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Thoughtful Laravel e-commerce

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Bazar is a powerful "headless" e-commerce system. Built on Laravel and Vue.

Bazar provides a flexible and easily extensible system, respecting the Laravel conventions.

📚 Documentation

  • Installation - Before moving on, please checkout the Laravel documentation about its installation, requirements and configuration.
  • Admin - Bazar provides a simple and extendable admin UI that comes with a lots of built-in functionality. The UI is built on Bootstrap, Vue and Inertia.
  • Cart - Bazar comes with a cart service by default, which manages cart models and their functionality.
  • Checkout - The checkout service is no more but a helper class that manages and chains the various steps like updating addresses, creating the order, calculating shipping cost, taxes and discounts.
  • Extensions - Soon...
  • Gateway - Gateways are responsible to handle the payment or the refund process of an order.
  • Discount - Bazar comes with a flexible discount support by default. You can easily manage discount definitions by using the Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount facade.
  • Media - Bazar comes with a very simple yet flexible and powerful media manager component both on back-end and front-end.
  • Shipping - Shippings are responsible to calculate the cost of a model that implements the Bazar\Contracts\Shippable contract.
  • Tax - Bazar comes with a flexible tax support by default. You can easily manage tax definitions by using the Bazar\Support\Facades\Tax facade.

🤝 Contributing

Thank you for considering contributing to Bazar! The contribution guide can be found in the documentation.

📝 License

Bazar is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT.