will still be able to select and use it from the mods menu.
**If set to "ON" the machine will record ghost data for every song that is played, saving the highest percentage score run for each chart.


  • When in the game DANCE, the style SOLO will only show up if not on an arcade machine (also should not show up on oITG).


- Bubbles near the difficulty row show the step artist (or whatever is written in the description field of the .sm file) for each chart.

- Bubbles near the song length show how many rounds a song counts as. This depends on the length set in the metrics for LongVerSongSeconds and MarathonVerSongSeconds. The default for this theme lists a Long Version (counts as 2 rounds) as anything over 3:30 and a Marathon Version (counts as 3 rounds) doesn't exist (set to 99999 seconds).

- If autogen is turned on (off by default on an ITG arcade cabinet, on by default in the game TECHNO) an icon will appear next to the song title with autogenerated steps.


  • Multi-line speed mods: choose X or C on the first line, adjust the value on the second. Holding the button down longer will make the value change faster.

  • Scroll speeds are automatically adjusted to counteract rate mods. (If a player uses c600 and plays a song on 2x rate, the scroll speed will be 600 not 1200).

  • Vocalize Score - by default, a random voice will read each score on the evaluation screen aloud. A player can choose different voices, blender (each digit is a random voice), or turn the vocalization off. A few of these voices have a few explicit sound files, so they may need to be removed for public machines. Use your own discretion!

**TO REMOVE VOICES: In Scripts/Vocalize.lua, remove the name from the top list of voice options. The voice will no longer show up in the mod menu.

**TO ADD VOICES: Look in other voice folders in the Vocalize folder for a list of necessary sounds. Sounds must be .ogg format, and each recording should be around the same length, or the timing will be messed up. The new voice must be added to Vocalize/Vocalize.xml. Add the new voice name (in alphabetical order) to the list at the top of the file. DONE! Additional voice packs may be released in the future that can be added on.

CLEAN, UNOFFENSIVE VOICES: Alan Brandon Jayce Joy Marissa Mark Nick Phil Shizuka Tyler Alessandro_italian Joy_swedish Panzer Shizuka_japanese Sirin_turkish

VOICES WITH QUESTIONABLE CONTENT: Charles - "ass" "whore" "bitch" David - "pussy" Garrett - "fucK" "niggaz" "bitch" Jim - "nigger" "shit" "tits" "fuck" Matt - "fucking" Madame_Moisture - "bitches" Ryan - "retards" Sara - "mothafuckaa" Steven - "dick" Vospi - "fuckin"

  • Judgment Font - Each player can choose the judgment used during gameplay. Only the graphics are changed; zoom and animation are still controlled in the metrics and will be the same for every judgment graphic. Hold judgments are not changed, and neither are beginner judgments.

**TO ADD JUDGMENTS: Put the judgment image in the folder Grahpics/_Judgments, with a file name "(your judgment's name) 2x6.png". Then open Scripts/Other.lua and add (your judgment's name) to the list of Judgment fonts. The graphic should be about the same size as the ones included or there will be sizing issues (again, because the zoom is controlled in the metrics and will apply to all).

  • Music Rate - Slower rates of 0.5-0.9 are included in this theme by default, but they will not be available in pay mode.

  • Next Screen - Gameplay will start the song, Select Music will take you back to the select music screen, More Options will take you to the second mod page. The most frequently changed mods are on the first screen while the rest are on the second.

  • Hide Background no longer disqualifies from ranking.

  • Ghost Data **Compare your score to personal best, machine record, or see subtractive scoring. **See how many measures into a run you are - select the type of note you’d like to track - if you’ve played the song before, it will also show how many measures remain.

  • Surround Lifebar - Lifebar will fill the screen during gameplay - background briefly flashes green if you’ve survived low life “danger”


- Display BPM is adjusted for rate mods, so it will show the actual BPM even if you are using a rate mod.

- When two players are playing, the player whose score is lower is dimmed for easy comparison during close matches.


  • Step artist is displayed next to the step chart difficulty.

  • Style icon is displayed in the header.


- After the game is over, there is a summary screen (or multiple) showing all your scores 

- You can screenshot these screens.


Options are no longer controlled from the metrics, they are now entirely lua controlled. The reason for doing it in a separate file is that if the theme is updated, you can just copy/paste that new file into the new version, without having to change anything.

  • Put your noteskin files in the Noteskins folder of Stepmania.

  • Make a new file in the scripts directory named something that comes alphabetically after "mods"

  • Paste this line into your new lua file: ModsMaster.NoteSkin = { modlist = {'Cel','Metal','Flat','Robot','Vivid'}, Select = 1 }

  • Add your noteskin names to the modlist table.


ModsMaster.NoteSkin = { modlist = {'Cel','Metal','Flat','Robot','Vivid','Poop','Segment','Bubble'}, Select = 1 }


- When switching games from within the theme, you have to close and re-open Stepmania or there will be ~problems~ Alternatively, you can change these settings in your Stepmania's Data/GamePrefs.ini file before opening Stepmania.

- There may be a few errors when switching to widescreen from within the theme, but they are not important, don't crash, and can be ignored.

- The target arrows in Technomotion's edit mode are not centered and never will be :(

- If you switch colors when starting a game and go into Marathon mode, the difficulty colors next to the songs may not match. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.