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This repository

  • is the home of the source code of conda-forge's documentation.
  • provides an issue tracker for conda-forge related questions and issues that are not specific to individual feedstocks.

If you have questions or need help, please check out our documentation for a list of ways to interact with us.

Improving the docs

  • You can help to improve the documentation! It is version-controlled in the repository on GitHub. The source text is stored in the src/ subdirectory and is formatted using Python’s reStructuredText system.

  • The docs are built on GitHub Actions and run the .ci_scripts/update_docs script. We are glad to know that you would like to contribute. To build the docs locally, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Fork the repository to your own GitHub user account.
  2. Clone this fork onto your computer.
  3. Go into the main folder.
    Run the following commands.
    • conda env create -f ./.ci_scripts/environment.yml
    • conda activate conda-forge-docs
    • cd newsfeed && pip install --no-deps .
    • cd ../src
    • make html
  4. Make and commit your changes.
  5. Submit a pull request to the main repository proposing your changes.

conda-forge dev meetings

Our documentation contains a section with minutes from previous dev meetings. These meetings occur every two weeks on Wednesday from 17:00-18:00 UTC. A link to the google calendar item can be found here.

We use for taking meeting minutes and will (eventually) upload the resultant markdown file after the meeting has concluded.

There is a template provided in misc/ that you should use to create a new hackmd document.