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Conda documentation

This repository includes documentation for all of conda, including conda-build.

The website is at and the docs are at

Feel free to make pull requests against this repo for suggested changes. All changes are welcome, from typo fixes to new documents to refactoring.


You will need to

conda create -n conda-website -c asmeurer sphinxjp.themes.basicstrap cloud_sptheme


source activate conda-website
cd web
make html

to build the site. The result will be in web/build/html.

To check that the links are correct, use

make linkcheck


The docs have several dependencies. You can install them all with

conda create -n conda-docs python=3 sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme numpydoc
source activate conda-docs
conda install -c asmeurer help2man man2html

Furthermore you will need to have conda-build installed to generate the help pages for the conda-build commands.

conda install -n root conda-build pycrypto

Then run

source activate conda-docs
cd docs
make html

The result will be in docs/build/html.

To skip the generation of command docs (much faster), run

make just-html


The website and docs are deployed automatically to GitHub pages (the gh-pages branch on this repo) with Travis CI when commits are pushed to master. Travis will build docs on pull requests to make sure there are no build warnings or errors, but it only deploys it on master.

The site points to the GitHub pages of this repo.