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Thanks for helping to improve ConfCal. Create an issue for any bugs, errors, or omissions you spot.

Adding a new Event

To add an event, create a PR or open an issue which has a JSON object containing:

key description
title The name of the conference or event.
location The city and country, or "Global (changes annually)" if it changes each year.
date When the conference occurs. Read more below.
url The URL for the conference / registration.
banner_url An image which can be used in the top featured section.
tags An array of strings. Max of 4, so choose wisely.
coc_url The URL for the event's Code of Conduct.
diversity_url The URL for the event's Diversity statement
rfp_expenses A boolean: true if some or all of the speaker expenses are paid.




In general, a date of the form 0000-MM-DD is prefered. In other words, the year is 0000. The date portion can be the last known date, or the next date, or a generalised date.

In the UI, a day of 0-9 is shown as "Early", 10-19 is shown as "Mid", and 20+ is shown as "Late". E.g. 0000-01-01 is "Early Jan", 0000-01-22 is "Late Jan".

Using the date of the next event is also acceptable, including the year. E.g. 2017-05-05.

Banner Images

You'll need to open a PR which includes an appropriately named image (lowercase, alphanumeric, dashes instead of spaces). Keep it max 1MB. Store it in /assets/images/.

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance of an event to ConfCal is at the sole discretion of the maintainers. To keep quality high, this may also involve us looking at the following:

  • a good history of the event
  • active social media presence / interaction
  • presence of a code of conduct