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Thank you for contributing to Kafka Tutorials

We are very glad you are contributing! If you've read the README, you should have an idea of how the project is structured and what constitutes a minimum tutorial contribution. If not, please read it first before opening your PR. (It's pretty simple: at minimum, we just want some working code. We will write up the description for you.)

If you're suggesting a change to an existing tutorial, just describe your change in the pull request and open it up.

We are committed to reading and responding to your pull request within three business days. It is our goal to collaborate with you on the PR and work towards merging as quickly as possible. Sometimes, of course, we come to the conclusion that we can't merge a PR, and we end up closing it instead. We will never do that without an explanation, and more often than that, without some conversation first.

Thanks again for contributing to Kafka Tutorials.