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Deprecation notice

With the great success of Conda Forge (presently about 1000 recipes), this recipe collection is being deprecated. It is left here for reference purposes, but we are not accepting new PRs, nor responding to issues here.

The full list of conda-forge feedstocks is at

Learn more about conda-forge at

For issues with packages from the defaults channel, please post to

Important Note

This repository has grown to well over 500 packages, and we are doing some housekeeping. We are currently in the process of moving most/all python packages into the python root directory. From there, we'll continue tidying up the root diretory with categories as appropriate.

Conda Recipes

Example recipes for the conda build system. Use

conda build <recipe directory>

This is a community repository. These recipes are not necessarily those used to create the Anaconda Python Distribution.

See for information on how to make a recipe, or just look at the examples here.

This project (conda-recipes) is in the public domain. Note that this statement does not reflect in any way, shape or form the licenses of the projects which are being built from these recipes. For example, even though a project foo might have an MIT, Apache, or any other license, the recipe for project foo (within this repository) is public domain.