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Confluent Platform CLI

A CLI to start and manage Confluent Platform from command line.


  • Download and install Confluent OSS

  • Checkout confluent-cli by running:

    $ git clone
  • Set CONFLUENT_HOME environment variable to point to the location of Confluent OSS. For instance:

    $ export CONFLUENT_HOME=/usr/local/confluent-3.3.0
  • Install confluent-cli:

    $ cd confluent-cli; make install


To get a list of available commands, run:

$ export PATH=${CONFLUENT_HOME}/bin:${PATH};
$ confluent help


  • Start all the services!
$ confluent start
  • Retrieve their status:
$ confluent status
  • Open the log file of a service:
$ confluent log connect
  • Access runtime stats of a service:
$ confluent top kafka
  • Discover the availabe Connect plugins:
$ confluent list plugins
  • or list the predefined connector names:
$ confluent list connectors
  • Load a couple connectors:
$ confluent load file-source
$ confluent load file-sink
  • Get a list with the currently loaded connectors:
$ confluent status connectors
  • Check the status of a loaded connector:
$ confluent status file-source
  • Read the configuration of a connector:
$ confluent config file-source
  • Reconfigure a connector:
$ confluent config file-source -d ./updated-file-source-config.json
  • or reconfigure using a properties file:
$ confluent config file-source -d ./
  • Figure out where the data and the logs of the current confluent run are stored:
$ confluent current
  • Unload a specific connector:
$ confluent unload file-sink
  • Stop the services:
$ confluent stop
  • Start on a clean slate next time (deletes data and logs of a confluent run):
$ confluent destroy

Set CONFLUENT_CURRENT if you want to use a top directory for confluent runs other than your platform's tmp directory.

$ mkdir -p var
$ confluent current