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MobiHoc 2019 Web Site

This repository contains code and data for the MobiHoc 2019 web site.


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (see for details).


You will need bower tool. On macOS with Homebrew

sudo port install bower
(or brew install bower)

On other system with nodejs installed:

sudo npm install -g bower

You will need xpdf and ImageMagick to generate the conference program. On macOS with Homebrew

brew install xpdf 
brew install imagemagick
sudo chown -R yourusername:admin /usr/local/include/
brew link imagemagick

If you're not sure of your username, you can run the command


Generating site using jekyll

The website uses jekyll engine to generate the website using the templates. To get started with jekyll, change to the source file directory and run

sudo gem install jekyll bundler
bundle install
bower install
bundle exec jekyll build

To generate the website and serve it from a local webserver, e.g., for debugging

bundle exec jekyll serve


The repository is organized as follows:

  • _config.yml is a configuration file for the website, defining title, menu, and several basic parameters
  • _data/ contains datasets in YaML or JSON format defining menu items, conference dates, news, and supporters
  • _includes/ are supplementary scripts to generate website's content, including templates for menu, news, google analytics, and sponsors
  • _layouts/ are layout files
  • _assets/ CSS, javascript, and image assets
  • *.md, *.html Individual pages in markdown or HTML format

Getting started as MobiHoc web chair

You'll have to request an account at:

For questions or to check on status of your request, you may try following up with They may contact the general chairs for confirmation.

You should receive further instructions from ACM on how to upload content to the server when your account is setup.