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ConfigCat Feature Flag Cleanup for GitHub Actions

This GitHub Action is a utility that discovers ConfigCat feature flag usages in your source code and validates them against your own feature flags on the ConfigCat Dashboard. Documentation:


  1. Get your API Key from ConfigCat Dashboard and store it as a GitHub secret under the name CONFIG_CAT_API_KEY.

  2. Create a new Actions workflow in your GitHub repo.

    • If you already have an action.yml file: Copy and paste the ConfigCatFeatureFlagCleanup job declaration below into the jobs section in your action.yml file.
    • If you don't already have a workflow file: Create a new file titled action.yml in the .github/workflows directory of your repository. Copy and paste the following code to action.yml.
    on: push
    name: Example Workflow
        name: ConfigCat Feature Flag Cleanup
        runs-on: ubuntu-latest
        - uses: actions/checkout@v1
        - name: ConfigCat Feature Flag Cleanup
          uses: configcat/github-action-feature-flag-cleanup@1.0.0
            configcat-api-key: ${{ secrets.CONFIG_CAT_API_KEY }}
            fail-on-warnings: false

We strongly recommend that you update the second uses attribute value to reference the latest tag in the configcat/github-action-feature-flag-cleanup repository. This pins your workflow to a latest version of the action.

  1. Commit & push action.yml.


Feature Flag Cleanup Action will run on any push event.

Will not block PR approvals until you set fail-on-warnings: true.

Configuration options

Add these to the with section to enable more functionality.

Parameter Description Default
configcat-api-key The API Key for your feature flags & settings. CONFIG_CAT_API_KEY
scan-directory The directory to run flag validations on. .
configcat-cdn-server To set a custom ConfigCat CDN server.
fail-on-warnings Show warnings or stop on a build error when validation fails. false
debug More verbose logging. false
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