Quick and simple standalone class for working with Postmark Mail API
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Postmark removes the headaches of delivering and parsing transactional email for webapps with minimal setup time and zero maintenance. We have years of experience getting email to the inbox, so you can work and rest easier.

This is a simple Objective-C class to send email using the Postmark API.

Works on both Mac OS X 10.7 & iOS 5

How To Use It

  1. Add SSPostmark.h and SSPostmark.m to your project, then #import "SSPostmark.h"

  2. Call SSPostmark *postmark = [[SSPostmark alloc] initWithApiKey:@"YOUR_API_KEY"];. This gives you the postmark instance to work with.

  3. At the very least make sure your usage class implements - (void)postmark:(id)postmark returnedMessage:(NSDictionary *)message withStatusCode:(NSUInteger)code or responds to pm_POSTMARK_NOTIFICATION with NSNotificationCenter

    • If you want to receive notifications be sure to register and listen for notifications named #define pm_POSTMARK_NOTIFICATION
  4. Set the QSPostmark delegate postmark.delegate = self;. This allows us to receive the messages back from the service.

  5. Create an instance of SSPostmarkMessage

     SSPostmarkMessage *mail = [SSPostmarkMessage new]
     mail.to = @"test.email@domain.com";
     mail.subject = @"Testing The Mailtoobz";
     mail.textBody = @"Test Email";
     mail.tag = @"ObjectCTest";
     mail.fromEmail = @"test.email.sender@domain.com";
     mail.replyTo = @"test.email.sender@domain.com";
  6. Call [postmark sendEmail:mail]

  7. Wait for the response from the server on delegate or notification listener.

Batch emails.

  • Sending bulk messages. Just call sendBatchMessages: on your SSPostmark instance and pass in a NSSArray of SSPostmarkMessages

    • You will get individual callbacks for each successful email sent.

    • Also see the rules on Batch Messaging



  • name : String with the name of the file.
  • contentType : MIME Type of the file.
  • content : base64 encoded file.

The best way to set the content is to call addData: and pass in a NSData object. We'll handle the encoding for you.

Putting it all together

// Create the message
SSPostmarkMessage *mail = [SSPostmarkMessage new];
mail.to = @"test@domain.com";
mail.subject = @"Testing The Mailtoobz";
mail.textBody = @"Test Email";
mail.tag = @"ObjectCTest";
// Sender Info
mail.fromEmail = @"test.sender@domain.com";
mail.replyTo = @"test.sender@domain.com";

// If you're using the UIImage helper method we'll automaticaly add .png to the end of name if it's not there.
SSPostmarkAttachment *att = [SSPostmarkAttachment attachmentWithImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"happy-panda.jpg"] named:@"happy-panda"];
// Add an attachemnt to the array.
[mail addAttachment:att];

// Send
SSPostmark* postmark = [[SSPostmark alloc] initWithApiKey:@"POSTMARK_API_TEST"];
postmark.delegate = self;
[postmark sendEmail:mail];


More info coming soon...

Questions or comments please email me or tweet me