The client application that powers metrics collection for pro-active support
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Confluent Proactive Support: Client


This repository contains the client application for metrics collection of proactive support.



This project requires Kafka 0.9 built against Scala 2.11, which as of 02-Nov-2015 is not yet officially released. You must therefore manually build Kafka and install it to your local Maven repository:

# Install Kafka trunk/master (w/ Scala 2.11) to local maven directory
$ git clone && cd kafka
$ ./gradlew -PscalaVersion=2.11.7 clean install

Also, this project requires support-metrics-common, which you may need to build and install locally prior to running the build for this project.


This project uses the standard maven lifecycles such as:

$ mvn compile
$ mvn test
$ mvn package # creates the jar file

Packaging and releasing

By convention we create release branches of the same name as Kafka version they are integrating with (cf. KAFKA_VERSION.

For example, the code of this project for collecting metrics from Apache Kafka version must be maintained in a shared branch named However, this project's maven <version> defined pom.xml must match CONFLUENT_VERSION (like other CP projects such as kafka-rest).

Branch `` => code to integrate with Apache Kafka version release
           +-- /pom.xml (top-level)
                   | defines
                  <version>2.0.0</version>  => for Confluent Platform 2.0.0 release