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Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform examples and demos


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This is a curated list of demos that showcase Apache Kafka® event stream processing on the Confluent Platform, an event stream processing platform that enables you to process, organize, and manage massive amounts of streaming data across cloud, on-prem, and serverless deployments.

Where to start

The best demo to start with is cp-demo which spins up a Kafka event streaming application using ksqlDB for stream processing, with many security features enabled, in an end-to-end streaming ETL pipeline with a source connector pulling from live data and a sink connector connecting to Elasticsearch and Kibana for visualizations. cp-demo also comes with a tutorial and is a great configuration reference for Confluent Platform.

Confluent Cloud

There are many examples from full end-to-end demos that create connectors, streams, and KSQL queries in Confluent Cloud, to resources that help you build your own demos. You can find the documentation and instructions for all Confluent Cloud demos at

Demo Local Docker Description
Confluent CLI Y N Fully automated demo interacting with your Confluent Cloud cluster using the Confluent CLI
Clients in Various Languages to Cloud Y N Client applications, showcasing producers and consumers, in various programming languages connecting to Confluent Cloud
Cloud ETL Y N Fully automated cloud ETL solution using Confluent Cloud connectors (AWS Kinesis, Postgres with AWS RDS, GCP GCS, AWS S3, Azure Blob) and fully-managed ksqlDB
ccloud-stack Y N Creates a fully-managed stack in Confluent Cloud, including a new environment, service account, Kafka cluster, KSQL app, Schema Registry, and ACLs. The demo also generates a config file for use with client applications.
On-Prem Kafka to Cloud N Y Module 2 of Confluent Platform demo (cp-demo) with a playbook for copying data between the on-prem and Confluent Cloud clusters
DevOps for Apache Kafka® with Kubernetes and GitOps N N Simulated production environment running a streaming application targeting Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud using Kubernetes and GitOps

Stream Processing

Demo Local Docker Description
Clickstream N Y Automated version of the ksqlDB clickstream demo
Kafka Tutorials Y Y Collection of common event streaming use cases, with each tutorial featuring an example scenario and several complete code solutions
Microservices ecosystem N Y Microservices orders Demo Application integrated into the Confluent Platform

Data Pipelines

Demo Local Docker Description
Clients in Various Languages Y N Client applications, showcasing producers and consumers, in various programming languages
Connect and Kafka Streams Y N Demonstrate various ways, with and without Kafka Connect, to get data into Kafka topics and then loaded for use by the Kafka Streams API

Confluent Platform

Demo Local Docker Description
Avro Y N Client applications using Avro and Confluent Schema Registry
CP Demo N Y Confluent Platform demo (cp-demo) with a playbook for Kafka event streaming ETL deployments
Kubernetes N Y Demonstrations of Confluent Platform deployments using the Confluent Operator
Multi Datacenter N Y Active-active multi-datacenter design with two instances of Confluent Replicator copying data bidirectionally between the datacenters
Multi-Region Clusters N Y Multi-Region clusters (MRC) with follower fetching, observers, and replica placement
Quickstart Y Y Automated version of the Confluent Quickstart: for Confluent Platform on local install or Docker, community version, and Confluent Cloud
Role-Based Access Control Y Y Role-based Access Control (RBAC) provides granular privileges for users and service accounts
Replicator Security N Y Demos of various security configurations supported by Confluent Replicator and examples of how to implement them

Build Your Own

As a next step, you may want to build your own custom demo or test environment. We have several resources that launch just the services in Confluent Cloud or on prem, with no pre-configured connectors, data sources, topics, schemas, etc. Using these as a foundation, you can then add any connectors or applications. You can find the documentation and instructions for these "build-your-own" resources at

Additional Demos

Here are additional GitHub repos that offer an incredible set of nearly a hundred other Apache Kafka demos. They are not maintained on a per-release basis like the demos in this repo, but they are an invaluable resource.