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Conekta .NET 1.0.2

Made with .NET By Conekta

This is a .net library that allows interaction with API.


Obtain the latest version of the Conekta .NET bindings with:

git clone

The last version works with API 2.0, if you are using API 1.0, obtain the target release with:

To get started, add the following to your .NET script:

using conekta;


Order order = new conekta.Order().create(@"{
  ""customer_info"": {
    ""name"": ""Jul Ceballos"",
    ""phone"": ""+5215555555555"",
    ""email"": """"
  ""line_items"": [{
    ""name"": ""Box of Cohiba S1s"",
    ""description"": ""Imported From Mex."",
    ""unit_price"": 35000,
    ""quantity"": 1,
    ""tags"": [""food"", ""mexican food""],
    ""type"": ""physical""
  ""charges"": [{
    ""source"": {
      ""type"": ""card"",
      ""token_id"": ""tok_test_visa_4242""

// Handling Errors
  new conekta.Order().create(@"{
    ""customer_info"": {
      ""name"": ""Jul Ceballos"",
      ""phone"": ""+5215555555555"",
      ""email"": """"
catch (ConektaException e)
  Assert.AreEqual(e._object, "error");
  Assert.AreEqual(e._type, "parameter_validation_error");

## Endpoints

Conekta.Order.create(string) : Conekta.Order
Conekta.Order.update(string) : Conekta.Order
Conekta.Order.find(string) : Conekta.Order
Conekta.Order.where(string) : Conekta.Order[]
Conekta.Order.createCharge(string) : Conekta.Charge
Conekta.Order.createLineItem(string) : Conekta.Lineitem
Conekta.Lineitem.update(string) : Conekta.Lineitem
Conekta.Order.createTaxLine(string) : Conekta.TaxLine
Conekta.TaxLine.update(string) : Conekta.TaxLine
Conekta.Order.createShippingLine(string) : Conekta.ShippingLine
Conekta.ShippingLine.update(string) : Conekta.ShippingLine
Conekta.Order.createDiscountLine(string) : Conekta.DiscountLine
Conekta.DiscountLine.update(string) : Conekta.DiscountLine
Conekta.Customer.create(string) : Conekta.Customer
Conekta.Customer.update(string) : Conekta.Customer
Conekta.Customer.find(string) : Conekta.Customer
Conekta.Customer.where(string) : Conekta.Customer[]
Conekta.Customer.createSource(string) : Conekta.Source
Conekta.Source.update(string) : Conekta.Source
Conekta.Customer.createShippingContact(string) : Conekta.ShippingContact
Conekta.ShippingContact.update(string) : Conekta.ShippingContact
Conekta.Customer.createFiscalEntity(string) : Conekta.FiscalEntity
Conekta.FiscalEntity.update(string) : Conekta.FiscalEntity


Please see for up-to-date documentation.


Developed in Mexico by Conekta. Available with MIT License.

How to contribute to the project

  1. Fork the repository

  2. Clone the repository

    git clone
  1. Create a branch
    git checkout develop
    git pull origin develop
    # You should choose the name of your branch
    git checkout -b <feature/my_branch>
  1. Make necessary changes and commit those changes
    git add .
    git commit -m "my changes"
  1. Push changes to GitHub
    git push origin <feature/my_branch>
  1. Submit your changes for review, create a pull request

    To create a pull request, you need to have made your code changes on a separate branch. This branch should be named like this: feature/my_feature or fix/my_fix.

    Make sure that, if you add new features to our library, be sure that corresponding unit tests are added.

    If you go to your repository on GitHub, you’ll see a Compare & pull request button. Click on that button.

We are always hiring!

If you are a comfortable working with a range of backend languages (Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, etc) and frameworks, you have solid foundation in data structures, algorithms and software design with strong analytical and debugging skills, check our open positions: