Custom UIView for iOS that pops up an animated "bubble" pointing at a button or other view. Useful for popup tips.
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An iOS UIView subclass that displays a rounded rect "bubble", containing a text message, pointing at a specified button or view.

A CMPopTipView will automatically position itself within the view so that it is pointing at the specified button or view, positioning the "pointer" as necessary.

A CMPopTipView can be pointed at any UIView within the containing view. It can also be pointed at a UIBarButtonItem within either a UINavigationBar or a UIToolbar and it will automatically position itself to point at the target.

The background and text colors can be customised if the defaults are not suitable.

Two animation options are available for when a CMPopTipView is presented: "slide" and "pop".

A CMPopTipView can be dismissed by the user tapping on it. It can also be dismissed programatically.

CMPopTipView is rendered entirely by Core Graphics.

The source includes a universal (iPhone/iPad) demo app.


Used in apps:


iphone_demo_1 iphone_demo_2 ipad_demo_1



Example 1 - point at a UIBarButtonItem in a nav bar:

// Present a CMPopTipView pointing at a UIBarButtonItem in the nav bar
CMPopTipView *navBarLeftButtonPopTipView = [[[CMPopTipView alloc] initWithMessage:@"A Message"] autorelease];
navBarLeftButtonPopTipView.delegate = self;
[navBarLeftButtonPopTipView presentPointingAtBarButtonItem:self.navigationItem.leftBarButtonItem animated:YES];

// Dismiss a CMPopTipView
[navBarLeftButtonPopTipView dismissAnimated:YES];

// CMPopTipViewDelegate method
- (void)popTipViewWasDismissedByUser:(CMPopTipView *)popTipView {
  // Any cleanup code, such as releasing a CMPopTipView instance variable, if necessary

Example 2 - pointing at a UIButton, with custom color scheme:

- (IBAction)buttonAction:(id)sender {
  // Toggle popTipView when a standard UIButton is pressed
  if (nil == self.roundRectButtonPopTipView) {
    self.roundRectButtonPopTipView = [[[CMPopTipView alloc] initWithMessage:@"My message"] autorelease];
    self.roundRectButtonPopTipView.delegate = self;
    self.roundRectButtonPopTipView.backgroundColor = [UIColor lightGrayColor];
    self.roundRectButtonPopTipView.textColor = [UIColor darkTextColor];

    UIButton *button = (UIButton *)sender;
    [self.roundRectButtonPopTipView presentPointingAtView:button inView:self.view animated:YES];
  else {
    // Dismiss
    [self.roundRectButtonPopTipView dismissAnimated:YES];
    self.roundRectButtonPopTipView = nil;

#pragma mark CMPopTipViewDelegate methods
- (void)popTipViewWasDismissedByUser:(CMPopTipView *)popTipView {
  // User can tap CMPopTipView to dismiss it
  self.roundRectButtonPopTipView = nil;


CMPopTipView is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

CMPopTipView is copyright (c) Chris Miles 2010-2012.