Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform examples and demos
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There are multiple demos in this repo that showcase Kafka stream processing on the Confluent Platform. Each demo resides in its own subfolder.

Demo Local Docker Description
ccloud Y Y end-to-end demo of a hybrid Kafka Cluster between Confluent Cloud and on-prem
clickstream Y Y automated version of the KSQL Clickstream demo
clients Y N Examples of client applications in different programming languages: producers/consumers to Confluent Cloud, Avro/SR to local install
connect-streams-pipeline Y N demonstrate various ways, with and without Kafka Connect, to get data into Kafka topics and then loaded for use by the Kafka Streams API
ksql-workshop Y Y showcases Kafka stream processing using KSQL and can be run automated or self-guided as a KSQL workshop
microservices-orders Y N integrates the Microservices Orders Demo Application into Confluent Platform
music Y Y KSQL version of the Kafka Streams Demo Application
mysql-debezium Y N end-to-end streaming ETL with KSQL for stream processing using the Debezium Connector for MySQL
oracle-ksql-elasticsearch N Y Stream data from Oracle, enrich and filter with KSQL, and then stream into Elasticsearch. This is available on the demo-scene repo here.
pageviews Y Y Confluent Platform Quickstart
postgres-debezium-ksql-elasticsearch N Y enrich event stream data with CDC data from Postgres and then stream into Elasticsearch
wikipedia Y Y Confluent Platform Demo with a playbook for Kafka streaming ETL deployments

Running The Demos

  1. Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/confluentinc/examples
  2. Change directory to one of the demo subfolders
  3. Read the README.md for each demo for precise instructions for each demo


For local installs:

  • Confluent Platform 5.1
  • Env var CONFLUENT_HOME=/path/to/confluentplatform
  • Env var PATH includes $CONFLUENT_HOME/bin
  • Each demo has its own set of prerequisites as well, documented in each demo's README

For Docker:

  • Docker version 17.06.1-ce
  • Docker Compose version 1.14.0 with Docker Compose file format 2.1